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tile on top of bathroom counter?
Posted by: davemchine
Date: December 18, 2005 05:37PM
I was planning to put down a new laminate on my bathroom counters but was advised that it was difficult to make stick and would require some special tools. So now I'm wondering if I could put tile down on top of it? Would it stick? Has anyone done this?


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Re: tile on top of bathroom counter?
Posted by: Jimmypoo
Date: December 18, 2005 05:42PM
water in the grooves....

STANDING water in the grooves.

Gotta have a slave to clean the water in the grooves.

(sung to "Bringing in the Steves")
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Re: tile on top of bathroom counter?
Posted by: Jack D.
Date: December 18, 2005 06:02PM
Dave, when you refer to laminate are you refering to a Formica type material? If so pull up the old stuff sand and clean the surface. Cut new piece to size with 1/4" overhang. Go get some contact cement and follow directions to adhere.

The only "special" tools I've ever used to put laminate like this down is a router to finish the edges and some sort of roller (rolling pin works fine) to roll out any air bubbles after adhering it. Not that tough to do with basic skills and tools.

- Jack D.

New tasteless sig coming soon!
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Re: tile on top of bathroom counter?
Posted by: bill b
Date: December 18, 2005 06:41PM
Having had a tile counter top, I would never want one again.
I broke too many glasses on mine (and ceramic soap dishes) and for some reason, with kids in the house, the small tiles on the sides didn't like to stay put.

When I redo my downstairs bath, all the tiles may go.
Maybe tiles halfway up the wall , maybe the floor, but never in the shower or counter tops again. Looks nice when its new.

Gluing new laminate to old works, but curved/formed edges are a bear.
For ninety degree corners you need a high speed edging bit, and something to spin it.
And a file, maybe.

Easier to redo if off the cabinet.
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Re: tile on top of bathroom counter?
Posted by: h'
Date: December 19, 2005 01:34AM
New counter top $43 at Menards. I thought of you last time I was there.
I'll pay half.

I suffer from the same sensitivity that you do. A few nuggets of wisdom were shared with me and I'm "trying" to incorporate them into my life. First, remember that nobody can hurt your feelings unless you let them. You can always reject what is being forced on you emotionally.
Second, nothing changes unless you change it. If you don't want the behavior to be repeated then you need to take action. Otherwise the kid has learned that his behavior is the way to get things done, because everyone lets him get away with it.
In the meantime I sympathize because I've been there.
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