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Sticky: MRF "Friendly" Political Ranting TOS

1 mrp-admin 01/16/2017 11:06AM
Last Post by mrp-admin

"Accuser's schoolmate says she recalls hearing of alleged Kavanaugh incident"

4 btfc 09/20/2018 12:25AM
Last Post by Janit

Brown people justice- "Similar slayings draw vastly different political reaction"

2 Steve G. 09/19/2018 09:06PM
Last Post by Speedy

Four big moron remarks from The Big Moron

4 Steve G. 09/19/2018 08:24PM
Last Post by Steve G.

Politeness isn't dead. Best wishes to Manafort!

3 Steve G. 09/19/2018 10:18PM
Last Post by Steve G.

I'm old fashioned. I admit it.

4 samintx 09/20/2018 01:19AM
Last Post by DeusxMac

He is outstanding how can you believe a woman?

7 samintx 09/19/2018 09:54PM
Last Post by Ted King

Putin celebrates, Trump calls FBI a 'Cancer in Our Country'

12 steve... 09/19/2018 10:39PM
Last Post by sekker

Trump speaking on North Carolina now....

7 NewtonMP2100 09/19/2018 02:59PM
Last Post by samintx

China running out of goods to tariff

11 samintx 09/19/2018 07:32PM
Last Post by Rolando

De Santis off 45s A list

11 samintx 09/19/2018 11:18PM
Last Post by Rolando

Stormy has a book with graphic details

11 samintx 09/19/2018 03:47PM
Last Post by $tevie

Kavanaugh's accuser asks for FBI investigation, witness says he won't testify

7 steve... 09/19/2018 01:56PM
Last Post by rjmacs

Hillary on Rachel’s show tonite(tues)

6 samintx 09/19/2018 02:34PM
Last Post by billb

Dark money about to get some unwanted light

4 pdq 09/19/2018 12:39PM
Last Post by Lux Interior

45 and the N word.

10 beagledave 09/19/2018 08:03AM
Last Post by samintx

'Roseanne' to die via Opioids

4 p8712 09/19/2018 07:19AM
Last Post by rjmacs

Can a Democratic House continue to investigate Kavanaugh?

7 Dennis S 09/19/2018 05:56PM
Last Post by Dennis S

Mario games have been ruined forever

2 space-time 09/18/2018 03:31PM
Last Post by wave rider

45 has another close personal friend: POLAND !

4 samintx 09/18/2018 06:45PM
Last Post by bfd


3 beagledave 09/18/2018 05:13PM
Last Post by Sarcany

Reckon Putin is behind releasing the classified information?

4 Dennis S 09/19/2018 12:21AM
Last Post by SteveO

Local update Cruz and BETO

12 samintx 09/19/2018 02:14PM
Last Post by pdq

"Syrian regime accidentally shoots down Russian military plane"

2 btfc 09/18/2018 01:53PM
Last Post by samintx

Trump: "Judge Kavanaugh is one of the finest people that I've ever known."

10 Dennis S 09/19/2018 11:32AM
Last Post by samintx

President shocks America by releasing previously classified information!

2 Steve G. 09/17/2018 09:18PM
Last Post by pdq

Will we ever see a Sucpreme Court justice confirmed with 97-0?

4 space-time 09/18/2018 09:54AM
Last Post by Lemon Drop

Best Kavanaugh related quote today

5 Steve G. 09/17/2018 07:32PM
Last Post by Steve G.

Kavanaugh vote postponed; hearings on accuser set for Monday

9 Lemon Drop 09/18/2018 05:00PM
Last Post by billb

Declassify all the FBI stuff

20 swampy 09/19/2018 01:28AM
Last Post by Carnos Jax

Christmas just got more expensive

19 Ombligo 09/19/2018 03:38PM
Last Post by Speedy

I didn’t do it !

11 samintx 09/18/2018 12:09PM
Last Post by sekker

Special Holiday Greetings within the Trump mob

2 Steve G. 09/17/2018 06:27PM
Last Post by Speedy

My fear: Bernie Sanders will run as an Independent.

10 Dennis S 09/17/2018 10:25PM
Last Post by mrbigstuff

Salesforce buying TIME MAG

5 samintx 09/17/2018 07:47PM
Last Post by Lemon Drop

My fear: Dems won't have a strong Prez candidate and.....

20 samintx 09/18/2018 12:11PM
Last Post by Filliam H. Muffman

Annals Of The Police State.....

9 max 09/17/2018 02:59PM
Last Post by $tevie

Ted Cruz Sending Out Misleading Campaign Donation Mailings

5 JoeH 09/17/2018 10:47AM
Last Post by JoeH

Not-at-all-racist president is the first since the event to fail to note the anniversary of domestic terror attack on black church...

4 Sarcany 09/17/2018 02:45PM
Last Post by rjmacs

Avenatti for prez?

11 samintx 09/18/2018 02:31PM
Last Post by Ombligo

Kavanaugh accuser goes public, passes lie detector test

35 Lemon Drop 09/18/2018 11:00AM
Last Post by rjmacs

“Presidential Alert” Trump administration to send U.S. cellphones a test alert on Thursday

14 Steve G. 09/17/2018 03:10PM
Last Post by $tevie

Border Patrol Agent serial killer?

5 samintx 09/16/2018 05:44PM
Last Post by Sarcany

Wacky Old Man Hides Massive Arsenal, Shoots City Water Worker

4 bfd 09/15/2018 04:42PM
Last Post by pdq

Whitewashing all inconvenient history continues...

29 max 09/17/2018 03:53PM
Last Post by rjmacs

Ahh Nostalgia... Graphic from October 10, 2016

2 Steve G. 09/15/2018 11:34AM
Last Post by samintx

Michael Bransfield, West Virginia bishop resigns over sexual harassment allegations

2 Steve G. 09/14/2018 04:32PM
Last Post by sekker

So, it was a Rape.   (Pages: 1 2)

65 p8712 09/18/2018 10:32AM
Last Post by Lemon Drop

man up?!.....Manafort close to pleading guilty....

31 NewtonMP2100 09/16/2018 04:57PM
Last Post by Sarcany

While the federal government crows about all of the families that they have reunited for the 2,000 kids that they took from parents seeking asylum...

3 Sarcany 09/14/2018 11:30AM
Last Post by Steve G.

Will we ever look back at these days of 45 with a smile?

36 samintx 09/15/2018 01:48PM
Last Post by bfd

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