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File sorting problem in macOS Sierra?
Posted by: RAMd®d
Date: November 08, 2019 09:24PM
in Mavs, I sorted a folder of files and folder by Date Modified.

This kept any file, folder, or folder of files that got an modification to the aforementioned's file name at the top of the list, where I wanted it.

As files are added to the folders, they would routinely get out of numerical order. This was rectified by highlighting all the files in a folder and using Open with - Option to sort them in back into numerical order. This was apparently related to that operation changing the Date Modified date by Always Open With.

That made me happy.

However, after recently updating to Sierra (10.12.6), that trick no longer works.

Is there something amiss with my install, is there some bug, or did Apple change the OS so that using Always Open With didn't change the modification date.

Another issue concerns column width. I widen the Name column to accommodate longer file names. But moving to different window via the sidebar often changes the widths to some default.

Further, occasionally, opening a window gets me a bunch of icons instead of List View. Doing a Cmd-J shows the Always open in list view to be checked.

These aren't serious problems but they are really annoying.

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Re: File sorting problem in macOS Sierra?
Posted by: Fritz
Date: November 09, 2019 08:24AM
not sure I entirely understand, but ...

I don't have the column width nor the Cmd-J issue.


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Re: File sorting problem in macOS Sierra?
Posted by: space-time
Date: November 09, 2019 09:01AM
I don't have Sierra, I have some macs running Mavericks and a newer one one Mojave.

Maybe you could post a screenshot?
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