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Quicken 2017 for Mac Update(s)
Posted by: Microman
Date: May 18, 2017 05:13PM
I'm currently on version 4.4.3, and just got an alert that there has been an update, and the about from 4.4.3 after says the following, if interested. I know there are some that use it, and it does seem that the Quicken people are trying to make it even better.

Free Support
650-250-1900 (Mon-Fri, 5am-5pm Pacific)
Online Chat.
Choose: Quicken > About Quicken to find our Support number any time.
Update now to get the following improvements
Version 4.5.0, 4.5.1, 4.5.2, 4.5.3 & 4.5.4
We've been working hard on a bunch of new features and bug fixes. One of the most exciting additions is the new Loan feature.
• NEW: The new loan feature improves tracking of mortgages and other types of loans.
• Connected loan accounts will now correctly report the remaining loan principal. Before Quicken would add transactions from the loan provider which many times included both principal and interest throwing off the actual balance.
• After entering in specific loan details, a scheduled transaction can be created to accurately report monthly principal and interest payments. The scheduled transaction will change each month based on the calculated loan amortization table.
• Graphically see how much principal and interest will be paid on your loan, current and estimated payoff dates and the proportion of your payment that goes toward principal and other line items.
• See what your loan provider reports to Quicken to make sure your payment has been received.
• Expanded list of loan providers including Quicken Loans.
• Review all loans together using the new Debt view.
• NEW: In support of the new Loan feature, we've also added improvements to file and account conversion.
• Added the ability to import loans from Quicken Windows. You'll need a new converter to get the enhanced functionality. This should download automatically.
• Added the ability to import loans from Quicken 2007.
• Added a pop down message that appears the first time one goes to an existing liability account. This message talks about the new loan feature and allows people to convert the liability account to a loan account. This message only appears once per account.
• Added new buttons to Account Settings to convert liability accounts to a loan account and convert a liability account to a loan account. If you don't convert your liability account in the pop-up message, you can convert it at any time by going to Account Settings.
• NEW: We've also been working hard on improving reports by continuing to improve our new custom reports engine.
• Added new Transaction Reports. Created custom category, tag, payee, account and time-based transaction reports where you'll be able to rearrange columns, print, and export this information.
• In the new reports, uncategorized transactions will now be grouped by the sign of the amount. Positive values will be included with the income transactions and negative values will be included with the expenses.
• The default account selection for custom reports excluded retirement accounts. Now all accounts are included in the default account list. Customers can continue to customize and select the accounts they want.
• Fixed a payee filter bug that prevented some payees from appearing in the report if they were blank.
• IMPROVED: Budgets have been reworked. We haven’t added any new features but have made what we have work better especially when trying to create a new budget or creating a future budget.
• Clicking New Budget will now start the budgeting process.
• Quicken now asks the starting month and year when creating a budget.
• Going to the budget view should default better especially when your budget doesn’t start in January.
• When moving the budget view to a period where there currently isn't a budget defined, Quicken will automatically ask if you would like to create a new budget using the previous budget, historical data from the previous year, or to start from scratch with zero values.
• Fixed an issue when editing a budget that spans into the next year where the year was not displaying for the month of January.
• IMPROVED: In our last major release, we added the ability to auto-backup files. We've refined this feature in 4.5.
• A backup is saved only when a change has been made.
• A progress indicator appears when saving the backup file. Saving the backup can take a few seconds to complete.
• Added a new preference that will change the backup behavior. Instead of automatically saving a backup, Quicken will ask every time before saving a backup.
• IMPROVED: We subtly changed the way splits work and made them better.
• We got a lot of complaints about splits getting into a mode where it would change the first split line even after you’ve edited it which was clearly frustrating. There are 3 split modes: Total, Refine First Line and Remainder. If the transaction total amount is 0, then Quicken will sum the amount of the splits and update the total. The Refine First Line mode is useful when one basically wants to categorize a few items but the bulk of a purchase is the same. For example, if you typically go to Walmart for groceries but occasionally buy clothes or something else you may want to pull out just those non-standard items and categorize them separately. In this case, you want the first split line to be Groceries and its amount should decrease with each split line added. Quicken goes into this mode if the transaction total is > 0, the first split line is not edited and there are initially only 2 split lines meaning this is a new split. All other times, splits are in remainder mode where a remainder split line is automatically created if the total amount isn't reached.
• We added a new feature to adjust the transaction total to the sum of the current split values. If you increase the amount of an existing split line, a remainder split is created that basically subtracts the amount you just added which can be frustrating. This might happen if you decide to increase the amount of extra principal you pay for a month or adjust a paycheck split transaction to match actual amounts. In this case, most would want the total amount to adjust. We've added a "minus" button to the remainder split line so you can delete it. This will automatically change the transaction total value.
• IMPROVED: We have also added a number of Customer Care features.
• Screenshare. We've added a new built-in screenshare capability that will allow a Quicken Care agent to see your screen while helping you through an issue.
• Sanitize File. Quickly create a sanitized file that will remove personally identifiable information so you can comfortably share this file with the Quicken team to help track down issues.
• IMPROVED: We continue to refine a number of other features.
• We added blue dots to the sidebar representing newly downloaded transactions a few releases ago and continue to improve the way they work. We added a preference to mark reconciled transactions as reviewed. Fixed an issue with Web Connect accounts. They will now work as connected accounts. Also, fixed a number of transaction count issues that would occur when transactions were automatically matched.
• We continue to refine using the category field to enter in transfers. In 4.5, customers can now define transfers for multiple transactions using the transaction info dialog. One can also add a transfer in the category field for select investment transactions.
• We’ve changed the behavior for the filter bar in the register. Now the Reset Filter button won't appear until one is in a filtered state. Also, a giant red X has been added to the button which should make it more obvious when one is in a filtered state. The issue is that many times customers didn't realize they were in a filtered state and thought they had lost transactions.
• Customer PerryG observed that some financial institutions use the memo field for payee information or that the combination of the payee and memo fields provide the full payee name. Added 2 menu items on the transaction contextual menu to easily make these changes to one or many transactions.
Finally, we fixed a bunch of bugs.
• FIXED: Fixed a long standing issue where exporting the tax report to CSV didn't include the schedule D items.
• FIXED: Fixed the transaction download count in the Account Status window for Quicken Connect accounts. Previously auto-matched transactions weren't being counted.
• FIXED: Fixed a crash and hang that would occur when importing Quicken 2007 and Windows files.
• FIXED: Improved the reliability of online bill pay transactions by adding a number of checks that will make sure payment information meets certain criteria before attempting to process the transaction. Also, improved bill pay transaction matching for good fund banks such as Chase which in the past resulted in occasional duplicate transactions.
• FIXED: Fixed an issue where old download and sync error messages continued to appear in Quicken even after they were resolved.
• FIXED: Fixed an issue where cost basis values didn't appear in the realized gain view.
• FIXED: Fixed an issue where dragging a transaction within the register would result in the amount changing if it had a complex split with transfers.
• FIXED: Fixed an issue where accounts hidden from reports were also excluded from transfer and account register field pop-up lists.
• FIXED: Fixed an issue where the Intuit ID didn't appear in the About Box after signing in as a different user.
• FIXED: Fixed an issue where customizing the report will auto-collapse all of the rows.
• FIXED: Fixed an issue where renaming a category or action to the same name as another item caused the UI to be unresponsive.
• FIXED: Fixed a crash if a payee account number matches the phone number that had been paid by multiple users.
• FIXED: Fixed an issue if you had a problem logging in, it would display a dialog to re-enter your credentials.
• FIXED: Fixed a budget sync issue.
• FIXED: Fixed a couple of crashes in the loan feature.
• FIXED: Fixed a crash when trying to export the register to a CSV file.
• FIXED: Fixed a couple more crashes in the loan feature.
• FIXED: Fixed a crash when clicking Quicken Community in the help menu while in the loan feature.
• FIXED: Fixed an issue downloading the latest version of Quicken Utility when clicking on Screen Share from the Help menu.
• FIXED: Fixed an issue where the scheduled transaction wouldn't get updated after making changes in the loan details screen.
• FIXED: Limited the loan length for weekly, monthly, and payment lengths which sometimes led to the application hanging when the numbers were large.
• FIXED: Improved overall stability of the new loan feature.
• FIXED: Fixed an issue in 1-month budgets where clicking on the dot in the date control wouldn't take you to the current month.
• FIXED: Fixed an issue in 12-month budgets where the month and year were not defaulting to the current year if the current year was budgeted.
• FIXED: Reverted a change that blocked the Update Selected Online Accounts feature for Quicken Connect accounts. We originally disabled the menu because Quicken Connect accounts can't be updated individually but this forced people to update all accounts which could take a long time.
• FIXED: Fixed 2 issues on the home screen budget view. 1) Clicking on the dot switches the budget to the current month. 2) The Create a New Budget view won't incorrectly appear if you have a budget.
• FIXED: Fixed an issue where the loan feature would add a Loan Interest category if using category Short Names.
• FIXED: Loan Interest used in a split line is now included in the total but it does not change the loan model.
• FIXED: Fixed an issue where editing a Payment Total Only loan scheduled transaction would incorrectly update the Payment amount. Now changing the scheduled transaction amount will update extra principal.
• FIXED: Fixed more loan stability issues.
For your safety , only use the official Quicken support number:
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Re: Quicken 2017 for Mac Update(s)
Posted by: GuyGene
Date: May 18, 2017 10:50PM
I've been using it since version 1.5 I think it was, now have 2007. I think. Anyway, I might get this one if it's not subscription. Thanks Micro.

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Re: Quicken 2017 for Mac Update(s)
Posted by: NewtonMP2100
Date: May 19, 2017 07:13AM this for 'the Highlander' [ the Quickening ]......???


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Re: Quicken 2017 for Mac Update(s)
Posted by: Robert M
Date: May 19, 2017 09:03AM

Have they finally restored the "reconciliation" report? that's the one thing I need in a replacement for Quicken 2007.

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