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I think mikeylikesit said it best.

32 wurm 09/17/2008 05:04AM
Last Post by kanesa

This isn't good for Obama

18 swampy 09/15/2008 02:48PM
Last Post by vision63

White privilege and the election - excellent read (a bit long)...

16 bassguy 09/15/2008 09:29PM
Last Post by Black Landlord

Risk is gone on Wall Street

8 maco 09/16/2008 02:04AM
Last Post by mikeylikesit

The LIberal Media

32 maco 09/16/2008 09:12PM
Last Post by guitarist

On leadership

1 Black Landlord 09/14/2008 11:42PM
Last Post by Black Landlord

I am sick of this Pahlin crap   (Pages: 1 2 3)

146 kanesa 09/17/2008 11:27PM
Last Post by lafinfil

Rare Sunday Trading Session On Wall Street

1 maco 09/14/2008 04:13PM
Last Post by maco

Suit filed against Obama and the DNC

41 swampy 09/16/2008 07:37AM
Last Post by Bill in NC

This is pretty funny...and a lot scary

8 SteveO 09/15/2008 03:02PM
Last Post by Kiva

So, 2012 should be interesting.

4 wurm 09/15/2008 03:35PM
Last Post by DCrunch

The TRUTH about the Palin-Gibson Interview

31 swampy 09/17/2008 11:55PM
Last Post by maco

Ebert writes about Palin

17 Greg the dogsitter 09/15/2008 01:08AM
Last Post by maco

Palin & Clinton on SNL

3 maco 09/14/2008 12:39PM
Last Post by maco

does Palin actually have a passport?

14 simonm 09/15/2008 03:03PM
Last Post by Kiva

Both McCain and Obama talking out of both sides of their mouths about morgage crisis

5 Wags 09/15/2008 04:31AM
Last Post by mikeylikesit

palin's people-whoop's palin never in iraq-sorry

16 robfilms 09/15/2008 08:17AM
Last Post by mikeylikesit

where's sarah?-what alaska legislators ask about palin's governship

5 robfilms 09/14/2008 02:21AM
Last Post by Black Landlord

Please recommend me a conservative thinker...

23 Greg the dogsitter 09/15/2008 12:11PM
Last Post by cbelt3

The 2007 International Privacy Rankings - US now among the worst nations for protecting privacy

2 Wags 09/14/2008 11:21AM
Last Post by Acer

My mom just sent me this...

11 PeterB 09/15/2008 03:24PM
Last Post by Racer X

U.S. Gives Banks Urgent Warning to Solve Crisis

7 maco 09/14/2008 03:45AM
Last Post by mikeylikesit

What are the political benefits of destabilising Pakistan?

11 simonm 09/15/2008 04:17AM
Last Post by mikeylikesit

McCain and his insistence on "Town Hall Style" meetings

20 (vikm) 09/14/2008 04:17AM
Last Post by Lux Interior

Obama and McCain Tax Plans Broken Down

49 karsen 09/15/2008 04:41AM
Last Post by Lux Interior

The Slo'Reilly Factor

23 karsen 09/16/2008 01:55AM
Last Post by Lux Interior

Tiny side note in the news-- US/ Bolivia, US/Venezuela relations in the crapper.

6 Black Landlord 09/15/2008 09:32AM
Last Post by SteveO


17 DavidS 09/14/2008 06:48PM
Last Post by decocritter

Palin said she's willing to go to war with Russia

27 Dennis S 09/14/2008 08:20PM
Last Post by kanesa

Critics: Under Palin, Wasilla charged rape victims for exam

14 mattkime 10/04/2008 01:43PM
Last Post by Oldsmobile

Today's Lipstick PROOF

4 Jimmypoo 09/11/2008 02:14PM
Last Post by karsen

Separated at birth?

4 mrbigstuff 09/11/2008 03:41PM
Last Post by mrbigstuff

God bless.

2 karsen 09/14/2008 05:59PM
Last Post by swampy

DFL bait and switch? << Biden: HRC would have been a better pick than me1?!

9 edgarbc1 09/15/2008 04:51AM
Last Post by mikeylikesit

"Running out of time in Afghanistan"

3 Black Landlord 09/12/2008 02:34PM
Last Post by simonm

McCain, Obama unite briefly for 9/11

6 guitarist 09/12/2008 02:58AM
Last Post by mikeylikesit

How do you fight these lies?...McCain campaign lies about what and WSJ say

24 davester 09/16/2008 10:41PM
Last Post by anonymouse1

obama great on letterman

24 robfilms 09/15/2008 04:16AM
Last Post by Lux Interior

Here are your marching orders!

8 guitarist 09/13/2008 08:35PM
Last Post by Wags

A visual guide to where your Federal Fax Dollars go

9 space-time 09/12/2008 09:05PM
Last Post by Wags

John McCain, why do you hate our soldiers and Marines?

12 Dennis S 09/12/2008 03:35PM
Last Post by simonm

Palin left little town she was mayor of $22 million in debt

10 Dennis S 09/11/2008 01:40PM
Last Post by karsen

Evolutionists Flock To Darwin-Shaped Wall Stain

4 guitarist 09/10/2008 09:07PM
Last Post by Wags

palin's people are bush's people-rove all over again!

1 robfilms 09/10/2008 03:47PM
Last Post by robfilms

breaking news: yet another repub bush/mccain/rove ethics scandels

7 robfilms 09/15/2008 04:18AM
Last Post by mikeylikesit

Tom Friedman "Dumb as We Wanna Be"

16 decocritter 09/12/2008 03:19PM
Last Post by simonm

Obama's response

2 Black Landlord 09/10/2008 02:46PM
Last Post by guitarist

Bigger Truth -vs- Little Facts

9 BCam 09/10/2008 05:56PM
Last Post by Jimmypoo

Sarah Palin Action Figure!

2 karsen 09/10/2008 01:35PM
Last Post by Black Landlord

Apparently I don't need to vote in the Presidential election.

12 rgG 09/11/2008 12:01PM
Last Post by TLB

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