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[tv] Roku 2 XS first impressions
Posted by: mattkime
Date: May 01, 2012 08:25PM
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I received and installed my Roku 2 XS today. I bought it on ebay for about $80. I specifically picked this model because its the only one in their new line that has an ethernet port. This has already been useful.

The device was very easy to set up. I was impressed. I don't think its complete novice ready yet but a small amount of tech smarts and you're in the clear.

First I explored the Channels feature. It has a lot of promise - the tech is there but the content is lacking. The Onion News Network looked perfect although there was a pause to buffer between clips. BBC World News played well although it was a low res stream. Al Jazeera looked pretty good. Two real news outlets and one fake - thats the best content available. There are a ton of channels and they are almost universally crap. However, the Channel interface also provides access to Netflix, Amazon VOD, and Plex.

Plex works great. I have some concerns with image quality but i realized that i'm probably watching an over compressed video anyway.

Oh, it also has angry birds. Other games are available...but why? don't you have a computer or a tablet or a phone or an mp3 player or any other gaming device? they're all better than this. The main problem is that the controller seems to have an over active tilt sensor.

I'll eventually take a closer look at Amazon VOD (a primary reason for choosing this device). There is a lot of content available.

My summary thus far - Roku 2 XS + Plex = Winner.

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Re: [tv] Roku 2 XS first impressions
Posted by: datbeme
Date: May 01, 2012 10:03PM
After exploring Amazon Prime's free video offerings on the PS3 a few times in recent weeks, I've decided that the lack of Amazon streaming is not much of a @#$%& in the Apple TV's armor. There are some worthwhile TV shows if you are looking for them...but not much else. I'm not complaining, but I'm just saying that this is not something that I would pay more for or seek out in a TV or set top box.

I'm no fan of Netflix either. To me, the best bang for the buck is to subscribe to a movie channel for a month and record lots of stuff.
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Re: [tv] Roku 2 XS first impressions
Posted by: Grateful11
Date: May 01, 2012 10:50PM
I think Crackle is available for the Roku, it has some great some on it and it's all free.

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Re: [tv] Roku 2 XS first impressions
Posted by: Rolando
Date: May 01, 2012 11:52PM
Crackle is Awesome. My wife is ok with Hulu Plus as well. When we cut the cable, it changed the way we watch TV....we don't watch "what's on" we sit and watch what we feel like watching. We recently discovered "How I Met Your Mother" on Netflix and have gone thru the first 2 seasons, usually 3-4 at a sitting!

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Re: [tv] Roku 2 XS first impressions
Posted by: mattkime
Date: May 02, 2012 05:37AM
hm, well i guess i should take a look at crackle. and yes, there is hulu plus but for some reason that doesn't grab my attention.

As for Amazon VOD, my tastes are pretty nerdy so i think it will hit the spot.

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Re: [tv] Roku 2 XS first impressions
Posted by: D. Lawson
Date: May 02, 2012 03:35PM
If the Criterion Collection qualifies as nerdy, Hulu+ has a huge selection of their catalog, all of which stream commercial-free (unlike most of the TV shows). Well worth the $8/month to me, even if I didn't have a wife who uses it for TV shows as well.
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