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Happy 93rd Birthday Mum!

1 4 MrNoBody 04/21/2019 07:06PM
Last Post by MrNoBody

Best Buy Geeks

3 20 samintx 04/21/2019 07:12PM
Last Post by MrNoBody

So what the hell was Avenatti thinking?

6 65 vision63 04/21/2019 06:04PM
Last Post by vision63

United Credit Education Service

2 35 davemchine 04/21/2019 05:13PM
Last Post by Sarcany

Apple 11" iPad Pro WiFi Tablet (Latest Model): 256GB $750, 64GB $650

2 23 pRICE cUBE 04/21/2019 04:34PM
Last Post by NewtonMP2100

Free 8x10" Photo YOU APRIL FOOLS!

1 15 pRICE cUBE 04/21/2019 04:17PM
Last Post by pRICE cUBE

iPhone XR versus XS... Worth about $11/month more???

11 75 spacescape 04/21/2019 06:45PM
Last Post by Buzz

unenCODED?!....dropping 'The Code'.....

1 72 NewtonMP2100 04/21/2019 11:53AM
Last Post by NewtonMP2100

From CBS: Chemical recycling could be an industry game changer

12 91 Dazed & Confused 04/21/2019 06:43PM
Last Post by Bernie

more than just 1 calorie?!.....just finished 'Tab Hunter Confidential'.....

2 96 NewtonMP2100 04/21/2019 06:24PM
Last Post by Buzz

RYF ! Apple MacTable, $90 !

7 123 cbelt3 04/21/2019 05:25PM
Last Post by mstudio

Celebration 04/21 -- Happy Birthday: N-OS X-tasy!!!!!

14 35 The Celebration Fairy 04/21/2019 06:42PM
Last Post by M A V I C

128GB Lexar UHS-II U3 SD Cards. 2-Pack for $46.99

5 58 3d 04/21/2019 06:05PM
Last Post by mrbigstuff

Coffee and Chocolate. Save room for Brunch.

9 68 Bernie 04/21/2019 03:45PM
Last Post by rgG

Best Buy Launches Easter Flash Sale With Savings on iPad Pro, MacBook Pro, iMac, and More

1 77 Steve G. 04/21/2019 06:58AM
Last Post by Steve G.

Easter massacre in Colombo...

3 115 max 04/21/2019 12:50PM
Last Post by Thrift Store Scott

Happy Holiday, here's a model train with a rotary snow plow

11 129 Filliam H. Muffman 04/21/2019 01:41PM
Last Post by polychrome

Dropbox demands I unlink devices after internal SSD swap

9 88 BobC 04/21/2019 06:36PM
Last Post by sekker

Apple Online Store Courier Service

8 96 jimmy d 04/21/2019 03:55PM
Last Post by jimmy d

Purchasing an "UNLOCKED" iPhone from Apple... Is there anything I'm missing?

9 166 spacescape 04/20/2019 11:35PM
Last Post by Gareth

How many AirPod pairs did you buy?

10 123 space-time 04/21/2019 06:38PM
Last Post by sekker

Troy-Bilt XP 18" Straight Shaft Gas String Trimmer $85

6 95 pRICE cUBE 04/21/2019 05:31PM
Last Post by Carm

Fender Limited Edition Mustang Bass PJ Electric Guitar $399

5 77 pRICE cUBE 04/20/2019 07:55PM
Last Post by Dennis S

exit....stage left?!....surprise, 3 actors/actresses exit these 'franchise' TV shows.....

1 176 NewtonMP2100 04/20/2019 02:46PM
Last Post by NewtonMP2100

Fun with Infrared thanks to the forum

9 166 archipirata 04/21/2019 11:28AM
Last Post by space-time

FU dead GPU on 2011 MBP

13 134 mstudio 04/21/2019 03:51PM
Last Post by mstudio

keyboard condom?

8 101 goodmanx 04/21/2019 11:31AM
Last Post by NewtonMP2100

From Vox: What DNA ancestry tests can — and can’t — tell you Poll

21 258 Dazed & Confused 04/21/2019 10:38AM
Last Post by Dazed & Confused

"Somebody lost their donkey..."

2 127 jh 04/20/2019 12:32PM
Last Post by NewtonMP2100

Title insurance is a scam

19 240 mattkime 04/21/2019 07:26AM
Last Post by Janit

iPhone jumps the, stolen by a shark

3 87 pRICE cUBE 04/21/2019 05:49PM
Last Post by Buzz

April 20, 2010: Gizmodo tears down a lost iPhone 4 prototype

3 77 pRICE cUBE 04/20/2019 03:30PM
Last Post by Buzz

George Michael's "Praying For Time" is so darn good

4 101 pRICE cUBE 04/20/2019 09:00PM
Last Post by stephen

The Fast and the Furriest

3 159 Blankity Blank 04/20/2019 03:12AM
Last Post by RAMd®d

Lyrid Meteor Shower Peaks Soon

1 87 btfc 04/19/2019 08:32PM
Last Post by btfc

root beer rabbit hole

16 143 Fritz 04/21/2019 06:44PM
Last Post by Yoyodyne ArtWorks

Massive Notre Dame Cathedral Donations Draw Backlash

24 224 Dazed & Confused 04/21/2019 07:02PM
Last Post by Racer X

"And we have liftoff of the guitarist G 11 mission to the ice sets."

1 116 GGD 04/19/2019 12:05PM
Last Post by GGD

stool pigeon?! snitches really get stitches....????

1 141 NewtonMP2100 04/19/2019 11:31AM
Last Post by NewtonMP2100

Did ANYBODY think a foldable display phone was a good idea?

23 201 JPK 04/20/2019 01:57PM
Last Post by DeusxMac

Okay, so Woody Harrelson has signed on to play Archie and we’ve got Jaime Foxx as George Jefferson. Is Marissa Tomei free?

17 155 Blankity Blank 04/19/2019 08:22PM
Last Post by Blankity Blank

Tell me about your smart home

22 161 mattkime 04/20/2019 06:05PM
Last Post by Rick-o

Friday Funnies

17 239 pRICE cUBE 04/19/2019 08:46PM
Last Post by A-Polly

Chag sameach!

7 153 DP 04/19/2019 11:05AM
Last Post by Steve G.

Der Wienerschnitzel. Who knew?

24 252 Blankity Blank 04/20/2019 08:49PM
Last Post by Buzz

murder she ROTe?!.....were you excited when they went from ROTary phones to button, push dial.......

23 196 NewtonMP2100 04/19/2019 11:28PM
Last Post by Mr Downtown

9 free kindle books today

7 183 clay 04/19/2019 05:36PM
Last Post by Ca Bob

Dropbox dropped support for MacOS 10.9

12 182 AllGold 04/19/2019 06:20PM
Last Post by ADent

Ugh, what can replace my Fitbit one?

23 152 rgG 04/19/2019 07:24PM
Last Post by Carm

Cooking thin sirloin steak for fajitas - cook steak and then slice or slice first and quick fry?

12 146 Dennis S 04/19/2019 11:47AM
Last Post by rich in distress

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