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Rex Tillerson interview describes what it's like working with a moron.

8 hal 01/16/2021 11:31PM
Last Post by vision63

Alone again, naturally?!....people want to remove Trump from 'Home Alone 2'.......

8 NewtonMP2100 01/15/2021 01:22AM
Last Post by Rolando

Why do they forecast Armageddon under Biden?

14 samintx 01/14/2021 05:43PM
Last Post by btfc

How much does facebook know about us?

8 davemchine 01/15/2021 03:20PM
Last Post by mrbigstuff

FB Marketplace in NE Ohio - woah ! Lots of interest

8 cbelt3 01/15/2021 12:02PM
Last Post by mrbigstuff

Person X

7 p8712 01/14/2021 05:53PM
Last Post by p8712

Ending the Trump Tax

17 sekker 01/14/2021 05:48PM
Last Post by SteveO

“No One Took Us Seriously”: Black Cops Warned About Racist Capitol Police Officers for Years

2 p8712 01/14/2021 12:56PM
Last Post by Speedy

Passport and vaccination papers; don't leave home without them...

3 RgrF 01/14/2021 02:44PM
Last Post by DeusxMac

Cops chasing cops

3 RgrF 01/14/2021 11:51AM
Last Post by samintx

Wow, Trump's speech at the elipse...

8 AllGold 01/16/2021 12:35AM
Last Post by AllGold

So you can explain it to ANYBODY

8 Steve G. 01/14/2021 07:54AM
Last Post by sekker

Double Impeachment= NO PORTRAIT hopefully

8 samintx 01/14/2021 02:27PM
Last Post by steve...

Census Bureau says it will stop trying to deliver tally of undocumented to Trump

3 Speedy 01/14/2021 10:59AM
Last Post by JoeH

You know Parler et al are idiots when even the founder of Pirate Bay thinks you’re an embarrassment...

2 Carnos Jax 01/13/2021 09:29PM
Last Post by Carnos Jax

Ex.-Michigan Gov. Snyder charged in Flint water crisis

2 Speedy 01/13/2021 10:22PM
Last Post by sekker

Daily Show Coverage of the Insurrection

3 Sarcany 01/13/2021 11:21PM
Last Post by Don C

As a private citizen, can Trump be subpoenaed to testify at his impeachment trial?

4 Ted King 01/14/2021 12:22AM
Last Post by N-OS X-tasy!

Trump has instructed aides not to pay Giuliani’s legal fees

19 hal 01/14/2021 05:41PM
Last Post by SteveO

Will we have a Kent State again?

10 samintx 01/14/2021 05:46PM
Last Post by SteveO

Most powerful impeachment ever

7 mrbigstuff 01/14/2021 10:08AM
Last Post by mrbigstuff

GOP Rep. Madison Cawthorn Was Armed With Gun During Insurrection He Helped Incite

7 p8712 01/14/2021 08:01AM
Last Post by Lemon Drop

Number of troops in the Capitol

11 rgG 01/13/2021 07:55PM
Last Post by sekker

Since he's on his way out... post your favorite Trump photo

14 hal 01/14/2021 05:20AM
Last Post by p8712

Three Wives, Six Bankruptcies, Two Impeachments

5 space-time 01/14/2021 01:11PM
Last Post by JoeH

Trump Thought He Could Convince Pence to Overthrow the Election by Calling Him a Pussy

18 p8712 01/15/2021 01:57AM
Last Post by vision63

Impeached again - this time, with 10 GOP votes

14 rjmacs 01/14/2021 04:54PM
Last Post by Carnos Jax

"McConnell says he's undecided on whether to vote to convict Trump" (absolute slime)

11 Steve G. 01/14/2021 08:29AM
Last Post by rjmacs

eyes wide open?!......these impeachment hearings are eye opening in at least one way........

3 NewtonMP2100 01/13/2021 04:18PM
Last Post by Lew Zealand

McConnell says he won’t reconvene before Jan. 19. Gameover, right?

17 Blankity Blank 01/14/2021 01:00AM
Last Post by $tevie

AirBnB cancelling all DC reservations around inauguration week

6 sekker 01/13/2021 06:15PM
Last Post by Sarcany

Panic buttons were inexplicably torn out ahead of Capitol riots, says Ayanna Pressley chief of staff

14 p8712 01/13/2021 05:18PM
Last Post by p8712

Bruce Almighty?!.....Bruce Willis caught maskless @ RiteAid....

10 NewtonMP2100 01/13/2021 06:17PM
Last Post by Sarcany

Can the president pardon everyone for everything rendering our justice system moot?

2 mattkime 01/13/2021 10:37AM
Last Post by space-time

Metal Detectors are for the little people

7 p8712 01/14/2021 10:39AM
Last Post by Ted King

cut to the chase?!....NYC cuts ties with Trump organization.....

2 NewtonMP2100 01/13/2021 10:11AM
Last Post by p8712

New Vaccine Horror

8 p8712 01/13/2021 01:50PM
Last Post by S. Pupp

Can he pardon everyone?

17 space-time 01/14/2021 12:55AM
Last Post by N-OS X-tasy!

Protest organizer claims three US Reps helped with planning

5 Ombligo 01/13/2021 11:59AM
Last Post by Speedy

Do you feel safer now?

5 RgrF 01/13/2021 11:40AM
Last Post by sekker

Israel has started an attack in the mid-east

3 RgrF 01/13/2021 08:56AM
Last Post by cbelt3

NJ Congresswoman accuses colleagues of abeting rioters

5 RgrF 01/13/2021 10:07AM
Last Post by p8712

Brazil researchers now say China’s Sinovac vaccine is 50% effective — lower than announced earlier

1 Steve G. 01/13/2021 12:31AM
Last Post by Steve G.

Claim attack on Capital was “peaceful,” hang up on reporter when questioned.

6 deckeda 01/14/2021 08:40AM
Last Post by pdq

Call Vice President “traitor,” have your Governor label you a conspiracy follower

1 deckeda 01/12/2021 11:59PM
Last Post by deckeda

Become an Olympian, later lose your job from rioting

6 deckeda 01/13/2021 02:16PM
Last Post by hal

VOA: Question the Secretary of State, get reassigned

2 deckeda 01/13/2021 08:53AM
Last Post by pdq

They came to overthrow the government and maybe go on a date.

1 deckeda 01/12/2021 11:33PM
Last Post by deckeda

Another 'What if' to ponder.

10 wurm 01/14/2021 01:01AM
Last Post by N-OS X-tasy!

The Next Four Years…

8 bfd 01/13/2021 12:22PM
Last Post by Speedy

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