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cutting ties?!....iPadOS 18 will be compatible with these iPad models.....iOS 18 will be compatible with these iPhone models......

1 28 NewtonMP2100 03/02/2024 12:53PM
Last Post by NewtonMP2100

I guess it's a good thing there are lawyers.

2 44 wurm 03/02/2024 12:33PM
Last Post by kj

are you a Leonard Cohen fan?

7 36 mrbigstuff 03/02/2024 01:14PM
Last Post by DeusxMac

1929 Pierce-Arrow Model 133

3 37 Fritz 03/02/2024 01:06PM
Last Post by Buzz

I learn something new everyday...

3 56 DP 03/02/2024 12:47PM
Last Post by Robert M

Weather(s) you're right, whether you're wrong?!....Carl Weathers cause of death revealed.....

1 88 NewtonMP2100 03/02/2024 10:17AM
Last Post by NewtonMP2100

bring me a higher love [ oh ]?!....Apple Card savings account's balance limit increased [ bonus video ].....

2 54 NewtonMP2100 03/02/2024 10:11AM
Last Post by Speedy

more on loudness - not the band

1 56 Fritz 03/02/2024 08:48AM
Last Post by Fritz

This wind just blows

5 80 DinerDave 03/02/2024 10:51AM
Last Post by DP

BoobTube Tonight?!....'Aquaman & the Lost Kingdom' hits SNL.....Netflix cancels 'The Brothers Sun'......

1 67 NewtonMP2100 03/01/2024 09:51PM
Last Post by NewtonMP2100

I had an interesting user error today

9 126 GGD 03/02/2024 10:15AM
Last Post by Speedy

Which formatting option should I use for my external 2TB SSD when using it for Mac storage?

11 127 Jerry® 03/02/2024 01:04PM
Last Post by TLB

3D printer mavens, which plane of this model...

6 98 Will Collier 03/02/2024 09:46AM
Last Post by macphanatic

RYF! :: OWC 14-Port Thunderbolt Dock @100

13 153 rich in distress 03/02/2024 12:48PM
Last Post by rz

you know your at a redneck funeral when....

11 176 Ombligo 03/02/2024 01:08PM
Last Post by kj

One Million Dollars or save you Sachers

3 106 macphanatic 03/01/2024 08:41PM
Last Post by Black

pizza Poll

39 239 Fritz 03/02/2024 08:18AM
Last Post by Fritz

Here's an interesting story for a Friday.

1 110 wurm 03/01/2024 03:44PM
Last Post by wurm

VPN on AppleTV?

3 95 davemchine 03/01/2024 03:44PM
Last Post by Fritz

How (or do) you help people who have habits that keep them poor?

24 199 Carnos Jax 03/02/2024 10:51AM
Last Post by d4

Rokinon 135mm F1.8 AF Full Frame lens for Sony E/FE $622

2 51 pRICE cUBE 03/01/2024 01:09PM
Last Post by vision63

Fisk Netflix

4 115 gadje 03/02/2024 12:31PM
Last Post by NewtonMP2100

orthophonic living stereo

9 97 Fritz 03/02/2024 10:37AM
Last Post by RAMd®d

Followup: Social Security - Application Approval - How Long?

12 114 DewGuy 03/02/2024 09:15AM
Last Post by NewtonMP2100

As Chevy Camaro thefts skyrocket more than 1000% in L.A., police unlock a secret of car thieves

13 158 Speedy 03/02/2024 09:52AM
Last Post by macphanatic

What type of enclosure would I need for the spinner drive from my mini if used as external storage?

16 88 Jerry® 03/02/2024 11:49AM
Last Post by Jerry®

Happy Anniversary Grateful11 & spouse

11 44 The Celebration Fairy 03/02/2024 08:59AM
Last Post by D-Rod

Friday Funnies

16 199 DP 03/02/2024 10:46AM
Last Post by RAMd®d

Video explains what a big deal baseball is in Japan & why Ohtani is like a god

4 77 pRICE cUBE 03/02/2024 12:26AM
Last Post by pRICE cUBE

ID Shrub?

5 87 chopper 03/01/2024 10:45AM
Last Post by srf1957

BoobTube Tonight?!....Series P: 'The Completely Made-Up Adventures of Dick Turpin'_'Megamind Rules!' / movies: 'Napoleon'_'Spaceman'......

1 74 NewtonMP2100 03/01/2024 06:04AM
Last Post by NewtonMP2100

Out of left field: Shohei Ohtani announces he got married to “normal Japanese woman"

7 109 pRICE cUBE 03/02/2024 10:00AM
Last Post by pRICE cUBE

NASA choses Nikon Z9 for Artemis moon mission

3 61 pRICE cUBE 03/01/2024 06:48AM
Last Post by Filliam H. Muffman

125x zoom Nikon Coolpix P1000 officially discontinued

13 75 pRICE cUBE 03/01/2024 08:09PM
Last Post by anonymouse1

The ‘greenest’ car in America might surprise you

21 193 Speedy 03/02/2024 12:57PM
Last Post by kj

I need a palate cleanse after my last post

5 149 Wags 03/01/2024 09:02PM
Last Post by Wags

A good streaming channel?

6 128 freeradical 03/01/2024 07:23AM
Last Post by dk62

Selling APPL

12 159 Ombligo 03/02/2024 11:26AM
Last Post by NewtonMP2100

Need a reason to celebrate? Today is 'Leap Day'

4 62 steve... 03/01/2024 04:17PM
Last Post by timg

new turnedtable

5 120 Fritz 03/01/2024 06:11AM
Last Post by NewtonMP2100

New Keyboard for Macbook Pro Early 2013 16 inch Retina..? Any solid vendors?

6 73 Kraniac 02/29/2024 08:22PM
Last Post by Kraniac

thinking of getting an emergency radio for severe power outages - got one to recommend?

18 145 hal 03/02/2024 08:40AM
Last Post by Bill in NC

Look what just arrived early! The mini resurrection saga continues…..

25 141 Jerry® 03/01/2024 11:39AM
Last Post by Robert M

The soggy saga continues: 2012 Highlander still taking on water

21 138 JoeM 03/02/2024 08:48AM
Last Post by JoeM

Kenneth Mitchell RIP ------ Star Trek Discovery

1 98 Bernie 02/29/2024 11:09AM
Last Post by Bernie

Wildfire in Texas

5 90 lost in space 02/29/2024 11:43PM
Last Post by MikeF

all by myself [ don’t wanna’ be ]?!….shocker: this duo centric TV show losing a lead, as this person exits show…..

4 164 NewtonMP2100 02/29/2024 02:19PM
Last Post by davemchine

Making a book of my mother’s poetry - what format to use?

7 70 Jerry® 03/01/2024 11:22AM
Last Post by Jerry®

do you like to ‘do it yourself’?!….Apple expands 'do-it-yourself' repair program to M3 Macs….

3 112 NewtonMP2100 02/29/2024 02:25PM
Last Post by gabester

Small Town Hockey

8 98 ztirffritz 02/29/2024 03:57PM
Last Post by ztirffritz

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