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I can't believe this...really sets a bad precedent

16 samintx 03/09/2006 07:41AM
Last Post by Refurbvirgin

Former General/NSA director: Iraq greatest strategic mistake ever

3 Refurbvirgin 03/08/2006 12:08PM
Last Post by Refurbvirgin

This surprised me...IWF report for 2005

3 voodoopenguin 03/08/2006 08:27AM
Last Post by MacMagus

Great Site: Overheard in New York

3 Seacrest 03/09/2006 01:18AM
Last Post by Dennis S

Petrodollar Warfare: Dollars, Euros & the Upcoming Iranian Oil Bourse

4 incognegro 03/08/2006 01:14PM
Last Post by incognegro

Do any of the "Political Posters" here have their own, well formed political opinions ?

24 cbelt3 03/15/2006 09:36AM
Last Post by incognegro

"Obesity is the terror within."

12 Seacrest 03/16/2006 08:30PM
Last Post by HeyDude

America Anesthetized - You CAN fool all the people....

7 Refurbvirgin 03/08/2006 03:07PM
Last Post by Guitarman

Murtha calls Pentagon's top general a liar

19 Refurbvirgin 03/21/2006 07:36PM
Last Post by wetvack

Freedom of speech? Yes, but not English.   (Pages: 1 2)

55 Nowakeos 03/16/2006 12:52PM
Last Post by Robert M

Wow! What happened to EVH?

15 Effin Haole 03/08/2006 11:05PM
Last Post by SteveO

LOL! Guards Say Homeland Security HQ Insecure

2 Refurbvirgin 03/06/2006 11:51AM
Last Post by VATO

Chomsky says nuclear exchange inevitable, unless...

3 Refurbvirgin 03/07/2006 11:57AM
Last Post by Refurbvirgin

Kurt Vonnegut's "Stardust Memory"

9 Refurbvirgin 03/07/2006 03:21PM
Last Post by Refurbvirgin

Ah, bliss at last

4 Refurbvirgin 03/06/2006 11:44AM
Last Post by Refurbvirgin

Bush Didn't Lie About Levee Breaching

45 Jimmypoo 03/16/2006 09:44PM
Last Post by Refurbvirgin

skate rats

8 x-uri 03/06/2006 11:58AM
Last Post by Refurbvirgin

Sex With Emily

8 Refurbvirgin 03/06/2006 12:21PM
Last Post by msglee

On a lighter note:

6 $tevie 03/11/2006 09:05AM
Last Post by Refurbvirgin

The fix is in: US democracy is dead.

10 Refurbvirgin 03/09/2006 09:45AM
Last Post by Robert M

Carter Seeks Vote in U.N. Against U.S.

11 liberal weenie 03/04/2006 02:34PM
Last Post by mjgkramer

Democrats and Republicans sell out to pass Patriot Act

7 Refurbvirgin 03/04/2006 03:49AM
Last Post by MacMagus

Baghdad official who exposed executions flees

2 Refurbvirgin 03/03/2006 11:59AM
Last Post by Guitarman

Bush knew about Katrina, but lied anyway

27 incognegro 03/04/2006 02:19PM
Last Post by Jimmypoo

Pentagon to enslave shark-kind

18 Refurbvirgin 03/04/2006 09:43PM
Last Post by Refurbvirgin

Testing kids for mental illness > $ for Big Pharma

16 Refurbvirgin 03/04/2006 05:51AM
Last Post by Pops

Wow, finally got around to watching the Richard Dawkins documentary...

17 PeterB 03/03/2006 05:15PM
Last Post by PeterB

funny Scientology cartoon (YAAFM)

5 incognegro 03/12/2006 11:05PM
Last Post by Refurbvirgin

Bush reduces mine safety reg' enforcement

10 Refurbvirgin 03/03/2006 11:46PM
Last Post by Refurbvirgin

Pay down your debts? Get a call from Homeland Security.

8 Seacrest 03/05/2006 09:03PM
Last Post by max

Feingold reads constitution on Senate floor

7 Refurbvirgin 03/08/2006 01:31PM
Last Post by Robo

Toys for ALL the girls and boys in this forum...

5 MacMagus 03/06/2006 01:19PM
Last Post by Effin Haole

Bill Clinton helped Dubai on ports deal

28 El Cazador 03/02/2006 07:06PM
Last Post by Refurbvirgin

Condi eez going to Pump You Up!

11 Seacrest 03/02/2006 09:08PM
Last Post by Guitarman

I have the Iraqi solution: A New Religion

24 Jimmypoo 03/04/2006 10:56PM
Last Post by incognegro


19 Seacrest 03/04/2006 10:48AM
Last Post by Refurbvirgin

Media Coverage of Kidnappings

5 Lux Interior 03/01/2006 06:05PM
Last Post by MacMagus

Hipsters Against the War

11 Refurbvirgin 03/02/2006 07:20PM
Last Post by Refurbvirgin

Can't argue with Saddam's logic

9 SteveJobs 03/01/2006 03:03PM
Last Post by Refurbvirgin

Creationists Miffed At Having to Re-Write All Their Monkey Jokes

6 MacMagus 03/01/2006 02:06PM
Last Post by Refurbvirgin

U.S. Troops in Iraq: 72% Say End War in 2006

12 Refurbvirgin 03/03/2006 04:19AM
Last Post by RgrF

My kind of chick!

29 Furiously Stylish 04/09/2006 05:13PM
Last Post by Keef

Ike Saw It Coming

4 Refurbvirgin 03/01/2006 11:06PM
Last Post by Seacrest

Freddie's Gay

10 Seacrest 02/28/2006 07:03PM
Last Post by Refurbvirgin

Finally succumbed to using the ignore feature

13 Effin Haole 03/08/2006 01:30PM
Last Post by Robo

Now here's a way to start a blog!

4 Guitarman 02/28/2006 04:40PM
Last Post by Refurbvirgin


14 Guitarman 03/01/2006 03:02PM
Last Post by Seacrest

Veterans May Face Health Care Cuts in 2008

3 Refurbvirgin 02/28/2006 07:19PM
Last Post by Refurbvirgin

When Americans No Longer Own America

9 Refurbvirgin 02/28/2006 07:17PM
Last Post by Refurbvirgin

Ford Motor charged as accomplice in Argentina’s “dirty war”

3 Refurbvirgin 02/28/2006 04:48PM
Last Post by Refurbvirgin

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