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Why does my G5 iMac monitor dim after a minute?

8 1,122 Zoidberg 01/13/2006 02:03PM
Last Post by rgG

Had you seen this in the news?

2 773 samintx 01/13/2006 09:42AM
Last Post by BigGuynRusty

So when is the Foxtrot family going to get a flat-panel iMac?

22 911 MGS_forgot_password 01/13/2006 09:26PM
Last Post by Marcos Malo

Friday Haiku?

6 800 blusubaru 01/14/2006 02:01AM
Last Post by Phy

Music stops for Mac Windows Media Player

3 697 Ken Sp. 01/13/2006 09:46AM
Last Post by particleman

Enthusiast or just pathological?

6 781 Greg the dogsitter 01/13/2006 08:36PM
Last Post by MacArtist

Color Laser Toner Refill?

3 630 Markintosh 01/13/2006 09:09AM
Last Post by Buckeye_Sean

anyone have this WD network drive?

3 744 SteveJobs 01/13/2006 12:15PM
Last Post by SteveJobs

Friday haiku

13 704 CJsNvrUrly 01/13/2006 01:06PM
Last Post by edgarbc1

Greetings from King of Prussia!!

15 712 Jimmypoo 01/13/2006 02:23PM
Last Post by Racer X

Laptop on Airplane question

7 717 Markiscool 01/15/2006 12:25AM
Last Post by Speedy

"Mobile Me" has been trademarked by Apple and..

9 859 samintx 01/13/2006 06:05PM
Last Post by Robert

Who knew Jobs drove an SL55?

21 980 mikebw 01/18/2006 06:35AM
Last Post by SteveJobs

LG LST-3510A HDTV tuner & dvd player $159.99 @

3 1,387 NewtonMP2100 01/13/2006 10:54AM
Last Post by NewtonMP2100

Is it just me or is the modemless macbook pro a dumbass move?

32 1,334 davester 01/13/2006 10:09PM
Last Post by stoney70005

Apple Software Proof-of-Purchase coupons....

15 1,615 RH 01/13/2006 04:13PM
Last Post by RH

Houston Area - What to do while im in town?

17 943 Rain 01/13/2006 04:11PM
Last Post by Guitarman

Oooohhhh, I shouldn't have eaten chili tonight!

12 799 Phy 01/13/2006 10:02PM
Last Post by Furiously Stylish

If you ran into a fellow forumer on the street, would you know who they were?

20 1,303 microchip13 01/13/2006 07:36PM
Last Post by The UnDoug

Does Larry King ever pitch anything but softballs?

7 710 Guitarman 01/13/2006 12:53PM
Last Post by Robo

Did I see a combo wall charger and car charger for an iPod?

5 617 Microman 01/14/2006 11:05AM
Last Post by Microman

Just saw CRASH - w/o knowing a thing about it

20 1,050 SteveJobs 05/08/2006 12:59PM
Last Post by SteveJobs

Many posts about Sunsets. How about Moonlight Pictures now?

12 703 kap 01/13/2006 01:30PM
Last Post by MGS_forgot_password

Intel Mac Software Compatibility

5 583 mjgkramer 01/12/2006 10:01PM
Last Post by dbow

I just ruined a laptop plug

7 636 pRON aHOLIC 01/13/2006 02:12AM
Last Post by Marcos Malo

Would you adopt this kitten?

28 1,271 Jimmypoo 01/14/2006 05:17PM
Last Post by PeterB

Jon Favreau - man he's bloating up big

21 1,995 SteveJobs 01/13/2006 07:47PM
Last Post by SteveJobs

one iMac or 3 Mac Mini refurbs?

14 833 SteveJobs 01/13/2006 08:19AM
Last Post by SteveJobs

Was spotting of Ivory-Billed Woodpecker bogus?

7 545 Dennis S 01/13/2006 03:35PM
Last Post by Dennis S

New take on the "Badger" animation

16 699 rgG 01/13/2006 09:41AM
Last Post by 3d

iPod Vehicle Integration

4 717 The UnDoug 01/12/2006 09:25PM
Last Post by Stavs

Is AppleSwitcher Down?

15 1,156 The UnDoug 01/13/2006 02:12PM
Last Post by NewtonMP2100

Only three months old and reading already

9 822 New.Dad 01/13/2006 09:23AM
Last Post by $tevie

Dumb networking question

7 649 Z 01/13/2006 10:48PM
Last Post by Z

OK, this is a new one for me... iBook refuses to boot in TDM

7 582 PeterB 01/12/2006 11:06PM
Last Post by PeterB

Attention: OWC Larry - what's the deal with your "crazy" ad copy?

5 762 GeneL 01/12/2006 07:58PM
Last Post by GeneL

Spotted a Molar Mac by the curb tonight. Made me sad.

18 828 3d 01/13/2006 08:56AM
Last Post by 3d

We moved back to OS 9

10 752 bangman 01/13/2006 12:45AM
Last Post by guitarist

why are some dvds only released outside U.S.?

7 771 NewtonMP2100 01/13/2006 11:33AM
Last Post by NewtonMP2100

Help 1st 16/600 problem of 2006

11 946 Psurfer 01/13/2006 10:30PM
Last Post by Psurfer

Waah! Nobody likes the Mint.

25 922 spearmint 01/13/2006 01:55PM
Last Post by richorlin

Installed 10.4.4 and lived to tell about it

13 830 mattkime 01/13/2006 01:56AM
Last Post by Ripthorn

rgG ... Kodak EasyShare digital camera

5 622 kap 01/12/2006 05:47PM
Last Post by kap

David Hasselhoff is...

14 1,469 incognegro 01/13/2006 05:56AM
Last Post by ajakeski

If I dig a very deep hole, where I go to stop?

13 848 lafinfil 01/12/2006 08:34PM
Last Post by lafinfil

carpet cleaning

5 642 bazookaman 01/12/2006 11:37PM
Last Post by Mactel

going for a record...

10 767 richie rich 01/13/2006 03:00PM
Last Post by richie rich

Swapping ZIF Chips - Any Problems?

7 790 MacMagus 01/12/2006 11:57PM
Last Post by PeterB

Recommend a vacuum cleaner?

24 1,383 Sam Cowan 07/05/2006 04:08PM
Last Post by Sam Cowan

OT It's Grillin' Time

7 698 kanesa 01/13/2006 08:31AM
Last Post by SteveJobs

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