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Real Xmas Arms Specials -should be on Tips and Deals

11 Steve G. 12/24/2019 01:12PM
Last Post by Speedy

State of the Union speech one for the ages

8 samintx 12/22/2019 08:30AM
Last Post by cbelt3

Nice body slam!

5 Speedy 12/21/2019 04:45PM
Last Post by Mr Downtown

Federalist Society?

7 samintx 12/21/2019 12:44PM
Last Post by deckeda

14yo girl run down by SUV because she was a 'Mexican'

10 hal 12/22/2019 07:42PM
Last Post by Speedy

An awesome photo of defiance/resistance

16 hal 12/21/2019 05:45AM
Last Post by RgrF

Republican congresscritters: taking Trump to heart or just going along?

13 Ted King 12/21/2019 01:26PM
Last Post by hal

Winning! 'US Steel closing mill, laying off 1,500 Detroit workers'

5 Steve G. 12/22/2019 07:46PM
Last Post by Speedy

Debate Chat

3 Dazed & Confused 12/20/2019 01:11PM
Last Post by sekker

Sanders apologizes to Biden over stuttering

5 samintx 12/20/2019 12:10PM
Last Post by deckeda cave?

2 samintx 12/20/2019 07:12AM
Last Post by Steve G.

Rep. Mark Meadows to soon be a paid contributor on Faux News

6 Speedy 12/20/2019 03:44PM
Last Post by NewtonMP2100

Vengeance is mine said the Lord

9 samintx 12/22/2019 11:38AM
Last Post by Ted King

There's a problem. All 7 Democrats looking much much better

5 Steve G. 12/19/2019 11:36PM
Last Post by vision63

Christianity Today: 'Trump Should be Removed from Office'

18 sekker 12/21/2019 06:19PM
Last Post by Acer

'Try to impeach THIS!'

6 hal 12/21/2019 01:58PM
Last Post by Rolando

Romney & Collins appear to be team players

5 samintx 12/20/2019 08:22AM
Last Post by Steve G.

Today's Guardian propganda shot!

2 Steve G. 12/19/2019 07:00PM
Last Post by cbelt3

The Idiot said women come up to him and gripe about their dishwashers.

7 Dennis S 12/20/2019 07:29AM
Last Post by Steve G.

He has never had his hands slapped until

12 samintx 12/19/2019 06:31PM
Last Post by DinerDave

The big controversy? Democrats want witnesses at a trial-Traitor Mitch doesn't

12 Steve G. 12/20/2019 04:34PM
Last Post by rjmacs

Big Questions Answered in Tonight’s Democratic Debate!

23 Dazed & Confused 12/20/2019 03:58PM
Last Post by vision63

Putin's words, Trumps bud

4 samintx 12/19/2019 08:30PM
Last Post by samintx

Notice of package delivered

7 Steve G. 12/21/2019 12:26PM
Last Post by Rolando

Trump retaliates against African powerhouse.

5 Anonymous User 12/19/2019 11:19AM
Last Post by Steve G.

"This is the weirdest Trump rally in a long, long time."

5 sekker 12/19/2019 12:00PM
Last Post by Steve G.

Giuliani Kidnapped by Ukrainian Circus

1 steve... 12/18/2019 08:33PM
Last Post by steve...

The Moron keeps bellowing in Michigan

7 Steve G. 12/18/2019 10:35PM
Last Post by deckeda

Article 1 has passed

31 Filliam H. Muffman 12/19/2019 08:13PM
Last Post by deckeda

What would have happened if the Democrats hadn't won the House in 2018?

9 Steve G. 12/19/2019 07:16AM
Last Post by Lizabeth

“Trump to Jesus” trending on Twitter

4 Steve G. 12/18/2019 09:45PM
Last Post by Acer

Well, I bet Trump gets another one of his coveted Times covers soon.

6 Dennis S 12/18/2019 03:54PM
Last Post by samintx

Jim Jordan, mark levin etc etc email blitz

3 samintx 12/18/2019 03:30PM
Last Post by cbelt3

Create your own caption

13 Blankity Blank 12/18/2019 11:48PM
Last Post by Janit

There is no debate!

13 davester 12/19/2019 10:35AM
Last Post by rjmacs

Wanta’ bet trump exploits this news on Manafort?

3 samintx 12/18/2019 03:13PM
Last Post by Sarcany

Where’s the beef?

8 samintx 12/18/2019 12:02PM
Last Post by Filliam H. Muffman

Anybody watching the Impeachment debate today (vote at around 6:30-7)

11 Steve G. 12/18/2019 01:33PM
Last Post by sekker

"it's very important that everyone read the transcript!"

2 hal 12/17/2019 04:51PM
Last Post by $tevie

WEDNESDAY: Wear Were You?

5 Steve G. 12/18/2019 10:27AM
Last Post by wave rider

Must read on Corbyn and Labour's Loss

7 anonymouse1 12/18/2019 04:16PM
Last Post by RgrF

Kellyanne Conway's husband + others launch PAC to take down tRump

6 steve... 12/17/2019 06:31PM
Last Post by DeusxMac

The Idiot has written a 6-page letter to Pelosi, the House, and Senate

38 Dennis S 12/18/2019 10:17AM
Last Post by davester

They're at it again (YouTube advertising)

4 TheCaber 12/17/2019 11:23AM
Last Post by cbelt3

Truly bizarro from Trump

5 samintx 12/17/2019 09:23AM
Last Post by mattkime

Impeachment rally tomorrow

7 samintx 12/17/2019 03:04PM
Last Post by davester

House Judiciary report: President Trump committed “multiple federal crimes”

2 Steve G. 12/17/2019 10:09AM
Last Post by deckeda

Congress reaches deal to fund gun violence research for first time in decades; $25Million

6 Steve G. 12/17/2019 05:18PM
Last Post by $tevie

Can the House impeach Trump but withhold the case from the Senate?

6 Dennis S 12/16/2019 09:19PM
Last Post by vision63

Trump has blown through the 15,000 lies mark

12 Dennis S 12/17/2019 12:10PM
Last Post by Dennis S

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