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Sling TV, anyone use
Posted by: Microman
Date: May 04, 2017 01:34PM
What can you tell me about sling TV?

I know there are boxes and apps

Thinking of working with iphone and Amazon firestick but. It sure what it would give me
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Re: Sling TV, anyone use
Posted by: davemchine
Date: May 04, 2017 01:40PM
We subscribe to SlingTV via our AppleTV4. Initially there were a lot of problems with picture quality and stuttering. Those have largely been fixed but still occur maybe once every 30 minutes. It was the least expensive way we could get HGTV which my wife enjoys on the weekend. They offer many previously aired shows on demand but not all. There is a DVR feature in BETA but only available on certain devices (not ATV).

I think if I were to subscribe to a streaming service today I would at least entertain the sony offering as reports indicate no stuttering problems and they already have a DVR feature. I know there is also a brand new Youtube option for getting all the regular channels but I don't know the details. Podcast indicate it is quite nice.
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Re: Sling TV, anyone use
Posted by: michaelb
Date: May 04, 2017 02:25PM
sling works pretty well on my ATV4 too, but there really isn't that much on those channels I watch. So I sign up for sports (ESPN/TNT) and then cancel, and have done that 4x I think. I signed back up the other day to watch the NBA playoffs, and prepaid for 2 months, since I wanted to get the free Roku Stick (they sent me a Roku Premiere when I signed up in Dec too, so now I will have two of those).

Sling also gets you an ESPN log in so you can use the ESPN app directly if that works better (sometimes it has so I often use that instead of the sling app for ESPN).
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Re: Sling TV, anyone use
Posted by: sekker
Date: May 04, 2017 09:23PM
SlingTV now has a DVR, but DirecTVNow has better content but no DVR.

We are about to try Sony's offering as it has a DVR and good content.

Sony's offering also has more apps - Roku and ATV, for example.
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Re: Sling TV, anyone use
Posted by: TheToddler
Date: May 05, 2017 11:10PM
PlayStation Vue the superior choice.
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Re: Sling TV, anyone use
Posted by: Blankity Blank
Date: May 06, 2017 12:12AM
The one thing I'm finding with some services is that the Chromecast is not the ideal vehicle.

Sling is our current main provider. Less than perfect, to be polite. From my reading, their integration with the Chromecast leaves much to be desired. General problems include buffering that can at times be frequent enough to be annoying, dropped connections -- particularly maddening during On Demand playback when, more times than not, the content begins play again at the beginning with no functioning fast forward capability-- and audio drop outs.

As often as possible, we use the individual network apps for on demand access to content. A fair number of apps now accept Sling as validation for full content and live streaming access. We've also experienced problems with the provided feed being the correct one for our time zone; a known, but unresolved, issue.

Sling's new DVR functionality is not available for Chromecast users yet also (Surprise!).

Just finished a trial with PlayStation Vue and was very happy with it. The only hiccups were one or two missing favored networks and a Chromecast specific issue where content will loop back five or six seconds randomly. $20.00 more a month than our Sling package, but might get the nod anyway. The Vue also seems to have a bit broader acceptance as app validation than Sling.

Was all set to sign up for the one week trial of Hulu's live TV offering (The on demand service has been rock solid and full featured), but that service is Chromecast compatible, but doesn't work with Roku yet, which we need for an ancient CRT set up we have in one room.
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