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'plunge' worthy [ l<- Seinfeld ref. ]?!.....BMW plunges 7 floors down parking garage.....

7 237 NewtonMP2100 08/11/2017 04:14PM
Last Post by MikeF

what's on tonight?!....'Atypical' debuTTs on Netflix.....CBS offers 'Son of Sam' interview.....

1 135 NewtonMP2100 08/11/2017 09:35AM
Last Post by NewtonMP2100

watch this

5 204 Fritz 08/11/2017 12:19PM
Last Post by Fritz

Can't Stop or Uninstall Malwarebytes software- Help

25 338 celliott 08/11/2017 03:17PM
Last Post by riley5108

[ no longer ] the BEE'S knees?!.....AppleBEE'S and IHOP closing restaurants.....

23 297 NewtonMP2100 08/12/2017 05:49PM
Last Post by AllGold

a league of their own?!.....Amazon branching out to offer this [ yes! ]....

6 252 NewtonMP2100 08/11/2017 01:04PM
Last Post by DavidS

Best font manager for El Capitan?

5 159 Mr Downtown 08/11/2017 01:53PM
Last Post by NewtonMP2100

How is your Apple hardware experience?

25 291 sekker 08/12/2017 08:58PM
Last Post by digby

SAT prep course rec?

8 182 lost in space 08/13/2017 06:58PM
Last Post by Racer X

two boot-ilicous?!....they are rebooting the reboot of this classic TV show.....

8 286 NewtonMP2100 08/11/2017 06:36AM
Last Post by NewtonMP2100

Is quicken now interchangeable between mac & windows?

2 170 JPK 08/10/2017 06:08PM
Last Post by GuyGene

Deleting Large File

14 222 MartyStickle 08/10/2017 04:34PM
Last Post by hal

Crank (Bank) of America

10 261 AllGold 08/10/2017 07:58PM
Last Post by billb

Fast media rate shipping - AND free iPad version of the original Josef Albers book on Interaction of Color

2 177 freeradical 08/10/2017 01:23PM
Last Post by NewtonMP2100

s'wonderful....s'marvelous?!....Apple adds 2017 13" MacBook Pro models to refurb. store....

1 208 NewtonMP2100 08/10/2017 12:35PM
Last Post by NewtonMP2100

Invite Someone To the Forum Day

15 224 pRICE cUBE 08/10/2017 11:46PM
Last Post by Filliam H. Muffman

lucious beast

5 241 Fritz 08/10/2017 09:43PM
Last Post by billb

PSA: Don't put your leg on dashboard. “When the airbag exploded, it pushed my foot up into my face” (injury picture)

18 356 pRICE cUBE 08/11/2017 05:54PM
Last Post by Blankity Blank

Recommend ipad repair service?

7 180 archipirata 08/12/2017 07:28AM
Last Post by Bill in NC

and SO it goes?!....SeeSO streaming service shutting down....

3 191 NewtonMP2100 08/10/2017 10:44AM
Last Post by Zoidberg

better late than never?!....hate having to wait for this to come back @ Starbucks......??

5 225 NewtonMP2100 08/11/2017 06:11AM
Last Post by NewtonMP2100

"Consumers Reports pulls Microsoft laptop recommendation"

4 277 Steve G. 08/13/2017 02:56PM
Last Post by MEG

usb scale roll call!

33 288 mattkime 08/12/2017 12:41PM
Last Post by Dennis R

Success! Figured out how to clean stainless insulated tea/coffee car tumblers now dip-it is dead

25 328 davester 08/14/2017 07:39AM
Last Post by NewtonMP2100

What the Heck? Amazon basics SLR flash units?

9 267 pRICE cUBE 08/10/2017 08:12PM
Last Post by Drew

How about opening the cabinets (and drawers); white bar pulls?

6 193 Buzz 08/10/2017 11:47PM
Last Post by Buzz

Used Yamaha RX-N600 receiver for $90 or new other model for $180-250?

6 173 Dennis S 08/12/2017 08:17AM
Last Post by billb

If you don't have Amazon Prime and use their free shipping it's ridiculously slow!!!!

20 251 Grateful11 08/11/2017 03:32PM
Last Post by Grateful11

Pokey internet today on Charter. Anyone else?

9 174 steve... 08/12/2017 07:30AM
Last Post by Bill in NC

Firefox 54.0.1 and 1Password 4.4.3

7 173 space-time 08/11/2017 11:43AM
Last Post by space-time

Good place to order a iPhone 5 battery that will ship USPS Priority?

7 167 C(-)ris 08/09/2017 07:08PM
Last Post by C(-)ris

Under Cabinet LED lights?

9 245 chopper 08/10/2017 08:08AM
Last Post by Bill in NC

O Noes ! My Microsoft Windows Security Keys has been expired ! Windows Microsoft called me !

3 209 cbelt3 08/10/2017 08:52AM
Last Post by DP

Want to live on your own little island ? Lighthouses for sale !

11 282 cbelt3 08/10/2017 06:29AM
Last Post by NewtonMP2100

Burglar doesn't flush toilet, DNA evidence leads to arrest

12 282 steve... 08/09/2017 08:25PM
Last Post by pRICE cUBE

Swing on the porch you fools! Porch Swing $55 shipped

3 177 pRICE cUBE 08/09/2017 12:03PM
Last Post by NewtonMP2100

The Disney Empire Strikes Back on cord cutting services: Mouse Vader to start own streaming service & Netflix will be cut off

6 181 pRICE cUBE 08/10/2017 08:44AM
Last Post by Bill in NC

Mary Wana, yappari, this stuff...

5 197 GuyGene 08/09/2017 09:00PM
Last Post by GuyGene

Spread like Buttah ? Prices cause Butter Crisis ! Sacre Bleu !

11 207 cbelt3 08/10/2017 03:42PM
Last Post by NewtonMP2100

Mazda claims engine 'breakthrough'

32 319 space-time 08/16/2017 03:36PM
Last Post by Cary

Jurassic Lemmy

4 200 voodoopenguin 08/09/2017 12:57PM
Last Post by rjmacs

This dinasaur was BIG,

9 237 samintx 08/09/2017 08:38PM
Last Post by Spiff

what's on?!....Series Premieres (debuTTs) --> Stephen King's 'Mr Mercedes'....'Swedish D*cks'....'Transparent' begins on SUN....

4 196 NewtonMP2100 08/10/2017 09:55AM
Last Post by NewtonMP2100

[ can you af ] 'Ford every STREAM?!....Disney pulls out......

7 334 NewtonMP2100 08/09/2017 08:12PM
Last Post by JoeH

Idle curiosity. Would you buy a pre-owned iPhone from Best Buy?

14 279 $tevie 08/09/2017 09:53AM
Last Post by lost in space

dunking a keyboard

8 316 Fritz 08/09/2017 07:42AM
Last Post by NewtonMP2100

RIP: Barbara Cook.....

11 333 NewtonMP2100 08/08/2017 10:53PM
Last Post by Don C

GLEN CAMPBELL 'Rhinestone Cowboy' Singer DEAD AT 81

19 284 DP 08/09/2017 06:16AM
Last Post by NewtonMP2100

anyone use one of them new-fashioned ice cream machines?

10 270 mrbigstuff 08/09/2017 10:53AM
Last Post by cbelt3

do you like to 'do-it-yourself?!'....Little Caesars is bringing back the automat.....

16 297 NewtonMP2100 08/09/2017 06:16PM
Last Post by C(-)ris

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