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Passing Gas

7 227 freeradical 06/17/2019 06:01AM
Last Post by space-time

OJ Simpson: "I've got a little getting even to do"

12 237 GGD 06/16/2019 10:55AM
Last Post by RAMd®d

Forget sexting; all the cool kids do this

15 259 PeterB 06/19/2019 03:37AM
Last Post by GeneL

BoobTube Sunday?!......Series Premiere: 'City on a Hill'_'The Good Fight'_'Euphoria'.....Season Premiere: 'Endeavour'_'Jamestown'.......

2 100 NewtonMP2100 06/15/2019 06:25PM
Last Post by Steve G.

reefer madness?!....'Reef Break' Series debuTTs next Thursday.....

2 96 NewtonMP2100 06/16/2019 01:57AM
Last Post by Racer X

IMEI checks online?, reliable?, free?

4 114 Microman 06/16/2019 11:16AM
Last Post by Acer

A DUI Is A DUI Or Is it?

11 226 jh 06/16/2019 06:37AM
Last Post by mrlynn

Is it safe to eat?

9 158 wurm 06/15/2019 03:20PM
Last Post by PeterB

Late to the game re: Apple Wallet app

18 139 wurm 06/16/2019 04:41PM
Last Post by wurm

How durable is an Apple Watch?

12 162 rgG 06/16/2019 05:20AM
Last Post by pqrst


13 198 Drew 06/17/2019 07:06AM
Last Post by NewtonMP2100

Joined the AppleWatch Club

8 143 Rolando 06/15/2019 11:49AM
Last Post by Rolando

Whomsoever pulls this bread from this stone... shall get E Coli

5 169 cbelt3 06/15/2019 06:28PM
Last Post by N-OS X-tasy!

murder 2-3 blocks away form me

14 229 space-time 06/17/2019 05:56PM
Last Post by Winston

When to Replace a NAS?

11 161 IronMac 06/16/2019 10:15AM
Last Post by Sarcany

Star Trek DS9 documentary scheduled for August 6, 2019

6 126 pRICE cUBE 06/15/2019 11:26PM
Last Post by SteveO

Planar Magnetic Headphones

7 177 freeradical 06/14/2019 06:58PM
Last Post by jdc

'Hey Siri' antics...

9 164 RAMd®d 06/17/2019 03:42PM
Last Post by rich in distress

High-end users on 'Why I'm buying the new Mac Pro'

18 248 RAMd®d 06/17/2019 10:41AM
Last Post by mikebw

iPhone 7 vs iPhone 8?

17 184 BobC 06/17/2019 12:05PM
Last Post by BobC

Happy 244th Birthday - U.S. ARMY

6 84 MrNoBody 06/14/2019 04:33PM
Last Post by vision63

Cheapskate eBay coupon: $3 off $3.01 or more purchase

7 135 steve... 06/16/2019 02:42PM
Last Post by Janit

FWIW: XBOX One S (1TB) via NewEgg eBay for $169 shipped

9 117 Zoidberg 06/15/2019 10:16PM
Last Post by Blankity Blank

Screen Recording Software (Windows) Recommendations

7 91 rasmac 06/15/2019 08:17PM
Last Post by rz

Flag Day! Roly Poly Rick-o In 1968

7 150 Rick-o 06/14/2019 09:25PM
Last Post by Speedy

Eye Spy with my little laptop eye... What kind of camera shutter do you use for your Macbook ?

15 160 cbelt3 06/16/2019 05:38PM
Last Post by NewtonMP2100

Friday Funnies: Post your joke, story, meme, picture, gif, video

13 262 pRICE cUBE 06/15/2019 01:08PM
Last Post by Steve G.

WAR(riors) of Attrition is Sadly Over...

8 188 Buzz 06/14/2019 11:32AM
Last Post by Carnos Jax

Fire bikes to the rescue....and a red rhino....

5 162 max 06/14/2019 12:19PM
Last Post by jdc

Tim Cook, Stanford Commencement Speaker, Sun 6/16

5 108 GGD 06/16/2019 04:11PM
Last Post by GGD

Evidence of United Federation of Planets Found of Mars

2 197 p8712 06/14/2019 12:37PM
Last Post by Thrift Store Scott

brokeback mountain?!.....Apple brokers iPhone deal with Comcast & Charter, requires sale of other Apple devices........

2 148 NewtonMP2100 06/13/2019 09:03PM
Last Post by deckeda

Computers! The long-awaited upgrade to the US weather forecast model is here

3 160 Steve G. 06/13/2019 07:49PM
Last Post by Buck

BOOTilicious?!......Apple releases macOS Mojave 10.14.5 Boot Camp update.........

3 136 NewtonMP2100 06/13/2019 11:07PM
Last Post by S. Pupp

CGI: Toy Story 4 at 100% so far on Rotten Tomatoes (67 critics)

14 159 Steve G. 06/15/2019 02:19PM
Last Post by rjmacs

X celsior?!.....Apple releases Logic Pro X 10.4.5 update......

7 117 NewtonMP2100 06/14/2019 09:29PM
Last Post by rich in distress

Apple Watch 4 users - Doya like it ?

15 170 cbelt3 06/13/2019 08:09PM
Last Post by graylocks

book 'em Dano?!......Apple registers 7 'new' Mac notebooks.....

4 169 NewtonMP2100 06/13/2019 05:40PM
Last Post by jdc

samsies?!.....Target launches same day delivery......

1 123 NewtonMP2100 06/13/2019 11:00AM
Last Post by NewtonMP2100

Why are some received emails 4 feet long and don't word wrap? SOLUTION

5 162 tuqqer 06/14/2019 05:50AM
Last Post by Drew

Expensive prescription medication sample boxes unused, unexpired... Hate to waste them

21 182 cbelt3 06/14/2019 06:19PM
Last Post by Rick-o

Cloudfare "I am not a Robot"... what happened and NOT SECURE

7 159 Microman 06/13/2019 11:56AM
Last Post by TheTominator

Itunes, Devices and info on archived items

2 93 Microman 06/13/2019 03:45PM
Last Post by Carm

Any structural engineers here?

21 223 bazookaman 06/15/2019 12:42PM
Last Post by Thrift Store Scott

meat and greet?!......Tyson launches 'fake' chicken meat product......

16 161 NewtonMP2100 06/13/2019 07:36PM
Last Post by freeradical

BoobTube Tonight?!....Season Premieres: 'Baskets'_'Strange Angel'_'Siren'.....Series Finales: 'A.P. Bio'_'Abby's'_'The Name of the Rose'.....

2 91 NewtonMP2100 06/13/2019 10:01AM
Last Post by rjmacs

$1200 for a Mazda LED Lightbulb? No way

20 258 space-time 06/14/2019 03:16PM
Last Post by mikebw

What to give for a graduation gift?

11 144 lost in space 06/14/2019 01:15PM
Last Post by Buzz

iPhone 6s purchase eBay

8 161 Microman 06/13/2019 08:08AM
Last Post by S. Pupp

Stanley Cup Final discussion (spoilers)

10 143 pRICE cUBE 06/13/2019 08:26AM
Last Post by deckeda

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