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Sticky: All COVID-19 Discussion GOES HERE   (Pages: 1 ... 5 6 7)

314 mrp-admin 03/06/2024 11:28PM
Last Post by Speedy

Sticky: MRF "Friendly" Political Ranting TOS

1 mrp-admin 01/16/2017 11:06AM
Last Post by mrp-admin

How NPR Lost the Trust of America

15 Speedy 04/16/2024 11:04AM
Last Post by $tevie

Hear me out - DJT stock is telling us more than I realized

7 sekker 04/16/2024 07:45AM
Last Post by gabester

Retail sales surprise to the upside

4 pdq 04/16/2024 11:13AM
Last Post by $tevie

Rust film armorer gets maximum sentence

10 Ombligo 04/16/2024 04:19AM
Last Post by Smote

Sleepy Joe

10 special 04/16/2024 11:38AM
Last Post by $tevie

Israel plots WWIII

7 Tiangou 04/16/2024 07:30AM
Last Post by gabester

in-jury slection

5 Fritz 04/15/2024 09:01PM
Last Post by RAMd®d

What's the latest on Trump's $175M bond in his fraud case?

7 timg 04/15/2024 10:49PM
Last Post by Tiangou

The Trial has begun

36 Steve G. 04/15/2024 10:50PM
Last Post by Speedy

Trump and Co register to fleece their DJT-buying supporters…

10 pdq 04/15/2024 11:09PM
Last Post by Speedy

Another stabbing attack in Sydney

13 special 04/15/2024 06:34PM
Last Post by pdq

I've been going down the Rabbit/Hole.....

2 Buzz 04/15/2024 08:58AM
Last Post by Speedy

War grift from fatty

7 Steve G. 04/15/2024 06:21AM
Last Post by Mr645

Billboards along the PA tpk

14 abevilac 04/15/2024 02:33PM
Last Post by Lizabeth

Joe Biden, unsung hero who kept a war from breaking out this week...

12 Tiangou 04/15/2024 06:42PM
Last Post by Ted King

what would [ ] do?

3 Fritz 04/14/2024 03:37PM
Last Post by $tevie

Getting yer unregistered guns at gun shows ? Not any more

15 cbelt3 04/15/2024 05:37PM
Last Post by DeusxMac

Yesterday you were safer in Israel than Chicago

3 Mr645 04/14/2024 12:53PM
Last Post by vision63

Trump vs. Biden

3 Mr645 04/14/2024 12:19PM
Last Post by sekker

Small-time investors in Trump’s Truth Social reckon with stock collapse

14 Speedy 04/15/2024 10:23AM
Last Post by Fritz

Iran launches drones at Israel in retaliatory attack

50 special 04/14/2024 11:00PM
Last Post by gabester

6 dead, mass shooting

15 Mr645 04/15/2024 11:32AM
Last Post by DeusxMac

Not exactly a DGU

21 pdq 04/15/2024 12:30PM
Last Post by $tevie

(Long) Is there any PB&J left in our modern political sandwich?

19 sekker 04/15/2024 12:20AM
Last Post by SDGuy

Democratic Party has helped Biden cover his legal bills

10 Speedy 04/13/2024 12:25PM
Last Post by Fritz

What theatrics will Trumpo have to delay his Monday trial?

36 steve... 04/15/2024 05:16PM
Last Post by Speedy

And yet we still engage him.

31 wurm 04/15/2024 04:14PM
Last Post by Speedy

Time for diner

8 Mr645 04/13/2024 07:20PM
Last Post by August West

Why do we protect freedom

13 Mr645 04/13/2024 07:27AM
Last Post by Mr645

Tennessee birth control

18 Ombligo 04/14/2024 05:33PM
Last Post by RgrF

Maybe he stiffed his makeup person, too.

31 wurm 04/14/2024 12:35PM
Last Post by jonny

Seth Meyers try really really hard not to completely lose his @#$%&...

5 Tiangou 04/12/2024 12:14AM
Last Post by RAMd®d

Gun culture in Syria

2 Mr645 04/11/2024 05:27PM
Last Post by Tiangou

Gun control as explained by an immigrant

8 Mr645 04/14/2024 09:45AM
Last Post by Rolando

Grift Trump could only dream of - Vietnamese court sentences tycoon to death for embezzling $12B (3% of the nation's GDP)

3 hal 04/12/2024 10:05AM
Last Post by Speedy


32 August West 04/13/2024 04:46PM
Last Post by August West

Swindlers are just gonna swindle - 'Truth Social' would make a great Soap Opera script!

8 sekker 04/12/2024 08:40PM
Last Post by sekker

Some thoughtful podcasts on birthrates and parental support

2 sekker 04/12/2024 08:42PM
Last Post by sekker

Hamas says it doesn’t have 40 living hostages needed for deal

13 special 04/12/2024 10:36PM
Last Post by sekker

No Canon fodder…. Prosecution witness names redacted

2 cbelt3 04/10/2024 11:09AM
Last Post by steve...

Arizona GOP pulls an Alabama

10 pdq 04/11/2024 08:04AM
Last Post by pdq

Allen Weisselberg headed back to jail for perjury

9 pdq 04/11/2024 05:57PM
Last Post by RgrF

Jon Tester’s GOP Senate opponent shot himself in the arm in a national park

20 pdq 04/13/2024 01:14PM
Last Post by $tevie

Iowa woman guilty of 52 counts of voter fraud for the benefit of…

3 pdq 04/10/2024 07:59AM
Last Post by gabester

Trump attorneys, only the best

5 Ombligo 04/11/2024 08:36AM
Last Post by pdq

the case for dumbing down

7 Fritz 04/10/2024 08:46AM
Last Post by pdq

Rachel's bit on the sleazeball billionaire who posted Trump's bond

12 steve... 04/14/2024 08:44AM
Last Post by pdq

How do you grow trump kids? Grifters all?

13 samintx 04/10/2024 02:16PM
Last Post by Ted King

Florida woman is sentenced to a month in jail for selling Biden's daughter's diary

3 Speedy 04/09/2024 03:35PM
Last Post by $tevie

Arizona Supreme Court rules that a near-total abortion ban from 1864 is enforceable

8 Speedy 04/09/2024 10:39PM
Last Post by jonny

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