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Free animals on Craigslist
Posted by: $tevie
Date: June 08, 2006 12:31PM
I need to stop clicking on the "Free Cat" and "Free Dog" listings at Craigslist. I don't want or need another dog or cat, but I always look for some reason -- and then I end up sad and hoping the critters all find nice homes. If I was rich, I would buy a big farm and take them all. sad smiley

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Re: Free animals on Craigslist
Posted by: ka jowct
Date: June 08, 2006 12:36PM
Sad is appropriate. It's a very bad idea to offer your animal "free to a good home". I wonder how many of those "free" animals wind up in labs.

Some rescue groups are now listing animals on craigslist, charging an adoption fee and of course screening the applicants. Charging a fee, aside from allowing you to recoup some of the vet expenses incurred in getting an animal ready for adoption, protects the animal by taking a chunk out of the profit someone could make selling the animal to a lab.

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Re: Free animals on Craigslist
Posted by: PeterB
Date: June 08, 2006 12:59PM
Yes, I know very much what you mean.

Scher was a rescue in the sense of being offered free on Craigslist. In her case, I didn't see a downside to it... the reasons the woman was giving for why she needed to give her away didn't strike me as legitimate, but... if someone wants to give an animal away, better that I adopt, then that a lab takes it, as ka jot says.

In particular, it breaks my heart to read people giving up animals because they didn't know what they were in for, when they got them in the first place. For example, didn't you suspect that you might be allergic to a cat? etc.

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Re: Free animals on Craigslist
Posted by: Phy
Date: June 08, 2006 01:02PM
Even worse are the jerks who adopt a cute pup or kitten and then at the end of the summer, decide they do not want the bother of the adult or adolescent animal anymore and then give them away/dump them/take to pound. THOSE people should be euthanized!
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Re: Free animals on Craigslist
Posted by: BigGuynRusty
Date: June 08, 2006 01:39PM
"It doesn't match my couch/rug/curtains anymore"
"I didn't know it needed care 24/7"
"It pees in the house if I leave it locked in for 16 hours!"
"You need to walk it, everyday?"
"The damn city won't let my dog roam free"
"It whines and barks when I lock it in the kitchen and leave to work all day"

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Re: Free animals on Craigslist
Posted by: Racer X
Date: June 08, 2006 08:13PM
I just read today, that the shelter that we volunteer for, is cutting the adoption fees in half, for dogs and cats over 2 years old, and for seniors, dogs and cats over 5 years old are free. Also, the license fees are half off for dogs/cats over 2 years old, and as before, spayed/neutered cuts the license fee in half as well. So a senior can get a 5+ year old pre-owned and pre-socialized model (with the appropriate alterations) with a 2 year license and all its shots for about $12.

So for a pre-owned dog or cat, it is now a bargain. And they are healthy and have had all their shots.

There is no such thing as a "free" animal if you are taking care of the animal properly, and being responsible.

Rusty, I have been at the shelter several times when some thoughtless/heartless a-hole has brought an animal back with reasons like that. They always take the animal back, because people like that shouldn't be companions to a dead piece of dried kelp, much less anything with a heartbeat.

And this post reminded me of something, thanks Newton, I got my Purina One coupons last week, and got the free dog and cat food. I am keeping the cat food for a foster cat, and will drop off the dog food at the shelter next time i am in the neighborhood. I just need to figure out a few more addresses to use, for more free food for the little furry ones in need.

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