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1 4,934 mrp-admin 04/13/2020 09:44AM
Last Post by mrp-admin

Wife wants to click on an email link...

2 17 MikeF 01/21/2021 06:32PM
Last Post by hal

Happy 40th Birthday DMC!

3 32 MrNoBody 01/21/2021 06:05PM
Last Post by N-OS X-tasy!

The Modern Tinfoil Hat...

5 50 Thrift Store Scott 01/21/2021 05:53PM
Last Post by datbeme

Reminder: $599 Mac Mini M1 sale starts tomorrow

2 46 MrNoBody 01/21/2021 06:32PM
Last Post by C(-)ris

App? or other way to check health of Power Bank?

2 43 Buzz 01/21/2021 03:41PM
Last Post by space-time

Any basic Apple like iMac wireless keyboard recs?

8 64 Bo 01/21/2021 04:31PM
Last Post by jdc

Replacing an Airport Extreme with Google Wifi

4 77 decay 01/21/2021 04:21PM
Last Post by Schpark

Still Shootin' At the Walls of Heartache? New Patty Smyth Album...

3 47 SteveO 01/21/2021 04:00PM
Last Post by Will Collier

Man lives in a Prius down by the river?

7 124 pRICE cUBE 01/21/2021 04:01PM
Last Post by Speedy

Pocket Pi? $4 Pi Pico!

6 84 sekker 01/21/2021 04:59PM
Last Post by Will Collier

Calendar, birthdays and anniversaries

2 51 davemchine 01/21/2021 01:13PM
Last Post by pinkoos

[FOLLOWUP] A followup to my recent rant about Orico

6 89 Robert M 01/21/2021 05:29PM
Last Post by surfer33

Happy Anniversary to forum members CJsNvrUrly & Waitin4CJ

9 74 The Celebration Fairy 01/21/2021 05:34PM
Last Post by CJsNvrUrly

iPhone battery dies coming inside from the cold. Normal?

8 80 clay 01/21/2021 04:33PM
Last Post by SteveO

Can Migration Assistant Target Different Drives?

11 87 mrlynn 01/21/2021 06:29PM
Last Post by Sarcany

COT YOU FOOLS! Folding Camping Cot $30.80

4 85 pRICE cUBE 01/21/2021 10:39AM
Last Post by rz

PSA: battery manufacture date incorrect in Big Sur (and many thanks to OWC folks)

3 87 space-time 01/21/2021 10:51AM
Last Post by btfc

Up in the Maryland Mountains there's a new PowerBall multi-millionaire!

10 135 MrNoBody 01/21/2021 02:15PM
Last Post by Acer

I Have Often Wondered Why So Many Amateur Videographers Make The Same Mistakes

14 198 Thrift Store Scott 01/21/2021 04:47PM
Last Post by freeradical

How do you sleep? Poll

25 303 Rolando 01/21/2021 05:39PM
Last Post by CJsNvrUrly

James Hetfield and the News - "Hip to Be the Sandman"

3 122 deckeda 01/21/2021 10:23AM
Last Post by rz

Like LINUX? FOMO on M1 hardware? No longer!

1 129 sekker 01/20/2021 07:21PM
Last Post by sekker

MacBook Air and OWC Mercury Elite Pro Thunderbolt 3 Dock (video port?)

16 139 SKYLANE 01/21/2021 03:33PM
Last Post by SKYLANE

Philip says Buh-Bye to the NFL

10 163 MrNoBody 01/21/2021 06:26AM
Last Post by RgrF

Final Wording for Ebay listing--any thoughts/suggestions?

6 99 anonymouse1 01/21/2021 11:35AM
Last Post by neophyte

AppleCare Repair Fiasco Results in Free iPhone 12 Pro Max!

9 175 Gareth 01/21/2021 07:34AM
Last Post by vicrock

Nice goalie score

12 151 Speedy 01/21/2021 12:29AM
Last Post by mrbigstuff

WYZE Handheld vacuum

7 127 ArtP 01/21/2021 07:07AM
Last Post by Lizabeth

any favorite science podcasts?

13 94 mattkime 01/21/2021 09:17AM
Last Post by rasiMac

PSA: $730,000,000 Powerball Jackpot Tonight

6 112 MrNoBody 01/20/2021 05:37PM
Last Post by graylocks

The struggle continues ... upgrading Mac Pro to Mojave

22 133 timg 01/21/2021 04:26PM
Last Post by AllGold

Component Video Conundrum... Help Needed.

13 109 Buzz 01/21/2021 06:59AM
Last Post by Buzz

BoobTube Tonight?!.....Season Premieres: 'Riverdale'__'Nancy Drew'.........

1 70 NewtonMP2100 01/20/2021 10:20AM
Last Post by NewtonMP2100

Looking for method or app that can remove Inbox emails until a future date

5 76 tuqqer 01/21/2021 02:29PM
Last Post by btfc

Netgear Armor with Bitdefender - anyone use it and is it worthwhile?

1 72 JoeM 01/20/2021 09:59AM
Last Post by JoeM

Need recommendation for standard base LED bulbs

14 124 rgG 01/21/2021 02:55PM
Last Post by davester

House Air Purifiers - any suggestions?

12 116 tuqqer 01/21/2021 12:32PM
Last Post by Ombligo

Mom's platelets are 123 plus she takes Eliquis for A-fib. Is that a dangerous combo?

4 135 Dennis S 01/20/2021 01:01PM
Last Post by S. Pupp

OWC Vindicated!

9 301 anonymouse1 01/21/2021 07:19AM
Last Post by Rolando

Does this seem like good wording for an eBay listing

18 157 anonymouse1 01/20/2021 04:14PM
Last Post by anonymouse1

let, the RIVer run?!.....electric vehicle startup, Rivian, gets $2.65 billion from T.Rowe Price.....

11 142 NewtonMP2100 01/21/2021 06:48AM
Last Post by bobinmurphy

Charlie Is Safe...

1 208 Thrift Store Scott 01/19/2021 09:26PM
Last Post by Thrift Store Scott


4 142 jonny 01/19/2021 10:29PM
Last Post by Lew Zealand

My LG TV is also my sleep machine

16 177 MrNoBody 01/21/2021 04:32PM
Last Post by S. Pupp

Citroen traction avant

6 141 Fritz 01/20/2021 04:50PM
Last Post by anonymouse1

$865,000,000: Two hours to go!

9 203 MrNoBody 01/20/2021 10:30AM
Last Post by Lux Interior

The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread? Not So Fast

2 163 jh 01/19/2021 11:41PM
Last Post by Rolando

OK, I think I need a new wireless access point...

8 138 PeterB 01/20/2021 12:16PM
Last Post by PeterB

No album art in individual songs, but cover is correct

2 91 Microman 01/20/2021 07:00AM
Last Post by WHiiP

Goodbye to 16:9! And good riddance.

9 244 sekker 01/20/2021 12:58PM
Last Post by PeterB

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