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Question about fitness watch

1 94 samintx 04/04/2021 07:43AM
Last Post by samintx

Milton continues to laugh all the way to the bank

7 228 sekker 04/04/2021 09:52AM
Last Post by sekker

UCLA - Gonzaga going into overtime...

10 146 vision63 04/04/2021 09:59AM
Last Post by Billybob

anyone subscribing to YouTube Music or Youtube Premium?

15 125 space-time 04/06/2021 12:45PM
Last Post by Rolando

Video conference lighting question

9 125 A-Polly 04/05/2021 07:39PM
Last Post by A-Polly

Add OCR to PDF

7 158 davemchine 04/04/2021 12:11PM
Last Post by davemchine

FYI: $15 adapter for m1 laptop to non-thunderbolt cinema display

1 131 pqrst 04/03/2021 06:23PM
Last Post by pqrst

Really, really old furniture - what to do with it?

15 223 M A V I C 04/05/2021 03:38AM
Last Post by Speedy

Got a free checking account you like?

25 176 deckeda 04/05/2021 01:07PM
Last Post by graylocks

For the ST:VOY fans here...

15 169 PeterB 04/05/2021 03:49PM
Last Post by Rolando

What is an "App Password"?

3 129 freeradical 04/03/2021 12:06PM
Last Post by freeradical

[FYI] Do not post photos of your vaccination card on social media.

6 209 Robert M 04/03/2021 07:42PM
Last Post by Lux Interior

Get free lamination for your vaccine card

14 217 Speedy 04/04/2021 12:08AM
Last Post by Speedy

BoobTube Tonight?!....'The Ten Commandments'....'Mahlia Jackson' movie....Hallmark Spring kissie SNL......

1 114 NewtonMP2100 04/03/2021 09:28AM
Last Post by NewtonMP2100

dressed to kill?!.....Decades Binge this weekend is 'Police Woman'......

3 108 NewtonMP2100 04/03/2021 12:04PM
Last Post by Buzz

speaking of masks, anyone know a good source to get the style used by Apple?

14 258 AllGold 04/04/2021 05:45PM
Last Post by AllGold

Simply loverly

4 192 deckeda 04/03/2021 08:50AM
Last Post by pdq

Womens Final 4 action going on now

10 128 vision63 04/03/2021 09:48AM
Last Post by Billybob

PSA: Fast food drive through is not literal instruction

8 213 pRICE cUBE 04/03/2021 09:21AM
Last Post by Speedy

Bezosbay: 20-Pack 3M N95 Respirator Masks for $24.19

8 154 pRICE cUBE 04/02/2021 09:10PM
Last Post by MrNoBody

Is anybody using an Oculus Quest?

12 145 RAMd®d 04/05/2021 05:45PM
Last Post by rjmacs

Kitchen sink too fr from water heater - conventional 2.5 gal water heater, instant shared heater, or hot water recirculator?

6 157 Dennis S 04/02/2021 09:45PM
Last Post by Ombligo

Need a dead simple VOIP option for someone that just wants to make calls on their cell -- is Ooma it?

17 160 clay 04/03/2021 07:15AM
Last Post by macphanatic

Good news. I qualify for free diabetes medicine.

7 178 deckeda 04/04/2021 06:12PM
Last Post by Ca Bob

number porting to Google voice

7 121 Fritz 04/03/2021 10:15AM
Last Post by Fritz

how they freed that ship in the Suez Canal

26 283 Mr Downtown 04/05/2021 04:36PM
Last Post by fauch

bandwidth estimate

13 156 Fritz 04/03/2021 04:46AM
Last Post by Sarcany

techniques to bring attention to one part of a line drawing?

4 135 Mr Downtown 04/02/2021 08:01PM
Last Post by bik

De Cranes! De Cranes!

6 161 btfc 04/03/2021 09:23AM
Last Post by Speedy

iCloud: Before I really screw up my Contacts...

15 135 wurm 04/04/2021 06:18PM
Last Post by wurm

US iPhone users spent an average of $138 on apps in 2020

22 123 sekker 04/03/2021 03:56PM
Last Post by fauch

Bandcamp Friday: The Comet Is Coming

3 138 decay 04/02/2021 10:00AM
Last Post by graylocks

Duplicate contacts (Google and iCloud)

3 90 space-time 04/04/2021 02:13PM
Last Post by SteveO

Camera Captures Moment Deer Crashes Through School Bus Windshield

3 139 space-time 04/02/2021 11:56AM
Last Post by Fritz

BoobTube Tonight?!.....Series Premiere: 'The Serpent'.....'Concrete Cowboy' debuTTs.....WeWork & Doc Severinson documentaries.....

1 173 NewtonMP2100 04/02/2021 06:10AM
Last Post by NewtonMP2100

Friday Funnies

6 255 testcase 04/02/2021 08:32PM
Last Post by testcase

moo'd ring?! ultrafiltered milk on the market.....

5 182 NewtonMP2100 04/02/2021 08:58PM
Last Post by NewtonMP2100

Followup to Oral-B toothbrushes failing, what to get

17 174 PeterB 04/02/2021 08:53PM
Last Post by PeterB

upsy daisy?!....manufacturers say price for toilet paper/paper towels, diapers, other consumer products will go up.....

7 189 NewtonMP2100 04/02/2021 02:29PM
Last Post by Ombligo

out of toon?!....this primetime cartoon cancelled.......

1 188 NewtonMP2100 04/01/2021 09:51PM
Last Post by NewtonMP2100

Trip to Arby's was a mix of humanity's pettiness and graciousness

10 235 pRICE cUBE 04/02/2021 05:21PM
Last Post by pRICE cUBE

What's up with my Amazon order?

5 149 macphanatic 04/03/2021 12:57PM
Last Post by nwyaker

Pluralsight Skills Subscription for Month of April Free

1 88 pRICE cUBE 04/01/2021 06:42PM
Last Post by pRICE cUBE

Expired, deal dead: Arby's Classic Roast Beef Sandwiches 5 for $5

13 149 pRICE cUBE 04/02/2021 07:21PM
Last Post by AllGold

Alternative to Apple's Notes

8 130 davemchine 04/04/2021 01:10AM
Last Post by vision63

Amazon Prime seems to be getting fussy about family use

18 233 pdq 04/07/2021 01:13PM
Last Post by Robert M

Ubiquiti screws the pooch

7 199 N-OS X-tasy! 04/02/2021 10:32AM
Last Post by Paul F.

PSA re 'Stimulus Payment'

12 259 MrNoBody 04/01/2021 07:17PM
Last Post by N-OS X-tasy!

Spring Has Sprung!

7 141 neophyte 04/02/2021 05:02PM
Last Post by rz

Marques Brownlee: The Best Mac I've Ever Reviewed!

10 207 graylocks 04/01/2021 11:45PM
Last Post by N-OS X-tasy!

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