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Epub validation issues
Posted by: abevilac
Date: April 09, 2016 06:48PM

This is Abevilac's daughter posting on her account about the issues I have been having related to converting an InDesign file into a valid fixed-layout epub to be published online through Lulu. Forgive the epic length of this post. Please let me know if you have any suggestions for any one of my issues— this seems like something I am going to need to chip away at from many different angles.

First, I need to say that this project is very image heavy. Almost every page has a large image and a text box as the image caption. This book is also 680 pages long. There is no text flow across the document; all of the images and text boxes are just floating on the page. I have been able to export the file to a fixed-format epub that opens up in ibooks and looks great. The table of contents even works (I use the bookmarks setting because it is so image based).

Yet, here is feedback direct from Lulu:

Did not pass epubcheck-3.0.1 validation.
Contains unmanifested files.
Contains XML namespace errors.
Contains file permission errors.
Contains invalid images.
The table of contents contains one or more links without text.
Contains invalid guide section XML.
Contains invalid creator XML.
Contains invalid publication date XML.
Contains invalid publisher XML.

I have oXygen on my computer to edit the unzipped epub but I find the html of the Indesign generate fixed-layout epub very difficult to tackle (and very different to the html /css that I am used to working with on my personal website).

Given the nature of my project, the errors that seem the most difficult to remedy are the unmanifested files, namespace errors and invalid images. I am not sure if this is an issue, but many of the images that I placed in my document have names with hyphens which were automatically generated by photos. This means that all the links have hyphens, so if I change the name of the files (already a very labor heavy task) I would then have to go in and re-link them. I would do that if it is necessary, but given that a smaller version of this file with re-named images that do not include hyphens also generated the same errors, I am not convinced.

I have searched and searched online, and there are many people who get this same list of error messages from Lulu, however the suggestions offered to them do not fit my situation. I have also been watching Lynda tutorials all day in the hopes of fixing any systemic issues (this is my first attempt to translate an indesign file into an epub file) but they also don't quite address what I am trying to do.

Any specific help for image heavy indesign epubs would be so welcome.
I had no idea that generating the print file was going to be a cake walk compared to getting the epub file ready.
Thanks for your time!
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Re: Epub validation issues
Posted by: Carm
Date: April 09, 2016 06:58PM
Try working on the unzipped files on another html editor.
I've used the seamonkey editor with some success.
Have you run it through Sigil? []
On windows Sigil edits makes the changes for you without you making all the specific changes manually everywhere if you know what I mean.

Edited 1 time(s). Last edit at 04/09/2016 07:00PM by Carm.
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Re: Epub validation issues
Posted by: Carm
Date: April 09, 2016 07:21PM
Did you compare the errors outputted to the output from this epubcheck .jar java program?
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Re: Epub validation issues
Posted by: DP
Date: April 10, 2016 07:07AM
Boy this sounds like a huge headache! Let us know if the forum helped you!

Disclaimer: This post is checked for correct spelling, punctuation, and grammar. Any attempts at humor are solely the responsibility of the author and bear no claim that any and all readers will approve or appreciate said attempt at humor.
My name is DP, and I approve this message.
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