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PCM, Dolby Digital, PassThru TV's etc., settings?
Posted by: Microman
Date: July 14, 2017 12:59PM
Currently the only way I can get an effect coming from my rear SubWoofer and two rear speakers on my

Vizio Sound bar S4251w is by setting the

TIVO Bolt to (Use Dolby Audio).

On the Samsung TV choose SELECT Speaker (Audio Out/Optical.

On the Samsung TV under HDMI AUDIO Format there is a choice of PCM and Bitstream

Under Audio Format on Samsung TV there is a Choice of PCM or Dolby Digital

The underlined settings give me a rear effect, just not sure if it is 5.1 or just Stereo.

Sounds good.

Samsung is a 70" KU6300 series.

Optical out of TV to Optical in of sounder.

Are these correct settings
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Re: PCM, Dolby Digital, PassThru TV's etc., settings?
Posted by: August West
Date: July 14, 2017 02:54PM
PCM, IIRC, is pulse code modulation stereo signal. If you want surround the stereo needs to be run through a decoder (Dolby setting). I may be a bit out of touch and I never mixed the .2 systems, but a rear sub? Low frequency is essentially omnidirectional. I guess for a fairly large space a sub front and rear and wherever might matter, but at home I have to wonder.

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Re: PCM, Dolby Digital, PassThru TV's etc., settings?
Posted by: Ombligo
Date: July 14, 2017 04:58PM
If you are running front and rear subs, you should also have equal length of speaker wire from the source (a/v amp most likely) to each speaker. So if the rear sub takes 20' of wire, you need to have 20' to the front speaker too (even if only 3' is needed). Otherwise the two will be out of sync due to lag.

However, as August says - two subs in a home setup? I doubt it is needed as a 10" or 12" powered sub should handle just about any normal home system.

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Re: PCM, Dolby Digital, PassThru TV's etc., settings?
Posted by: dk62
Date: July 15, 2017 11:38AM
PCM is uncompressed signal. If it is sent through optical audio out, it is two channels only (stereo). HDMI cable can carry 8 channels of PCM, but SPDIF cannot. Beatstream is compressed packaged digital signal, which can be multichannel through optical.

In your case, the TV decodes the incoming signal and sends it as 2-channel PCM to the soundbar. While in theory it could recode the signal into Dolby ProLogic, I do not think that any TVs do this. You should check the manual. Otherwise, your sound bar is performing some magic turning 2 channels into 4. Some TV pass through multichannel bitstream, but rarely.

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