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Flash Drive Video Camera
Posted by: artie67
Date: August 10, 2008 11:51PM
Daughter and Friend, both zoo keepers are heading to Australia where we have friends . She wants a "flash camcorder" for the trip. Research so far is the Canon Vixia HF 100 and the HF 10. They won't leave until Nov. and quality is more important than price. So far, prices from "know" sources are $600 plus. Other choices?
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Re: Flash Drive Video Camera
Posted by: jdc
Date: August 11, 2008 01:33AM
no real experience, but been helping a friend with this

are they sold on that -- or should we get into the flash camera compression debate?

also the HF 100 does not come with an SD card, so factor that cost in... (about $30 for 8 gigs)

and they will still need to unload gigs and gigs of movies if they shoot a lot -- on the "best" setting an 8 gig card only gets about 1 hour video

have they thought about a camera that does video? the canon S5 takes excellent photos as well as pretty damn good video...


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Re: Flash Drive Video Camera
Posted by: M>B>
Date: August 11, 2008 04:04AM
They use the severely compressed MP4 format. No better than video shot on a still camera!

I would suggest a conventual tape camcorder with tapes that can be found anywhere in the world!
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Re: Flash Drive Video Camera
Posted by: modelamac
Date: August 11, 2008 07:24AM
I just bought the Canon HF 10. Good quality audio, video, and reasonable still photo quality.

One caution: You MUST have iMovie 7 on an Intel Mac or you cannot download the movie from the HF 10. I had to call Canon Tech Support to learn this. I did not find this info in the Manual. PPC Mac won't do it. Older iMovie versions won't do it. The software on the CD that comes with the camera is for downloading the still photos only.

You can download to Windows with the software included.

I tried all sorts of apps and combinations, including downloading with iM 7 on my MB, then copying the file to my PPC G4 that has iM 7. No joy.

I had to use iM7 on the MB to export as a QT movie to Desktop to get a finished product.

I could also open iM 6 (HD) then drag the individual clips with the .mov extension into the Clips window, one at a time, which would trigger the Import function. I could then do my editing the way I wanted to, but the resulting file is really small compared to the original (1/10 the size).

I have yet to burn a DVD of this movie, so I don't know what the quality will be. I just mad a short test movie to learn the download and editing processes.

The camcorder is easy to use. The Menu is easy to use to make setting changes, offers a lot of flexibility. USB 2 port for downloading to Mac. You can also download directly to a DVD burner (have not tried-don't have a stand-alone one). I have to get used to using the LCD screen for recording, instead of looking through a viewfinder eye hole.

I made the mistake of not researching this camera, but taking the word of a very highly regarded local camera shop repair tech. I assume he was thinking I use Windows. There may be better choices out there in terms of downloading and editing options, but there also may not be.

I am not regretting this purchase yet as I have not fully tested all of the functions/settings on the camcorder. I've chosen the middle of the road settings in some cases, and the default in the rest. I still have a lot to learn about this camcorder.

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Re: Flash Drive Video Camera
Posted by: anonymouse1
Date: August 11, 2008 08:50AM
I strongly agree with M>B>--the image quality sucks; highly compressed, lots of artifacts. Tape will take more space in their luggage, but the images will be nearly professional quality.
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