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Sticky: MRF "Friendly" Political Ranting TOS

1 mrp-admin 01/16/2017 11:06AM
Last Post by mrp-admin

Doesn't look good for DACA

3 Dennis S 11/12/2019 04:59PM
Last Post by rjmacs

I'm on record as calling Stephen Miller a Nazi.

3 Dennis S 11/12/2019 04:07PM
Last Post by deckeda

Ivanka has created 14 million jobs

6 Dennis S 11/12/2019 05:49PM
Last Post by Lux Interior

Who will/can prosecute peripheral players like Rudy, Mulvaney, etc?

10 Dennis S 11/12/2019 03:43PM
Last Post by Acer

Feels like a normal day so far

2 vision63 11/12/2019 01:43PM
Last Post by Ammo

Campaign: Mark Sanford takes a hike (in New Hampshire this time)

2 Steve G. 11/12/2019 12:00PM
Last Post by Lux Interior

Giuliani associate Parnas says he delivered Ukrainian ultimatum from Trump/Giuliani in May

3 pdq 11/12/2019 08:11AM
Last Post by Speedy

President Carter hospitalized......

8 NewtonMP2100 11/12/2019 02:09PM
Last Post by vision63

Somebody's lying:"Tillerson denies Haley's claims of taking actions to undermine Trump "

13 Steve G. 11/12/2019 04:29PM
Last Post by Filliam H. Muffman

This is worse than the Star Wars 9 rumors!

2 timg 11/11/2019 07:53PM
Last Post by DeusxMac

Judge tosses Trump suit over New York tax returns

6 Speedy 11/12/2019 03:28PM
Last Post by Ombligo

Is “Thank you for your service” sometimes akin to “Thoughts and prayers”?

8 DeusxMac 11/12/2019 09:06AM
Last Post by Blankity Blank

After boost from Perry, backers got huge gas deal in Ukraine- AP

3 Steve G. 11/11/2019 05:08PM
Last Post by Filliam H. Muffman

U.S. House panels release Pentagon official's impeachment deposition

3 Steve G. 11/11/2019 04:46PM
Last Post by hal

Abbas' latest excuse for no Palestinian elections (none since 2006)

1 Steve G. 11/11/2019 03:42PM
Last Post by Steve G.

More farmer welfare planned

9 Speedy 11/11/2019 08:13PM
Last Post by Steve G.

Rep. Peter King (R-NY) to retire; plans to spend more time with family

8 Speedy 11/11/2019 03:54PM
Last Post by Speedy

Thanks for your service, Don

6 Steve G. 11/11/2019 03:05PM
Last Post by Steve G.

"Donald Trump Jr. went to UCLA to decry ‘triggered’ liberals. He was heckled off stage by the far right."

2 deckeda 11/11/2019 09:16AM
Last Post by pdq

We should stop and give Trump thanks for what he has done for Black unemployment

6 Dennis S 11/11/2019 09:27AM
Last Post by pdq

81 years ago, german fascism ran wild

17 robfilms 11/11/2019 07:19PM
Last Post by RgrF

Today’s blech: Nikki Haley

8 deckeda 11/11/2019 04:26PM
Last Post by sekker

Is it carpetbagging?

9 RgrF 11/11/2019 02:26PM
Last Post by vision63

Bolton just signed a $2 mil book contract

6 RgrF 11/11/2019 09:31AM
Last Post by pdq

Trump on Putin's May Day Parade in Moscow: "I would love to go if I could"

5 Steve G. 11/10/2019 05:44PM
Last Post by Steve G.

This just in: Trump not booed at college football game.

14 steve... 11/10/2019 09:14PM
Last Post by Dennis S

"Poll: 65% of Republicans say Trump’s Ukraine scheme was normal presidential behavior"

11 Ted King 11/11/2019 07:34PM
Last Post by pdq

U.S. company directors compensated more than ever...

5 DeusxMac 11/09/2019 08:23PM
Last Post by vision63

Trump Ukraine Timeline. Do I have to draw a picture for you?

4 Steve G. 11/11/2019 01:04PM
Last Post by Ted King

wrong side.

5 pdq 11/09/2019 03:16PM
Last Post by S. Pupp

Progamming note (13 dots) PBS Broadcasts Hearings Live Wednesday Nov 13 at 10am

5 Steve G. 11/10/2019 05:20PM
Last Post by hal

Mulvaney looks like a 4-year-old kid who licks the snot as it runs out of his nose

2 Dennis S 11/09/2019 10:51AM
Last Post by S. Pupp

a slim, slim 239

5 Steve G. 11/09/2019 10:30AM
Last Post by Bill in NC

Stock slide steepens as Trump says no tariff-rollback pact with China has been reached

1 Steve G. 11/08/2019 11:39AM
Last Post by Steve G.

Trump on Trump

14 RgrF 11/11/2019 12:14PM
Last Post by rjmacs

Hilarity hedline: "House GOP looks to protect Trump by raising doubts about motives of his deputies"

12 deckeda 11/11/2019 02:19PM
Last Post by RgrF

Who was the last good Republican - politically and personally?

31 Dennis S 11/11/2019 11:50AM
Last Post by Speedy

Yet once again - GDP fact check

2 pdq 11/08/2019 01:56PM
Last Post by Lux Interior

What the hell is wrong with these Trump people?

9 Dennis S 11/08/2019 03:13PM
Last Post by rjmacs

Trump apparently wanted Ukraine to investigate Hillary Clinton in addition to the Bidens: State Department official

4 Steve G. 11/08/2019 06:58PM
Last Post by SteveO

Swindler-in-Thief:'Trump ordered to pay $2M in settlement over Trump Foundation lawsuit'

10 Steve G. 11/08/2019 01:48PM
Last Post by Lux Interior

Get your Trump wrapping paper before he sells out

6 Speedy 11/07/2019 01:40PM
Last Post by samintx

I've had it with 'comfort animals'

23 Steve G. 11/08/2019 01:32PM
Last Post by sekker

Brits back off toxic trump

4 samintx 11/07/2019 07:10PM
Last Post by Ombligo

That line about Ukraine not knowing aid was being held up

4 Speedy 11/08/2019 01:53PM
Last Post by Lux Interior

Kansas City reafirms it's stereotype

12 RgrF 11/11/2019 12:05PM
Last Post by rjmacs

White Supremacist Was Arrested For Allegedly Planning To Blow Up A Synagogue...

2 Sarcany 11/07/2019 05:00AM
Last Post by Speedy

Kupperman subpoena pulled.

6 Speedy 11/08/2019 07:45AM
Last Post by rjmacs

Jeff Sessions is sorry he had quit his day job

4 GGD 11/08/2019 07:44AM
Last Post by rjmacs

Kentucky governor vote being contested

8 Ombligo 11/07/2019 02:17PM
Last Post by SteveO

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