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Bearish on Apple?
Posted by: JPK
Date: January 10, 2019 01:17PM
Lots of talk about AAPL these days.

My DCA on my position is probably around $22, so I am with Way Up or Way Way up on the stock.

But it got me thinking. My daughter thought she lost her iPad the other day so i logged into "Find my phone" the other day. Under my Apple domain, I have 10 iphones, 7 iPads, 3 powermacs, 3 imacs, 3 macbook airs and an xServe - that I still need to set up so I can store all the data on all these gadgets.

I would say I am a good customer and a advocate.

Right now there is NOTHING in the product portfolio that makes me want to upgrade anything in my iStable. Everything I have pretty much works good for what I need (in fact way more than I need). I used to upgrade to get the newest and greatest, but it seems like Apple hasn't created anything I HAD to have lately. I used to upgrade every couple of years on my computer, if I needed to or not, just to get the latest and greatest. Back when iPods when rolling along - i bought a new one every year. It seems there is little difference between my "old" gear and the latest and greatest.

My personal gear is an iPhone 6 Plus, a 5 year old MBA and an iPad Pro. Why would I upgrade?

I know the focus has shifted to iPhones, but I think it is time to put a little focus back on the computers and the software. I know the gadgets are sexy and profitable, but it is the computers that continues to be a foundation.

I would love to see a new, all encompassing Appleworks that integrates everything and allows me not to have to keep paying MS for the Office crap. OSX has been incrementally upgraded, but it seems like each time it is, the staples of my use, iphoto/photos & itunes get crippled more and become less intuitive and functional.

I suppose I can keep paying to replace iBatteries on my phones & ipads and add more ram & faster drives to my MBA and MacPro, but I would love to spend some of my hard earned money on something new that didn't cost what a new MacPro does.

Plus I want to see a $200 breakout on AAPL again.

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Re: Bearish on Apple?
Posted by: NewtonMP2100
Date: January 10, 2019 01:22PM


I reject your reality and substitute my own!
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Re: Bearish on Apple?
Posted by: Carnos Jax
Date: January 10, 2019 01:52PM
I wonder if Apple's product lineup is good for the vast majority of people, and hence it doesn't make sense for them to offer anything significantly different. Of course, for us die hard fans, this is not good enough. But our needs seem to be in the minority, if I'm guessing right. It seems none of Apple's competitors are doing any better?
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Re: Bearish on Apple?
Posted by: Forrest
Date: January 10, 2019 02:55PM
The Mac Mini's released in October, 2018 are a good deal and fast, with 4 or 6 core CPU's and all have SSD storage.
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