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Former astronaut Mark Kelly announces his Arizona Senate campaign

12 hal 02/17/2019 08:22PM
Last Post by vision63

Latest author , Cliff Sims, Is suing the Great One

5 samintx 02/13/2019 02:05PM
Last Post by samintx

No conspiracy between Trump and Russia

4 samintx 02/13/2019 06:56AM
Last Post by Lux Interior

The El Paso Fire Department said Trump's statement was untrue.

5 GGD 02/13/2019 01:09AM
Last Post by morlock

Speaking of Michelle, did you catch her on the Grammy Awards?

6 steve... 02/13/2019 08:29AM
Last Post by Kraniac

New chant: Finish the Wall

11 Lemon Drop 02/12/2019 07:00PM
Last Post by Lemon Drop

I thought Klobuchar was a flop on Maddow

17 Lemon Drop 02/13/2019 08:08PM
Last Post by August West

It appears we may have a deal

16 pdq 02/12/2019 08:00PM
Last Post by mrbigstuff

Aftershot - the app that helps politicians find the actual RIGHT TIME to talk about gun violence

2 hal 02/11/2019 06:28PM
Last Post by cbelt3

Cheeto mocks Trail of Tears

25 samintx 02/13/2019 02:50PM
Last Post by Sarcany

Duel in El Paso! Trump and Beto both having rallies tonight

8 steve... 02/13/2019 10:09AM
Last Post by Lux Interior

Paul Krugman expects a global recession this year, warns 'we don't have an effective response'

7 p8712 02/11/2019 07:49PM
Last Post by max

Let's go to the videotape! Sportscaster is a new hero.

18 Lemon Drop 02/12/2019 02:20PM
Last Post by Ombligo

Michelle may be a unifying force in months ahead to bring in votes

4 samintx 02/11/2019 11:50AM
Last Post by Lemon Drop

And now, a PSA from Keith Richards

3 Steve G. 02/11/2019 12:40AM
Last Post by hal

Hundreds of Southern Baptist leaders, volunteers accused of sexual misconduct in bombshell investigation

10 Steve G. 02/11/2019 09:51PM
Last Post by Carnos Jax

What, no love for Amy? Or is everyone still stuck in the 'blizzard'?!

5 sekker 02/11/2019 11:32AM
Last Post by Lemon Drop

Gov Northam digs in, gives a disastrous interview on Face the Nation

15 Lemon Drop 02/12/2019 09:02AM
Last Post by max

Flashback to 1993 Stacey Abrams

4 vision63 02/09/2019 03:32PM
Last Post by SteveO

Annals Of The Police State...

3 Filliam H. Muffman 02/10/2019 04:11PM
Last Post by Sarcany

Justin Fairfax's second accuser comes forward

27 rjmacs 02/13/2019 10:37AM
Last Post by vision63

She's a My Blackface, Too…

22 bfd 02/12/2019 09:21AM
Last Post by max

"Facing opposition, Amazon reconsiders NY headquarters site, two officials say"

3 $tevie 02/08/2019 02:08PM
Last Post by NewtonMP2100


8 vision63 02/10/2019 05:13PM
Last Post by vision63

Warren apologizes days ahead of official announcement

17 Lemon Drop 02/10/2019 12:37PM
Last Post by max

Physical today. Outcome?

9 samintx 02/08/2019 03:19PM
Last Post by GGD

'Supreme Court on 5-to-4 vote blocks restrictive Louisiana abortion law'

6 btfc 02/09/2019 10:42AM
Last Post by numbered

Have your snacks and beverages handy? (Acting) AG Whitaker hearing is Friday

8 steve... 02/10/2019 05:00PM
Last Post by Sarcany

Sen. Amy Klobuchar’s Mistreatment Of Staff Scared Off Candidates To Manage Her Presidential Bid

15 Speedy 02/08/2019 03:53PM
Last Post by rjmacs

"Amazon founder Jeff Bezos says National Enquirer publisher tried to extort him"

12 $tevie 02/11/2019 01:50PM
Last Post by $tevie

Christie may finally get a job!

2 Steve G. 02/07/2019 11:53PM
Last Post by mrbigstuff

Any opinions of Washington Governor Jay Inslee for president

8 Dennis S 02/07/2019 10:16PM
Last Post by Speedy

I'd like to see more of this

7 $tevie 02/08/2019 06:41AM
Last Post by deckeda

Cindy McCain apologizes after police refute her story of stopping human trafficking at airport

9 hal 02/07/2019 07:13PM
Last Post by Lemon Drop

Democrats working all out to mopolize the blackface market....

8 max 02/09/2019 08:09PM
Last Post by pdq

People of Faith responsible for the abolishing civil rights - so says Trump

13 timg 02/07/2019 08:41PM
Last Post by Rolando

gucci, gucci, goo?!.....Gucci pulls 'blackface' sweater.....

3 NewtonMP2100 02/07/2019 06:50PM
Last Post by DeusxMac

Annals Of The Police State.....

5 max 02/09/2019 12:18AM
Last Post by Wags

paradigm SCHIFF?!....House Intelligence Committee Chair, Adam Schiff, opens Trump investigation....

5 NewtonMP2100 02/07/2019 09:22AM
Last Post by Ted King

Annals of a Police State

2 Rolando 02/06/2019 09:52PM
Last Post by Speedy

And Stacey was great!!

8 Lemon Drop 02/07/2019 01:13PM
Last Post by Rolando

Trump campaign adviser on Democrats in white: ‘The only thing . . . missing tonight is the matching hood’

4 Speedy 02/07/2019 08:29AM
Last Post by deckeda

red herring?!.....Virginia AG, Mark Herring, admits to wearing 'blackface'.....

20 NewtonMP2100 02/07/2019 08:23PM
Last Post by bfd

Pelosi last night gave Trump 'The Clap'......

15 NewtonMP2100 02/08/2019 11:09AM
Last Post by Blankity Blank

F/U To Melania's Bullied Guest

9 p8712 02/06/2019 03:40PM
Last Post by bfd

MONEY, Money, Money.....spent on FLA travel

4 samintx 02/06/2019 03:44PM
Last Post by bfd

The 2019 State of Obfuscation Address: Fact Checkiing Trump

9 btfc 02/06/2019 01:01PM
Last Post by Filliam H. Muffman

What color will 45 paint THE WALL?

10 samintx 02/06/2019 03:47PM
Last Post by bfd

Koch in charge of your water

4 p8712 02/05/2019 08:39PM
Last Post by mrbigstuff

Melania invited a bullied kid to the SOTU.

11 p8712 02/07/2019 12:28AM
Last Post by GGD

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