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Sticky: MRF "Friendly" Political Ranting TOS

1 mrp-admin 01/16/2017 11:06AM
Last Post by mrp-admin

The other Smokey eyed shoe drops. Sarah’s a Fox Girl!

7 Blankity Blank 08/22/2019 12:32PM
Last Post by deckeda

What are you doing about veteran suicides? "We're buying a whole bunch of new stimulants that will fix it"

2 hal 08/22/2019 12:17PM
Last Post by deckeda

Dems are organizing to alter landscape of state Secretaries (of State)

5 deckeda 08/22/2019 12:10PM
Last Post by deckeda

Will you females just STOP being nasty? You’re upsetting Prez.

4 Blankity Blank 08/21/2019 10:50PM
Last Post by Sarcany

I for one welcome our flapjack overlords...

2 Sarcany 08/22/2019 06:02AM
Last Post by Janit

Trump's best words

4 AllGold 08/22/2019 12:46AM
Last Post by bfd

That sound you hear from the CBO is Trump fixing the deficit

1 deckeda 08/21/2019 05:18PM
Last Post by deckeda

"Ways and Means chairman cites ‘credible allegations’ of misconduct in presidential tax audit"

2 Ted King 08/21/2019 08:19PM
Last Post by cbelt3

50, count em, 1.25" round buttons w/your design for $9

6 steve... 08/21/2019 08:15PM
Last Post by Steve G.

Extreme Cruelty:Kids In Cages- Forever! Trump administration to end limits on child detention

15 Steve G. 08/21/2019 08:16PM
Last Post by Steve G.

I guess he really didn't want to go to Denmark anyway.

22 GGD 08/21/2019 10:02PM
Last Post by Speedy

New Zealand gallery has a 'nightmare' 16ft giant hand sculpture installed that terrifies locals

6 Steve G. 08/21/2019 12:01PM
Last Post by Lemon Drop

Trump drags out 'Disloyal Jews' charge at Oval office meeting

25 Steve G. 08/22/2019 12:57PM
Last Post by Sarcany

Trump sez Putin should be in the 'G8"

1 Steve G. 08/20/2019 03:57PM
Last Post by Steve G.

Are the Democratic presidential candidates in the Senate giving up their seats, like Harris and Warren?

14 Dennis S 08/21/2019 04:24PM
Last Post by JoeH

Meanwhile - Iranian tanker update

1 pdq 08/20/2019 01:43PM
Last Post by pdq

Scientists have developed a large-scale economical method to extract hydrogen (H2) from oil sands (natural bitumen) and oil fields"

13 Ted King 08/21/2019 01:15PM
Last Post by Ted King

Poll: Will Trump agree to take part in any debates? Poll

12 hal 08/20/2019 07:48PM
Last Post by Ca Bob

So Hillary v 45 on Twitter was good today

10 Lemon Drop 08/19/2019 09:44PM
Last Post by Speedy

Am I missing a group that fits in with these categories: Trumpers, cultists, multilevel-marketers, mega-church-goers?

19 Dennis S 08/21/2019 09:59PM
Last Post by Steve G.

Washington Republican state rep wants to establish a Christian theocracy

4 Ted King 08/19/2019 06:04PM
Last Post by Speedy

Regrets dept.- Charlotte is stuck with the 2020 GOP convention

5 Lemon Drop 08/20/2019 08:42AM
Last Post by rjmacs

What's Ben Carson been up to? Not making it easier for banks and landlords to discriminate, I hope

9 Lemon Drop 08/20/2019 12:45PM
Last Post by JoeH

Really important read about how to win the 2020 election

20 anonymouse1 08/21/2019 01:14PM
Last Post by rjmacs

It took five years. NYPD officer who choked Eric Garner to death fired today

14 Lemon Drop 08/22/2019 01:03PM
Last Post by Sarcany

FLOTUS is 92 years young

7 vision63 08/19/2019 04:18PM
Last Post by vision63

Are they all just suckers?

12 PeterB 08/19/2019 01:09PM
Last Post by Speedy

FU: Taking a shot at unpacking the tRump Shell speech fuster cluck

9 Blankity Blank 08/19/2019 08:37AM
Last Post by Blankity Blank

When the recession finally gets here, Trump is going to deny that it exists - will claim liberal media conspiracy

14 hal 08/19/2019 04:13PM
Last Post by Acer

Interview with “The Ghostwriter” Stephen Miller

21 deckeda 08/20/2019 01:45PM
Last Post by DeusxMac

Portland Proud Boy protests: 45 joins the MAGA fray and increases risk of violence

6 Lemon Drop 08/18/2019 10:25AM
Last Post by Lemon Drop

Restricting our precious citizenship? Ewd. Gibbon gave some historic Roman parallels

1 Steve G. 08/17/2019 01:11PM
Last Post by Steve G.

Shell employees told to attend Trump rally or forfeit pay

16 Ombligo 08/19/2019 01:04AM
Last Post by vision63

Indiana state Rep. Dan Forestal (D) arrested for impersonating a police officer

4 deckeda 08/17/2019 08:22AM
Last Post by voodoopenguin

Obama camp worried Biden will "embarrass himself" in this run for President; not including enough younger people

16 Lemon Drop 08/17/2019 12:53PM
Last Post by Lemon Drop

To carry, or not to carry - that is the question....

12 Ombligo 08/17/2019 03:10PM
Last Post by Dennis S

Good weekend read: "The Fate of Food." Techies, political junkies, and people who like food will enjoy it

1 Lemon Drop 08/16/2019 11:57AM
Last Post by Lemon Drop

Last night's (and tomorrow's) Trump rally amusement

9 deckeda 08/16/2019 11:03PM
Last Post by mrbigstuff

I live in such a highly progressive area...

16 Sam3 08/19/2019 10:05AM
Last Post by $tevie

More Politically Correct nonsense

44 RgrF 08/17/2019 02:32PM
Last Post by Lemon Drop

Steve G.'s Question #6 - Do you agree with the recent Hamas statement that, “Our problem is not with the Jews, but rather the occupation and the Zionist movement that is occupying Palestine.”

21 mattkime 08/18/2019 08:27PM
Last Post by mattkime

Steve G.'s Question #5 - Do you favor a single Palestinian State, a single Jewish State or a separate two state solution?

3 mattkime 08/16/2019 09:43AM
Last Post by davester

Steve G.'s Question #4 - Do you think that a Palestinian State should be allowed to be 'free of Jews'?

5 mattkime 08/18/2019 05:27PM
Last Post by Steve G.

Steve G.'s Question #3 - Do you think Israel is an apartheid state?

6 mattkime 08/17/2019 12:59PM
Last Post by rjmacs

Steve G.'s Question #2 - Do you think AIPAC and other American organizations are pushing for allegiance to a foreign country?

14 mattkime 08/16/2019 06:50AM
Last Post by Sarcany

Steve G.'s Question #1 - Do you support the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement (also known as BDS)

33 mattkime 08/21/2019 10:46PM
Last Post by Sarcany

45's Icebox

14 graylocks 08/16/2019 10:10AM
Last Post by Filliam H. Muffman

North Korea conducts another weapons test, South says

1 Steve G. 08/15/2019 07:48PM
Last Post by Steve G.

Et tu General Electric? Company accused of hiding accounting fraud bigger than Enron

2 Lemon Drop 08/15/2019 09:10PM
Last Post by cbelt3

Harris Poll: more than half of voters would not consider reelecting Trump

5 Ted King 08/16/2019 11:39AM
Last Post by Lemon Drop

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