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Viewing from across the water

18 voodoopenguin 04/23/2006 07:51PM
Last Post by haikuman

McClellan has resigned!

18 Greg the dogsitter 04/27/2006 09:57PM
Last Post by RgrF

WTF? sci-fi channel is airing a GD soap opera?

7 HeyDude 04/19/2006 10:03PM
Last Post by HeyDude

Will China be China in 2045?

9 SteveJobs 04/20/2006 04:16AM
Last Post by RgrF

Moose-ow-ee thinks Bush will free him.

7 SteveJobs 04/19/2006 12:06PM
Last Post by Guitarman

That Rumsfeld is one very tough dude

9 RgrF 04/20/2006 09:23AM
Last Post by JoeM

"I'm the decider, and I decide what's best.......And what's best is for Don Rumsfeld to remain as the secretary of defense."

22 hal 04/21/2006 12:48PM
Last Post by SteveJobs

Did you see this "Chinese Guy" in jail on ABC News?

13 Microman 04/19/2006 10:47PM
Last Post by RgrF

Dems & ACLU lose to Hoosiers

10 cassie 04/20/2006 08:10AM
Last Post by SteveJobs

Intel's Israel-designed chips

6 SteveJobs 04/18/2006 09:56PM
Last Post by bradsdad

Iran: Aggressor's Hand Will Be 'Cut Off'

10 JoeM 04/19/2006 02:19PM
Last Post by Robo

Would most people be happier with >nuke electri---all electric cars?

8 SteveJobs 04/19/2006 12:53PM
Last Post by SteveJobs

Secret Plan to Cut National Park Funding by 30 Percent in Five Years

9 R2V2 04/20/2006 08:03AM
Last Post by SteveJobs

Neil Young records anti-Bush album

18 Keef 04/19/2006 05:49PM
Last Post by brofoski

Barrel of Oil > $70

6 Seacrest 04/17/2006 11:20PM
Last Post by Grateful11

"on the brink" = 3 to 10 years away

6 incognegro 04/19/2006 06:35AM
Last Post by SteveJobs

Iranian Suicide Squads Ready To Hit US British Targets

9 R2V2 04/19/2006 07:14AM
Last Post by SteveJobs

caption this Easter photo

9 incognegro 04/18/2006 04:35AM
Last Post by SteveJobs

Poll: "Suicide" or "Homicide" bomber?

34 Lux Interior 04/19/2006 06:45AM
Last Post by SteveJobs

Abortion stance of ever-increasing Mexican immigrants?

10 SteveJobs 04/19/2006 09:09PM
Last Post by hal

Funny Military Training VID

10 macaroo 04/18/2006 11:34AM
Last Post by SteveJobs

Iraq and the USA similar in some ways...

2 incognegro 04/17/2006 09:41AM
Last Post by R2V2

IRAQ: Doctors, NGOs warn of high infant mortality in Basra

1 R2V2 04/17/2006 01:09AM
Last Post by R2V2

'Jack Bauer,' Bush & Rummy

1 R2V2 04/17/2006 12:08AM
Last Post by R2V2

Baghdad Morgue Overflowing Daily

3 R2V2 04/16/2006 11:35PM
Last Post by R2V2

Finally! A MALE teacher and FEMALE student story

4 Pops 04/17/2006 02:23PM
Last Post by PeterB

ISP snooping gaining support

11 R2V2 04/17/2006 11:40AM
Last Post by R2V2

U.S. Buys Back Stolen Data by Afghan Base

5 Effin Haole 04/15/2006 03:09PM
Last Post by Effin Haole


6 Guitarman 04/16/2006 08:55AM
Last Post by R2V2


34 Guitarman 04/17/2006 01:20PM
Last Post by incognegro

Cheney getting back $1.9 million

20 decocritter 04/18/2006 02:50PM
Last Post by davester

AOL Censors Email Tax Opponents

4 R2V2 04/15/2006 03:01AM
Last Post by Racer X

SSU Spring Lesson #13: Devaluing the Dollar

6 R2V2 04/16/2006 01:04AM
Last Post by R2V2

Marine Capt' comes home disillusioned

8 R2V2 04/14/2006 06:25PM
Last Post by R2V2

Sushi and Rev. Moon

7 Seacrest 04/16/2006 09:28AM
Last Post by R2V2

George W. Bush IS a Liar

35 R2V2 04/19/2006 06:33AM
Last Post by SteveJobs

The hate Bush and Cheney crowd will love this one

17 cassie 04/18/2006 01:38PM
Last Post by SteveJobs

So Who Will Get The "New" Beatles Catalog?

2 Effin Haole 04/13/2006 05:41PM
Last Post by Zoidberg

Your Public Servants

5 buggerd 04/14/2006 03:52PM
Last Post by modelamac

U.S. Ex-Iraq Commander Calls for Rummy's Resignation

14 R2V2 04/19/2006 01:03AM
Last Post by RgrF

US on par with Nazi Germany, says RAF officer in Iraq trial

11 R2V2 04/13/2006 07:21PM
Last Post by Guitarman

Man arrested after Mexican-flag burning

17 liberal weenie 04/16/2006 09:57PM
Last Post by Grateful11

Uh oh. Still think is safe? (Female teacher rearrested)

13 PeterB 04/13/2006 08:17PM
Last Post by PeterB

Interesting Q&A w/ Colin Powell

3 mick e 04/19/2006 02:21PM
Last Post by Robo

A funny Google trick just for R2V2.

12 Robert M 04/19/2006 02:26AM
Last Post by RgrF

What do you consider "Reliable Sources" ...

12 decocritter 04/12/2006 07:29PM
Last Post by HeyDude

Oprah and Mr. & Mrs Bill Gates ....on the horror of the Education System ...

19 decocritter 04/14/2006 12:00AM
Last Post by RgrF

Blood Fruit: The Blowback Harvest Begins

32 R2V2 04/14/2006 03:47AM
Last Post by RgrF

anti-immigrant video

15 SteveJobs 04/14/2006 05:57PM
Last Post by SteveJobs

The attack of the Shakeman sockpuppets.

11 Guitarman 04/14/2006 04:02AM
Last Post by RgrF

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