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"Statement of Concern," from those who study the demise of democracies

2 deckeda 06/02/2021 08:14PM
Last Post by Rolando

Just got my second shot...

15 PeterB 06/02/2021 07:54PM
Last Post by Grateful11

Could we see a post-Memorial Day corona surge?

25 PeterB 06/01/2021 10:16PM
Last Post by space-time

Millions of Americans could face eviction as housing protection expires in June

8 Steve G. 06/03/2021 08:37PM
Last Post by Speedy

Ex-Trump adviser Michael Flynn says Myanmar-like coup ‘should happen’ in U.S.

16 Steve G. 06/02/2021 08:31PM
Last Post by Bill in NC

see above Traitor Mike Flynn post

3 Steve G. 06/01/2021 01:07PM
Last Post by samintx

“Members, take your key and leave the chamber discreetly,” Turner wrote, referring to the key that locks the voting mechanism on their desks. “Do not go to the gallery. Leave the building.”

3 deckeda 05/31/2021 10:39AM
Last Post by pdq

Arizona wants to use Zyklon B to execute inmates on death row

6 p8712 06/02/2021 08:42PM
Last Post by Bill in NC

May 1, 1865. Charleston. The first Memorial Day

1 Lemon Drop 05/31/2021 09:04AM
Last Post by Lemon Drop

Rebekah Jones granted official whistleblower status ...

5 Spock 06/06/2021 09:16AM
Last Post by Spock

Bennett announces plan to form gov't with Lapid that will oust Netanyahu

10 Steve G. 06/01/2021 10:10PM
Last Post by RgrF

Tourism: 'Harrowing scenes from the U.S. Capitol siege'

5 Steve G. 05/30/2021 08:46PM
Last Post by $tevie

“ California cafe charges customers wearing masks $5 “

19 btfc 05/30/2021 08:54PM
Last Post by $tevie

National 117 staffers sue over Houston hospital’s vaccine mandate, say they don’t want to be ‘guinea pigs’

13 hal 05/30/2021 05:26PM
Last Post by hal

I know you’ve been wondering. But the yellow Jewish deathcamp stars with “Not Vaccinated” on it are FINALLY available. (No. I’m not joking.)

20 Blankity Blank 05/31/2021 02:49PM
Last Post by Blankity Blank

The baby shortage. Does it worry you?   (Pages: 1 2)

64 Lemon Drop 06/02/2021 03:43PM
Last Post by Ted King

Guess I have to shave more often now

8 DinerDave 05/31/2021 07:46AM
Last Post by TheCaber

'The Gaetz-Greene Traveling Freak Show Is the Future of the GOP'

6 steve... 05/31/2021 12:18PM
Last Post by RAMd®d

horror movie?!.....all three movie chains remove mask mandate......

9 NewtonMP2100 05/30/2021 03:03PM
Last Post by mrbigstuff

The cruise lines and Florida man

7 pdq 06/01/2021 09:54PM
Last Post by Speedy

Anti virus?

6 Dik2 05/30/2021 09:04AM
Last Post by Ombligo

A powerful article and information on the Tulsa massacre

5 sekker 05/31/2021 11:21PM
Last Post by RgrF

New Covid variant in Vietnam

5 deckeda 05/30/2021 11:18AM
Last Post by Fritz

San Jose shooter had 25k rounds at home, was due for a disciplinary hearing for racist remarks

8 Lemon Drop 05/29/2021 09:16AM
Last Post by pdq

“ ‘Tyranny’: Idaho Gov. Brad Little repeals McGeachin’s ban on mask mandates “

6 btfc 05/29/2021 09:22AM
Last Post by pdq

Tennessee, Tennessee, There Ain’t No Place I’d Rather Be...

8 btfc 05/31/2021 12:30PM
Last Post by RAMd®d

What caused this Covid increase?

15 space-time 05/31/2021 01:27PM
Last Post by Lew Zealand

Cash grab by Lee Greenwood begets specialty Bible

16 deckeda 06/02/2021 03:27PM
Last Post by Ted King

Arizona dusts off the gas chamber

14 Lemon Drop 06/02/2021 12:26AM
Last Post by bfd

never to late to eliminate Putins Russia

3 Fritz 05/28/2021 01:43PM
Last Post by steve...

Wis GOP is running amuck (unfortunately long post)

7 pdq 05/29/2021 08:27PM
Last Post by mattkime

So ... filibuster Friday??

18 deckeda 05/28/2021 04:48PM
Last Post by PeterB

Antibodies testing for C19

2 mrbigstuff 05/27/2021 10:25PM
Last Post by Ammo

Breaking Election Results! Syria’s Assad wins a fourth term in a landslide

4 Steve G. 05/29/2021 02:17PM
Last Post by Steve G.

Republicans: Electric vehicle don't need charging stations

46 Steve G. 06/01/2021 10:11PM
Last Post by graylocks

Russia refuses to allow European planes to land in Moscow

7 Steve G. 05/28/2021 10:52AM
Last Post by Acer

Hunter and gatherer?!......Oklahoma Attorney General, Mike Hunter resigns......

3 NewtonMP2100 05/29/2021 01:14PM
Last Post by pdq

A bad day for Big Oil

20 Speedy 05/30/2021 09:24AM
Last Post by Ombligo

Police handcuffed a man so tightly he had to have hand amputated

1 Speedy 05/27/2021 05:51AM
Last Post by Speedy

German researchers tie cold viruses used to deliver COVID-19 vaccine to rare blood clot risk

11 Speedy 05/27/2021 05:48PM
Last Post by PeterB

Ireland lines up with Palestine...

11 RgrF 05/28/2021 10:44AM
Last Post by Fritz

How QAnon seeds were planted or...

6 RgrF 05/27/2021 12:04PM
Last Post by Filliam H. Muffman

Some People are Idiots: The Water Park Edition

15 btfc 05/28/2021 12:53PM
Last Post by Lew Zealand

Evolution or coincidence?

16 Steve G. 06/02/2021 05:15AM
Last Post by RAMd®d

EMOJI WHIP COUNT: On voting to break a filibuster of Jan. 6 commission bill

1 hal 05/26/2021 06:25PM
Last Post by hal

"Star Spangled Banner Protection Act,"

12 btfc 05/30/2021 06:22PM
Last Post by RgrF

AP journalists object to firing of young Jewish colleague due to her social media comments

4 Lemon Drop 05/26/2021 09:07PM
Last Post by Lemon Drop

Some good news. Immunity from COVID may last years, even a lifetime.

15 Lemon Drop 05/27/2021 09:58PM
Last Post by August West

Woman who falsely accused Black bird watcher in Central Park sues ex-employer

13 btfc 05/27/2021 08:54AM
Last Post by S. Pupp

The American Epidemic

13 hal 05/27/2021 07:37PM
Last Post by Lemon Drop

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