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Iran’s Oil Exchange threatens the Greenback

6 Refurbvirgin 01/24/2006 06:51PM
Last Post by Effin Haole

Barack Obama - interesting fellow...

16 Kiva 01/29/2006 10:44PM
Last Post by bradsdad

Stop the Harrassment, BGnR (warning: profanity)   (Pages: 1 2)

59 Marcos Malo 01/26/2006 06:08PM
Last Post by elmo3

Buttafuocos, Amy Fisher Plan TV Reunion

10 JoeM 01/26/2006 04:45PM
Last Post by Jimmypoo

Loved ones never age, in our hearts

7 HeyDude 02/01/2006 03:41AM
Last Post by HeyDude

Litmus test post, part deux

5 N-OS X-tasy! 01/23/2006 05:37PM
Last Post by Keef

Application to MRGULA denied

8 Marcos Malo 01/23/2006 07:57PM
Last Post by Keef

Witch Hunt at UCLA

17 Marcos Malo 01/24/2006 03:49PM
Last Post by SteveO

A message from the troops?

12 Refurbvirgin 01/26/2006 01:01PM
Last Post by incognegro

Litmus Test post

37 Furiously Stylish 01/24/2006 12:29AM
Last Post by N-OS X-tasy!

Bush proposes dousing wilderness areas with pesticide

10 Refurbvirgin 01/26/2006 01:06AM
Last Post by Penguin

Why did we invade Iraq?

32 Refurbvirgin 01/23/2006 12:53PM
Last Post by Refurbvirgin

Want to make some money?

5 Robert 01/23/2006 01:02AM
Last Post by spearmint

2,000 quarter expenditure and a near-danged death experience   (Pages: 1 2)

54 Furiously Stylish 01/27/2006 01:05PM
Last Post by Keef

Otto speaks

8 RgrF 01/22/2006 02:36AM
Last Post by HeyDude

Refurbvirgin alias loki this is your life.

3 Guitarman 01/21/2006 01:37PM
Last Post by incognegro

I'm in love with Molly Ivins

16 Refurbvirgin 01/23/2006 06:17PM
Last Post by Marcos Malo

Do neocons screw up everything they touch (Wolfowitz & World Bank)

3 Dennis S 01/20/2006 11:05PM
Last Post by Refurbvirgin

US indicts 11 environmental, animal activists

29 the_poochies 01/22/2006 10:40PM
Last Post by Refurbvirgin

If they can tap every phone and monitor every email and check every search on google......

12 Guitarman 01/23/2006 05:23PM
Last Post by RgrF

Interesting add'l info on an already weird terror trial

1 SteveJobs 01/20/2006 05:34AM
Last Post by SteveJobs

Someone important to us died January 6th; it should be noted here

11 RgrF 01/21/2006 12:17PM
Last Post by Refurbvirgin

Bush asserts right to be "the nation's "sole organ"...

16 Refurbvirgin 01/23/2006 08:49PM
Last Post by Racer X

New Horizons launch today

5 Racer X 01/20/2006 08:01AM
Last Post by HeyDude

Military Attack against Iran Now Imminent

1 Refurbvirgin 01/20/2006 01:12AM
Last Post by Refurbvirgin

depraved link of the night

6 Seacrest 01/26/2006 11:44AM
Last Post by incognegro

'Washington Post' Suspends Comments on one of its blog.

10 Al Baby 01/21/2006 08:43PM
Last Post by Marcos Malo

The Bush Morality Police are at it again....

17 Jimmypoo 01/20/2006 01:39AM
Last Post by Refurbvirgin

Does France have some intel? Says it could use nukes against terrorist states.

1 SteveJobs 01/19/2006 09:48AM
Last Post by SteveJobs

Bin Laden offers truce : Should we take it?

20 SteveJobs 01/25/2006 08:42AM
Last Post by Refurbvirgin

Bush Presidency as text adventure

4 the_poochies 01/19/2006 03:08PM
Last Post by incognegro

Ann Coulter on Hillegree, Teddy's Owl Club, and Nagin: hooty hoo!

22 Furiously Stylish 01/20/2006 08:29AM
Last Post by Refurbvirgin

WalMart loses another battle

15 RgrF 01/19/2006 07:57PM
Last Post by Macaficionado

Farking Teddy K. and his literary aspirations

43 Furiously Stylish 01/19/2006 03:10PM
Last Post by incognegro

U.S. proposal to build wall on border provokes Mexico.

11 liberal weenie 03/12/2006 11:27AM
Last Post by liberal weenie

Can we all agree that Ray Nagin needs rest and chemical relaxation?

21 Furiously Stylish 01/18/2006 11:53AM
Last Post by spearmint

quiz: who said it, Pat Robertson or Usama bin Laden?

1 incognegro 01/17/2006 01:50PM
Last Post by incognegro

"He doesn't act like a thug. He's just a very nice, average, middle-class teenager."

32 MacMission 01/19/2006 04:12PM
Last Post by Marcos Malo

Town fights Starbucks

8 SteveJobs 01/19/2006 01:49PM
Last Post by Racer X

Survey Says: "Bush Least Popular US President"

30 hwystar 01/20/2006 02:22PM
Last Post by Marcos Malo

TV in the bedroom halves your sex life - study

16 La_tuya 01/21/2006 03:51AM
Last Post by Marcos Malo

Pentagon attempts to boost morale with laugh training

1 Refurbvirgin 01/15/2006 01:33AM
Last Post by Refurbvirgin

Apple iTunes Originals creator arrested with girl 14

27 Go To Top 01/16/2006 04:01PM
Last Post by incognegro

Funny thing about Wesley Snipes

7 Guitarman 01/17/2006 10:10AM
Last Post by Keef

Kirk Johnson, paging Mr. Kirk Johnson, pick up the white courtesy phone

8 Furiously Stylish 01/17/2006 02:57PM
Last Post by Phy

Cowboys saddle up for annual gay rodeo.

16 liberal weenie 01/16/2006 01:22PM
Last Post by incognegro

Missiles for Zawahiri

14 GrumpyOldMan 01/18/2006 08:40PM
Last Post by Refurbvirgin

How many here have been banned from other forums?

49 Refurbvirgin 01/19/2006 09:13AM
Last Post by Keef

What the F is wrong with this country??!

25 hal 01/20/2006 08:35PM
Last Post by Racer X

Great video, but how do I save it to disk?

3 Refurbvirgin 01/13/2006 12:19PM
Last Post by Refurbvirgin

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