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This part is perhaps the most troubling aspect of the whole thing...
Posted by: pdq
Date: November 26, 2019 08:35PM
So the bull in the china shop was trying to break some of the finest, most traditional china last summer, and a visitor noticed the rampage and raised an internal alarm among the shop's staff. Should we call animal control, they wondered, as required by law?

No, said the shop staff White House lawyers, because executive privilege.


The whistle-blower complaint, which would typically be submitted to lawmakers who have oversight of the intelligence agencies, first came to light as the subject of an administration tug of war. In late August, the inspector general for the intelligence community, Michael Atkinson, concluded that the administration needed to send it to Congress.

But the White House counsel, Pat A. Cipollone, and his deputy John A. Eisenberg disagreed. They decided that the administration could withhold from Congress the whistle-blower’s accusations because they were protected by executive privilege.

That...umm...kind of renders the whole concept of whistleblowers moot, if those whose misbehaviors are the source of alarm have absolute privilege to keep such whistleblower complaints secret.

I mean, Trump is Trump. Completely off the rails, and ignorant or unconcerned that he is. It's not the last time, sadly, that we'll see someone like this in power.

Ultimately, we must depend greatly on others, sometimes of different political persuasion, who may even owe their position to the bull, yet we trust to contain this bull before he breaks all the china.

And one after another, with a few notable exceptions, we've seen a near-complete abdication of that responsibility.

Lots more incriminating stuff in this article; Trump knew about the whistleblower before Congress did; several folks in the OMB saw that withholding aid was illegal and may have actually resigned over it, but didn't tell anyone why; Ron Johnson (R-WI) urged Trump to release the aid, and Trump said he "wasn't ready to", yet angrily denied an obvious quid pro quo.

But the part up above was what bothered me the most. Shame on them.

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Re: This part is perhaps the most troubling aspect of the whole thing...
Posted by: deckeda
Date: November 26, 2019 09:23PM
There's a large cache of worker bees who either continually think "it can't get worse" or "it's not bad enough yet." I think that's why so many have walked away but declined to stop him.

Oh, and then there's the oft-cited theory (since, like, Day One) that they need to stick around in order to adult the place on his behalf.

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Re: This part is perhaps the most troubling aspect of the whole thing...
Posted by: Steve G.
Date: November 26, 2019 09:27PM
David Brooks: "Just another week in Caligula's Rome."
-March 1, 2019 PBS Newshour
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