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Trump coronavirus vaccine – in this one specific case, I’m anti-vax (Blog/Opinion)

12 Sarcany 09/16/2020 07:15AM
Last Post by Bill in NC

"Black kids today don’t grow up worried the Klan will kill them in the middle of the night — they worry the police will."

13 RgrF 09/15/2020 07:41PM
Last Post by Rolando

My favorite local comment here today

11 PeterB 09/18/2020 09:33PM
Last Post by $tevie

Woodward on Colbert tonight

2 Steve G. 09/14/2020 08:08PM
Last Post by rgG

Russian rubbish or real?

13 abevilac 09/14/2020 09:22PM
Last Post by Steve G.

Sometimes it's embarrassing to be a white person: anti-maskers in St. George, UT

24 Lemon Drop 09/17/2020 01:37PM
Last Post by kj

Oh.My.God. The CDC is planning “sedition”?!

11 pdq 09/15/2020 04:03PM
Last Post by pdq

Michael Caputo - Certified Nut Job

4 graylocks 09/14/2020 08:19PM
Last Post by Speedy

I like detailed news articles

2 Speedy 09/14/2020 03:33PM
Last Post by Lemon Drop

‘Like an Experimental Concentration Camp’: Whistleblower Complaint Alleges Mass Hysterectomies at ICE Detention Center

5 p8712 09/14/2020 03:34PM
Last Post by anonymouse1

Trump: Master of The Shiny Thing “ plans to “negotiate” to run again in 2024”

17 Blankity Blank 09/14/2020 01:16PM
Last Post by samintx

Borat takes on...

1 RgrF 09/14/2020 02:16AM
Last Post by RgrF

Ukrainian church leader says Covid is God’s punishment for same-sex marriage...

6 pdq 09/14/2020 07:15PM
Last Post by RgrF

So what did Nixon do?

15 space-time 09/14/2020 02:09PM
Last Post by bfd

what about Bob?!.....Savannah Guthrie will have first 'live' interview with Bob Woodward, tomorrow morning.....

6 NewtonMP2100 09/14/2020 10:57AM
Last Post by Lemon Drop

Mary Trump - the translator we've been missing

2 sekker 09/13/2020 04:23PM
Last Post by S. Pupp

The Trump Dump (A sticky?)

3 Blankity Blank 09/13/2020 03:33PM
Last Post by Grateful11

It is getting vicious...and it scares me but not changed me

8 samintx 09/14/2020 12:19PM
Last Post by pdq

what wood you do?!......Bob Woodward on '60 Minutes'.....

5 NewtonMP2100 09/14/2020 01:03AM
Last Post by Ca Bob

Pre-Debate Graphics #4

1 Steve G. 09/13/2020 10:20AM
Last Post by Steve G.

Well, this should be fun...

1 pdq 09/13/2020 09:54AM
Last Post by pdq

Roger Stone advocates Trump seizing power if he loses.

9 Ombligo 09/13/2020 01:34PM
Last Post by sekker

Pre-Debate Graphics #3

1 Steve G. 09/13/2020 09:19AM
Last Post by Steve G.

Bloomberg ponies up

11 pdq 09/16/2020 12:06PM
Last Post by JoeH

Trump appointees altered CDC reports

4 Ombligo 09/13/2020 09:49AM
Last Post by deckeda

Unbelievable protecting the Prince

6 samintx 09/13/2020 12:26PM
Last Post by space-time

Just look at these idiots

9 Dennis S 09/14/2020 07:24PM
Last Post by Speedy

Dakotas, Iowa still highest Covid rates in nation

4 pdq 09/15/2020 08:28AM
Last Post by DevoBill

Federal Court blocks USPS from...

6 RgrF 09/13/2020 08:09AM
Last Post by Speedy

Pre-Debate Graphics #2

1 Steve G. 09/12/2020 07:39PM
Last Post by Steve G.

PSA: Get take out...

9 Sarcany 09/14/2020 09:35AM
Last Post by rjmacs

Pre-Debate Graphics #1

3 Steve G. 09/14/2020 11:02AM
Last Post by Steve G.

Biden should skip campaigning and instead challenge Trump

5 hal 09/13/2020 02:13PM
Last Post by rjmacs

Trump smoke detectors

4 Dennis S 09/12/2020 03:35PM
Last Post by TheCaber

“I always try to play it down”, and so do minions

1 pdq 09/12/2020 09:22AM
Last Post by pdq

Not one, but two

48 swampy 09/15/2020 03:12PM
Last Post by Carnos Jax

Cast of “The Princess Bride” doing live script read for WI Dems

9 pdq 09/15/2020 07:42AM
Last Post by gabester

Top prosecutor in Barr’s witch hunt steps down

3 pdq 09/12/2020 02:36PM
Last Post by bfd

On topic about media...

7 RgrF 09/12/2020 01:31PM
Last Post by Blankity Blank

spread'em high?!....students throw party after testing positive for coronavirus......

15 NewtonMP2100 09/13/2020 05:35AM
Last Post by PeterB

Pronated foot bothering me for first time. Is it worth seeing a podiatrist?

19 Dennis S 09/15/2020 03:42AM
Last Post by Sam3

isn't this another impeachable offense?

4 space-time 09/11/2020 10:22PM
Last Post by Speedy

Oregon Trumpster forgot...

1 RgrF 09/11/2020 06:12PM
Last Post by RgrF

GOP Party of Treason and The Plot Against America - Dec 28, 2012

4 Steve G. 09/12/2020 11:45AM
Last Post by August West

Rubio tries to be a deal-maker

5 sekker 09/12/2020 12:26PM
Last Post by deckeda

"White privilege and the election" on this forum 11Years ago

7 Steve G. 09/12/2020 04:40PM
Last Post by mrbigstuff

I had missed this - the Trump campaign has spent $800M already!

6 sekker 09/13/2020 06:15PM
Last Post by Ombligo

I think I found the Stephen Miller chapter in Moby Dick: CHAPTER 71. The Jeroboam’s Story

2 Steve G. 09/11/2020 05:47PM
Last Post by Filliam H. Muffman

ICE and depraved indifference to the virus

4 Janit 09/11/2020 04:54PM
Last Post by btfc

Oregon, CA are literally on fire - and the President is there for those citizens!

6 sekker 09/11/2020 05:33PM
Last Post by Filliam H. Muffman

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