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Will he take credit for these jobs at Boeing too?

9 GGD 04/17/2017 07:52PM
Last Post by Speedy

Erdogan joins Trump in fight against mysterious enemies.

3 Steve G. 04/17/2017 10:56AM
Last Post by cbelt3

"Our patience is running out" says VP

21 samintx 04/18/2017 02:40PM
Last Post by vision63

Newest way to measure our President

12 sekker 04/18/2017 09:45PM
Last Post by mrbigstuff

Did Trump and family make it to Easter Services?

11 samintx 04/19/2017 11:06PM
Last Post by Speedy

It is legit....

15 max 04/17/2017 08:08PM
Last Post by btfc

Trump's joyous tweets on Easter

5 Steve G. 04/17/2017 04:05PM
Last Post by samintx

"Polls have closed in Turkey's referendum on whether to expand presidential powers; results expected late Sunday"

12 Steve G. 04/17/2017 01:37PM
Last Post by DeusxMac

Wrong side

7 Speedy 04/18/2017 11:55AM
Last Post by $tevie

The Brits wanted Trump.. they got Trump

15 Ombligo 04/17/2017 11:08AM
Last Post by vision63

A stunning piece in the oped section of the WP

7 Lizabeth 04/16/2017 11:37PM
Last Post by btfc

Hair cuts copied?

2 samintx 04/15/2017 10:39PM
Last Post by Steve G.

Remember how Trump wants his parades?

6 Steve G. 04/16/2017 12:03PM
Last Post by mrbigstuff

Secret lists of WH visitors.

5 samintx 04/15/2017 02:17PM
Last Post by sekker

Don't you figure world leaders have a good laugh about Trump when they get together?

7 Dennis S 04/15/2017 01:26PM
Last Post by Ammo

Letting generals run military policy - is that constitutional?

7 Dennis S 04/15/2017 05:39PM
Last Post by Ombligo

"Trump administration says no U.S. trading partners are currency manipulators"

3 Steve G. 04/15/2017 12:44AM
Last Post by mrbigstuff

Kremlin shrouds visitors in mystery

13 Steve G. 04/17/2017 01:32PM
Last Post by pdq

It's so hard to be a Conservative...

12 vision63 04/15/2017 08:58AM
Last Post by Janit

A punch and a kick

12 Lemon Drop 04/15/2017 12:52AM
Last Post by mrbigstuff

Annals of the Police State....

12 max 04/16/2017 12:38PM
Last Post by max

Your friendly government at work - thanks TSA!

3 Sam3 04/15/2017 10:39AM
Last Post by samintx

Golfer-in-Chief in Florida again this weekend

22 steve... 04/19/2017 03:56PM
Last Post by billb

Trump killed health care for 4 million women today

9 Onamuji 04/14/2017 03:10PM
Last Post by rjmacs

Was busy working the last 48 hours. Checked politics - WTF?!

3 sekker 04/14/2017 10:55PM
Last Post by max


2 samintx 04/13/2017 07:22PM
Last Post by steve...

Annals Of The Police State.....

8 max 04/16/2017 12:35PM
Last Post by max

Is China now 45's BFF.?

5 samintx 04/13/2017 06:10PM
Last Post by billb

Hitler was just like Lincoln, says NC pol

16 pdq 04/15/2017 02:55AM
Last Post by Dennis S

"President Trump’s thoroughly confusing Fox Business interview, annotated"

3 $tevie 04/13/2017 07:31PM
Last Post by vision63

US drops Mother of All Bombs in Afghanistan

21 Dennis S 04/16/2017 07:05PM
Last Post by vision63

I'm thinking restaurateur may be a better career for Trump

5 $tevie 04/14/2017 12:10AM
Last Post by Octave Doctor

Yup, Carson gets stuck in subsidized housing elevator

10 Steve G. 04/13/2017 02:10PM
Last Post by Dennis S

Are the minions getting the word?

10 samintx 04/13/2017 03:25PM
Last Post by bfd

Trump wants to screw over at least 20 million Americans to punish Congressional democrats...

19 Onamuji 04/15/2017 09:00AM
Last Post by samintx

Betsy DeVos Withdraws Basic Protections For Student Loan Borrowers

4 Onamuji 04/13/2017 07:38AM
Last Post by Acer

Trump is truly an idiot. On North Korea: "After listening for 10 minutes, I realized it's not so easy. "

9 Dennis S 04/13/2017 07:55AM
Last Post by samintx

He's so stupid. He is just so stupid. What a nightmare he is.

8 $tevie 04/13/2017 05:52AM
Last Post by Wild eep

Detained man had troubled history, criminal contacts

10 pdq 04/12/2017 07:30PM
Last Post by Speedy

He's baaaaack...

2 pdq 04/12/2017 04:05PM
Last Post by DeusxMac

Opinion piece from Fox News

11 Ammo 04/13/2017 11:08AM
Last Post by Ammo

Over beautiful chocolate cake, I told Xi we just bombed Iraq

8 Lemon Drop 04/12/2017 03:46PM
Last Post by pdq

Is Ginsburg still viable as a Supreme?

18 samintx 04/15/2017 07:38PM
Last Post by gabester

"Bill O'Reilly announces vacation amid sponsor defections"

15 $tevie 04/12/2017 06:12PM
Last Post by Dennis S

'FBI obtained FISA warrant to monitor former Trump adviser Carter Page'

8 btfc 04/12/2017 02:43PM
Last Post by $tevie

Ivanka pushes bombing says Eric

9 samintx 04/17/2017 03:37PM
Last Post by rjmacs

Two men in Europe the same time. Guess

2 samintx 04/11/2017 10:04PM
Last Post by Speedy

Voting in my home town today--Kansas

48 samintx 04/16/2017 12:48PM
Last Post by vision63

way too SPICY?!....Sean Spicer pulls a 'Trump' says Hitler did not use gas on his own people.....

19 NewtonMP2100 04/12/2017 01:16PM
Last Post by Steve G.

Doing his bit to keep Illegal Immigrants out- Trump Modelimg agency to close

6 cbelt3 04/11/2017 03:40PM
Last Post by samintx

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