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F/U Apple Watch Series 1 Screen Loose!

1 8 Rick-o 06/28/2017 05:43PM
Last Post by Rick-o

Cubs pitcher 0 for 7 throwing out base stealers, blames pitcher. Guess what happened next.

3 56 Dennis S 06/28/2017 05:13PM
Last Post by Buzz

How much do I have to spend to get a small gas can that's not horrible?

16 111 deckeda 06/28/2017 05:02PM
Last Post by MikeF

F/U Fridges-Stuck Between GE and Whirlpool French door Fridges...

7 60 Kraniac 06/28/2017 04:45PM
Last Post by GuyGene

Lyme disease is here. Ugh!

17 108 AllGold 06/28/2017 05:29PM
Last Post by Lew Zealand

get a JOB?!....wanna' look like Steve JOBS.....??

1 86 NewtonMP2100 06/28/2017 01:52PM
Last Post by NewtonMP2100

Related to LA Times link in motorcycle thread below: CPU Usage Goes Crazy

4 76 Uncle Wig 06/28/2017 02:56PM
Last Post by AllGold

Is iCloud Photo Library safe now? Worth the extra storage cost?

5 51 Buck 06/28/2017 04:15PM
Last Post by davester

Flower delivery is expensive!

8 76 Buck 06/28/2017 04:22PM
Last Post by space-time

Any photogs familiar with Aurora HDR?

4 54 Spiff 06/28/2017 04:15PM
Last Post by JoeM

You can buy this vehicle with crypto-currency

2 57 pRICE cUBE 06/28/2017 12:10PM
Last Post by cbelt3

that extra something?!....if you get iced coffee [ or any iced drinks ] from a chain, you might be getting something extra.....

8 165 NewtonMP2100 06/28/2017 04:02PM
Last Post by Bernie

Sometimes dealing with telemarketers is fun!

11 137 Robert M 06/28/2017 12:08PM
Last Post by cbelt3

Android Phone and microSD card

7 57 space-time 06/28/2017 04:52PM
Last Post by Filliam H. Muffman

NY Knicks to pay Phil Jackson $24M not to mess team up further

13 92 pRICE cUBE 06/28/2017 02:41PM
Last Post by polychrome

Motorcyclist kicks car resulting in multi-vehicle collision

49 210 pRICE cUBE 06/28/2017 05:45PM
Last Post by DeusxMac

Tivo Bolt vs Roamio, which Tivo to upgrade too.?

12 53 Microman 06/28/2017 05:09PM
Last Post by bruceko

ugh, eBay situation where it's my fault

3 121 mrbigstuff 06/28/2017 09:45AM
Last Post by NewtonMP2100

What NOT to move to new computer?

8 82 Mr Downtown 06/28/2017 05:27PM
Last Post by Mr Downtown

Macs rule, Windows drool?!....21% of Windows users switching to Mac, only 2% Mac switching to Windows....

4 91 NewtonMP2100 06/28/2017 04:46PM
Last Post by Filliam H. Muffman

What should I do with this iMac (Early 2008)? Poll

9 131 kurtzie 06/28/2017 05:34PM
Last Post by sekker

get me to the church on time [ what's on tonight ]?!.....Final Season of 'Broadchurch' premieres tonight....

1 71 NewtonMP2100 06/28/2017 08:09AM
Last Post by NewtonMP2100

RYF: Garage Sale !!!

1 61 cbelt3 06/28/2017 08:08AM
Last Post by cbelt3

Paging Onamuji: did they fix major bugs in Sierra?

6 78 space-time 06/28/2017 04:49PM
Last Post by Onamuji

10.9.5, Dashboard Weather Widget stopped working

3 90 space-time 06/28/2017 11:37AM
Last Post by space-time

SSD used daily, only 286 hours???

4 94 space-time 06/28/2017 01:13PM
Last Post by clay

Grace Slick Vocals Isolated - White Rabbit

8 145 hal 06/28/2017 03:45PM
Last Post by Uncle Wig

C2D MBP w/ SSD has developed hiccups. Conventional human cures don't work...

7 92 Buzz 06/28/2017 03:20PM
Last Post by anonymouse1

T Mobile, e911 Address and Multiple family phone #'s on same account

2 57 Microman 06/27/2017 10:23PM
Last Post by gabester

If not Google, where do you go for news?

29 148 Drew 06/28/2017 04:35PM
Last Post by billb

HELP: do you understand German?

15 181 space-time 06/28/2017 03:08PM
Last Post by AllGold

Google News New Look: do you like it?

9 109 space-time 06/28/2017 07:53AM
Last Post by MacJeepster

Anyone tried the IOS11 Beta?

7 115 Kate 06/28/2017 09:30AM
Last Post by decay

What's the advantage of an Aiport Time Capsule verus an Airport Extreme?

12 161 freeradical 06/28/2017 07:53AM
Last Post by NewtonMP2100

Just Launched British Aircraft Carrier Running On Windows XP

11 204 Steve G. 06/28/2017 08:42AM
Last Post by raz -- new website for downloading vids/audio from many sites

2 92 tuqqer 06/27/2017 02:03PM
Last Post by Filliam H. Muffman

"New cyberattack causes mass disruption globally"

5 127 Steve G. 06/28/2017 07:08AM
Last Post by decay

Is there a "weed killer" that only kills the LEAVES of, for example, #%@&! Ivy?

24 163 Paul F. 06/27/2017 11:37PM
Last Post by Racer X

Backing up backup HDs

7 101 JEBB 06/28/2017 08:10AM
Last Post by NewtonMP2100

Forget those Grade D postings- Watch some REAL televsion!

3 112 Steve G. 06/27/2017 04:02PM
Last Post by Bernie

nice AS?!.....they are trying to adapt Isaac ASimov’s ‘Foundation’ Trilogy into a TV series....

5 107 NewtonMP2100 06/27/2017 05:33PM
Last Post by sekker

Man walks way after being hit by bus

2 104 space-time 06/28/2017 07:45AM
Last Post by MacJeepster

Has your smartphone change the way you have sex? Poll

17 213 space-time 06/28/2017 11:31AM
Last Post by NewtonMP2100

Senate Bill May End Federal Tax Breaks for Stadiums

6 124 freeradical 06/27/2017 04:49PM
Last Post by jdc

what kind of car owner are you?

33 220 mattkime 06/28/2017 10:51AM
Last Post by NewtonMP2100

Lav lapel mic suggestions for iPhone?

2 60 tuqqer 06/27/2017 01:18PM
Last Post by rexs

Banktivity checking software vs Moneydance?

3 67 JPK 06/27/2017 02:21PM
Last Post by Robert M

Whats the Government Doc you fill out, if you live in your house, that lowers property tax

4 170 Microman 06/27/2017 08:43AM
Last Post by GGD

Celebration 06/27 -- Happy Birthday: Rick-o!!!!

20 63 The Celebration Fairy 06/28/2017 08:23AM
Last Post by rgG

what's on?!.....'Downward Dog' Series Finale.....'Tremors' reboot gets pilot order @ SyFy [ w/Kevin Bacon ].....'Better Call Saul' just renewed for S4.....

3 166 NewtonMP2100 06/27/2017 10:09PM
Last Post by Racer X

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