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3 weeks before the Raffensperger phone call, there was another one to an investigator

2 deckeda 01/09/2021 02:27PM
Last Post by btfc

Houston Chronicle calls on Cruz to resign (hope this helps, Suzanne)

10 Steve G. 01/09/2021 02:41PM
Last Post by vision63

Medicaid on the “block” (grants)

5 deckeda 01/09/2021 03:25PM
Last Post by vision63

Podium stealer arrested

14 samintx 01/09/2021 08:39PM
Last Post by vision63

Daughters in quarantine CA

16 samintx 01/09/2021 10:17PM
Last Post by Speedy

Mitch says they aren't coming back till the 19th

15 rgG 01/10/2021 12:53AM
Last Post by Acer

This political writer called it exactly, back on dec 20

9 Lemon Drop 01/09/2021 05:38PM
Last Post by mrbigstuff

Someone identified from the riot with the help of many

5 mrbigstuff 01/10/2021 09:17AM
Last Post by pdq

“She just isn’t in a place mentally or emotionally anymore where she wants to get involved.”

21 Sarcany 01/09/2021 02:35PM
Last Post by rgG

"Facebook suspends account of Virginia state Sen. Amanda Chase"

9 deckeda 01/09/2021 01:46PM
Last Post by deckeda

Parler removed from GooglePlay and suspension on AppStore looming

5 Filliam H. Muffman 01/09/2021 10:38AM
Last Post by Sarcany

Meanwhile in GA, that new U.S. Attorney is raising concerns

2 deckeda 01/08/2021 10:49PM
Last Post by Acer

More Treason: 'Republican AGs group sent robocalls urging march to the Capitol'

4 Steve G. 01/09/2021 10:58AM
Last Post by deckeda

Randy Rainbow is on point

6 Acer 01/09/2021 02:56PM
Last Post by NewtonMP2100

How is the Trump Brand doing these days?

6 steve... 01/08/2021 10:33PM
Last Post by samintx

‘ Behind the viral photo of Rep. Andy Kim cleaning up at midnight after riots ‘

10 btfc 01/09/2021 11:25PM
Last Post by mrbigstuff

Transition to a "different administration"

4 space-time 01/08/2021 09:43PM
Last Post by deckeda

New Covid case every 7 seconds, another Covid death every 4-1/2 mins....

5 Buzz 01/09/2021 01:59PM
Last Post by Ca Bob

Guiliani leaves insane voicemail for Tuberville on Jan 6

6 hal 01/08/2021 09:44PM
Last Post by davester

What do you do when you run into a Covid Karen?

15 SteveO 01/09/2021 09:25AM
Last Post by SteveO

54 criminal cases where Trump was invoked in direct connection with violent acts, threats of violence or allegations of assault

3 hal 01/09/2021 12:56PM
Last Post by DinerDave

‘ Dominion Voting suing “kraken” lawyer Sidney Powell for $1.3B ‘

15 btfc 01/09/2021 11:24AM
Last Post by sekker

Loeffler and Perdue have both conceded.

4 rgG 01/08/2021 07:53PM
Last Post by rgG

About that pre-rally video...

1 PeterB 01/08/2021 05:34PM
Last Post by PeterB

Twitter Bans President Trump (Finally!!)   (Pages: 1 2)

52 Sarcany 01/09/2021 04:16PM
Last Post by rjmacs

On Jan 6, these DC residents; a young black woman and an older white man became friends

4 hal 01/08/2021 07:08PM
Last Post by lost in space

Reminder: COVID-19 is still rampaging through our nation

4 cbelt3 01/09/2021 09:55AM
Last Post by PeterB


17 Ted King 01/09/2021 10:06PM
Last Post by vision63

‘ Video shows fatal shooting of Ashli Babbitt in the Capitol ‘

16 btfc 01/09/2021 11:07AM
Last Post by davester

Paraphrased post I saw on FB

3 DinerDave 01/08/2021 05:08PM
Last Post by samintx

The confederate flag in the Capitol

17 lost in space 01/09/2021 02:16PM
Last Post by rjmacs

Rogues quick they have some of the culprits

8 samintx 01/08/2021 07:28PM
Last Post by Lizabeth

blame it on the rain?!.....the woman that falsely accused black teen of stealing iPhone in NY -> interview [ video included ]......

7 NewtonMP2100 01/08/2021 06:41PM
Last Post by PeterB

Sally Yates? Considered? Or through with government?

12 samintx 01/09/2021 09:02AM
Last Post by rgG

Pelosi desk occupant arrested

13 p8712 01/09/2021 02:10PM
Last Post by rjmacs

I'm not a fan of those trying to describe what MP is doing as 'heroic'

22 sekker 01/08/2021 07:19PM
Last Post by hal

Airport follies: the other day it was Romney, today it's Graham's turn

8 deckeda 01/09/2021 01:19AM
Last Post by RgrF

NATO allies - Jan 6 'would be openly called a coup attempt in any other nation.'

12 sekker 01/08/2021 07:31PM
Last Post by deckeda

Looks like Pence has had enough EDIT: I was wrong.

16 Rolando 01/09/2021 01:31AM
Last Post by Rolando

Nuke codes, RNC meeting, impeachment winds

8 deckeda 01/08/2021 01:50PM
Last Post by p8712

It feels like I'm taking crazy pills.... Parler

14 cbelt3 01/08/2021 10:20PM
Last Post by Ted King

Like a football tailgate party or NASCAR, family, dogs, children

4 Lemon Drop 01/08/2021 12:45PM
Last Post by Lemon Drop

"LA police investigating Black woman attacked by pro-Trump crowd as possible hate crime"

6 Ted King 01/08/2021 03:47PM
Last Post by hal

How close we came to murder of 1, 2 and 3 in line of succession

12 Lemon Drop 01/08/2021 03:46PM
Last Post by AllGold

one conservative take on biden becoming prez....from facebook

11 mattkime 01/08/2021 03:51PM
Last Post by hal

It official: Fuckstick-in-Chief not attending inauguration

18 bazookaman 01/09/2021 11:11AM
Last Post by PeterB

Ginni Thomas, wife of Clarence, big fan of insurrection

10 Lemon Drop 01/08/2021 11:51AM
Last Post by wave rider

Local fallout from the insurrection/riot

3 PeterB 01/08/2021 01:01PM
Last Post by Rolando

Colin Powell called for Trump to resign

4 space-time 01/08/2021 09:02AM
Last Post by p8712

Business as usual (2)...

16 Sarcany 01/08/2021 03:31PM
Last Post by rjmacs

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