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Media Coverage... with exceptions

3 cbelt3 06/10/2022 02:33PM
Last Post by Speedy

Air Force One paint scheme won't mimic Trump Air

7 Ombligo 06/10/2022 12:46PM
Last Post by Tiangou

testing out?!....Biden administration drops COVID testing for international travel....

4 NewtonMP2100 06/10/2022 11:40PM
Last Post by testcase

House Committee Primetime Investigation Coverage   (Pages: 1 2)

57 bfd 06/12/2022 11:29AM
Last Post by RAMd®d

3 dead, 1 critical, cop wounded, suspect captured in MD (GUNZ!)

5 Steve G. 06/10/2022 09:51PM
Last Post by Steve G.

charged?!....officer who shot 'Patrick Lyoya' charged w/2nd degree murder....

3 NewtonMP2100 06/09/2022 07:21PM
Last Post by Racer X

I'm returning land to Russia like Peter the Great, says Vladimir Putin

17 Steve G. 06/10/2022 05:59PM
Last Post by Bill in NC

Trumpo: Jan 6 "the greatest movement in the history of our Country."

13 Steve G. 06/10/2022 10:44PM
Last Post by RAMd®d

European Central Bank confirms July rate hike plans, raises inflation projections significantly

1 Steve G. 06/09/2022 09:37AM
Last Post by Steve G.

Two more hearings on the schedule in the next week

1 Steve G. 06/09/2022 08:58AM
Last Post by Steve G.

How to watch the hearings

2 deckeda 06/09/2022 07:11PM
Last Post by Lemon Drop

California primary voter turnout:

18 vision63 06/10/2022 05:08PM
Last Post by N-OS X-tasy!

liberal nut with a gun arrested for wanting to kill Kavanaugh

46 hal 06/11/2022 09:46PM
Last Post by Ted King

So far: NBC, ABC, PBS to air hearings 8pm Thursday

11 Steve G. 06/10/2022 11:08AM
Last Post by Speedy

Senate Republicans will kill House major gun safety bill

37 Steve G. 06/10/2022 07:49PM
Last Post by Racer X

nothing but the truth?!....Trump and 2 of his kids testifying starting July 15th.....

13 NewtonMP2100 06/09/2022 12:48PM
Last Post by Ted King

Teacher killed, students injured - Racer X called it

14 Speedy 06/11/2022 01:47PM
Last Post by Harbourmaster

More than 800 charged in the Jan. 6 riot at the U.S. Capitol (so far)

7 Steve G. 06/10/2022 02:59PM
Last Post by Racer X

I've been enjoying the 5-4 podcast about the supreme court

8 mattkime 06/09/2022 06:46PM
Last Post by mattkime

Boudin recall a setback for gun huggers

7 Steve G. 06/09/2022 02:04PM
Last Post by Ted King

illuminates, to some degree, how close America came

12 Fritz 06/09/2022 02:26AM
Last Post by wave rider

Nevermind - duplicate post

8 Ombligo 06/08/2022 09:58AM
Last Post by Steve G.

Global Warming, rainfall question

12 Racer X 06/08/2022 01:59PM
Last Post by Racer X

Uvalde native Matthew McConaughey visits White House, pleads for reforms

18 Lemon Drop 06/08/2022 12:59PM
Last Post by NewtonMP2100

As the Great Salt Lake Dries Up, Utah Faces An ‘Environmental Nuclear Bomb’

22 pdq 06/10/2022 01:14AM
Last Post by vision63

Trump Admin mismanaged gifts from foreign sources, left State Dept’s gift vault in “complete disarray”

13 steve... 06/08/2022 06:52PM
Last Post by Racer X

Georgetown law committee clears new professor and head; he resigns 4 days later

1 pdq 06/07/2022 01:33PM
Last Post by pdq

your pride is hurt?!....'Burger King' releases 'Pride Whopper' to backlash....

6 NewtonMP2100 06/08/2022 05:45AM
Last Post by Ombligo

Difference between AR-15 and weapon of war

47 Mr645 06/08/2022 05:26PM
Last Post by DeusxMac

Kid shoots man in back and is not arrested

10 Speedy 06/07/2022 09:53PM
Last Post by Speedy

Yeah. More COVID...

4 Tiangou 06/07/2022 09:12AM
Last Post by Mr645

Yeah! More COVID

12 Racer X 06/07/2022 08:03PM
Last Post by Racer X

ADHD-2A: The diagnosis, treatment and causes of America’s deadliest ‘mental health issue’

9 RgrF 06/07/2022 02:54PM
Last Post by Wags

Proud Boys leader and 4 top members charged with seditious conspiracy over January 6

6 Steve G. 06/07/2022 12:28PM
Last Post by Lemon Drop

Progress. Gov. Hochul signs new gun control legislation for New York

40 Lemon Drop 06/07/2022 05:54PM
Last Post by pdq

Paxton becomes Musk's lap dog

7 hal 06/07/2022 01:02PM
Last Post by pdq

I have confidence in confidence alone?!....Boris Johnson wins 'no confidence' vote -> remains in office.....

5 NewtonMP2100 06/06/2022 08:50PM
Last Post by Speedy

From the Brookings Institute: TRUMP ON TRIAL: A Guide to the January 6 Hearings and the Question of Criminality

10 hal 06/12/2022 05:26PM
Last Post by DeusxMac

team Me?!....5 Tampa Bay Rays players decline to wear LGBTQ Pride-themed jerseys.....

20 NewtonMP2100 06/07/2022 02:37PM
Last Post by Bill in NC

Magazine subscription? Stock up ready-to-bugaloo prep for ammo

9 Steve G. 06/08/2022 11:43PM
Last Post by Racer X

Jan 6 Committee tells all Thursday in Prime Time

11 Steve G. 06/06/2022 11:09PM
Last Post by RgrF

Well, this should be interesting

10 pdq 06/07/2022 09:36AM
Last Post by Lemon Drop

Creative gun control - just tax them at 1000%.

16 Ombligo 06/10/2022 11:37PM
Last Post by Racer X

I've never felt this dirty before....

10 Ombligo 06/06/2022 03:35PM
Last Post by Diana

Sunday's mass shooting: 'Three killed, 14 injured in Chattanooga, Tennessee, shooting that left several victims hit by fleeing cars'

9 Steve G. 06/06/2022 03:22PM
Last Post by samintx

Squeezed in one last mass shooting/deaths for Saturday (3 dead, 11 wounded)

6 Steve G. 06/06/2022 01:10PM
Last Post by Filliam H. Muffman

Texas. Home of out of the coffin thinking.

2 Blankity Blank 06/05/2022 08:51AM
Last Post by Lux Interior

Defensive Gun Uses in the U.S. with links to original news articles

36 Racer X 06/08/2022 09:47PM
Last Post by Ted King

If all it takes is a firearm in the presence of humans for carnage to ensue,

24 Racer X 06/06/2022 01:30PM
Last Post by $tevie

Hey Gunners! '1 dead, 8 injured after shooting at Arizona shopping center '

34 Steve G. 06/08/2022 07:53PM
Last Post by Racer X

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