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Sticky: All COVID-19 Discussion GOES HERE   (Pages: 1 2 3 4)

176 mrp-admin 01/08/2021 11:15AM
Last Post by Ted King

Sticky: MRF "Friendly" Political Ranting TOS

1 mrp-admin 01/16/2017 11:06AM
Last Post by mrp-admin

Honestly I’m trying to calm down ...

1 cbelt3 01/26/2021 01:05PM
Last Post by cbelt3

CNN fact-checking POTUS speech from Fri on economics

4 sekker 01/26/2021 12:36PM
Last Post by GGD

PSA: get your health insurance (not a political post, please don't complain)

11 space-time 01/26/2021 12:48PM
Last Post by pdq

PSA: Biden to reopen ACA insurance marketplaces amid pandemic

2 space-time 01/26/2021 12:46PM
Last Post by pdq

Biker Gang gives Glock to Congresscritter...

3 cbelt3 01/26/2021 12:24PM
Last Post by SDGuy

McConnell relents on filibuster

8 deckeda 01/26/2021 12:40PM
Last Post by pdq

"Where's Bernie?"

21 $tevie 01/26/2021 12:03PM
Last Post by Lux Interior

"9 questions about budget reconciliation you were too afraid to ask"

4 Ted King 01/26/2021 08:53AM
Last Post by Lemon Drop

Now it's not merely impeachment- It's a treason trial

11 Steve G. 01/26/2021 10:00AM
Last Post by Ted King

Watch the Deplorables show their butts when the Harriet Tubman $20 bills come out

13 Dennis S 01/26/2021 12:38PM
Last Post by GGD

The apocalypse is here..."normal" is over.

20 davester 01/26/2021 12:15PM
Last Post by Carnos Jax

My parents got the Pfizer vaccine this morning

9 space-time 01/26/2021 06:21AM
Last Post by space-time


9 Lemon Drop 01/25/2021 08:38PM
Last Post by PeterB

White House calls on Russia to release Alexei Navalny immediately

6 hal 01/25/2021 05:08PM
Last Post by mattkime

Potential good news re COVID-19 vaccine effectives

6 anonymouse1 01/25/2021 06:24PM
Last Post by Speedy

What’s the deal with Roberts not presiding?

19 samintx 01/26/2021 03:50AM
Last Post by Speedy

Dominion Voting Systems sues Giuliani for $1.3bn over baseless election claims

12 voodoopenguin 01/25/2021 11:44PM
Last Post by davester

Stacey Abrams voting doc "All In" is VERY good

5 robfilms 01/25/2021 09:26PM
Last Post by SKYLANE

How the FBI is finding insurrectionists - with their own help

4 Ombligo 01/25/2021 10:01PM
Last Post by RgrF

The fix is (almost) in... election.. integrity?

4 Sam3 01/25/2021 06:31PM
Last Post by Speedy

WaPo fact checker database on Pres. Trump is retired

5 Speedy 01/25/2021 12:41AM
Last Post by GGD

I almost feel bad for this guy. (coherent Trumpster)

3 wurm 01/25/2021 01:53AM
Last Post by Blankity Blank

I wonder what Sarah Huckabee Sanders is doing these days

12 space-time 01/25/2021 10:25PM
Last Post by RgrF

The amazing story of Hank Aaron

6 sekker 01/24/2021 07:38PM
Last Post by bfd

I know you're busy, Joe, but you need to go to Europe right now.

16 Dennis S 01/25/2021 10:27PM
Last Post by RgrF

is the vaccine free? covered by insurance? or is there a co-pay?

10 space-time 01/25/2021 11:48AM
Last Post by Janit

An imortalized Florida Man

13 Ombligo 01/25/2021 07:26PM
Last Post by Ombligo

Tears on my pillow.. guess who wants to run for Governor on Minnesota?

10 Ombligo 01/24/2021 03:32PM
Last Post by $tevie

An example of why the Repubs still in power are nutcases

7 PeterB 01/25/2021 12:10AM
Last Post by PeterB

Swing vote trumpers trend

6 samintx 01/24/2021 02:46PM
Last Post by vision63

Treason: 'Trump pressed DOJ to go to Supreme Court in bid to overturn election'

7 Steve G. 01/25/2021 12:04AM
Last Post by pdq

Do you think the emperor's children will be relevant in future politics?

18 space-time 01/25/2021 10:42PM
Last Post by RgrF

What does The Orange Fool have on his rivals?

20 sekker 01/26/2021 11:41AM
Last Post by mrbigstuff

What the hell was going on in Tacoma...

8 RgrF 01/25/2021 07:29PM
Last Post by Speedy

AP: 'Arizona Republicans censure Cindy McCain, GOP governor'

7 Steve G. 01/24/2021 12:20AM
Last Post by pdq

Did you think getting 6 shots per vial instead of 5 would increase supply?

13 GGD 01/25/2021 03:38PM
Last Post by Sarcany

Anyone watch "Ready Player One?" (wrong side, lol)

12 rgG 01/24/2021 08:53AM
Last Post by Lizabeth

When do you consider the Modern Age of Politics beginning?

20 Dennis S 01/24/2021 09:27PM
Last Post by SteveO

Could the 2 week trial delay work against trump?

10 Steve G. 01/23/2021 11:33PM
Last Post by RgrF

Butch Bowers, Mark Sanford's Appalachian trail lawyer, will represent 45 in impeachment trial

8 Lemon Drop 01/23/2021 11:11PM
Last Post by btfc

(Past Time to punish Putin) Russia arrests hundreds of protesters demanding release of Kremlin critic Navalny

2 Steve G. 01/23/2021 03:23PM
Last Post by hal

Yearly Departed (2020)

2 space-time 01/24/2021 08:53PM
Last Post by graylocks

"All members down in tunnels..., seal them in... turn on the gas."

8 Lemon Drop 01/24/2021 07:47PM
Last Post by Ombligo

Dr. Fauci likes Rachel

4 steve... 01/23/2021 12:13AM
Last Post by Don C

Trump & Justice Dept Lawyer Plotted to Oust Acting AG & Force-Quit GA Biden Declaration

17 SteveO 01/23/2021 01:51AM
Last Post by AllGold

He's got to be strong enough to lift the pen and sign his name

12 Ca Bob 01/23/2021 07:08PM
Last Post by PeterB

200 Nat’l Guard tested positive

1 samintx 01/22/2021 04:00PM
Last Post by samintx

GOP congresswoman introduces legislation to prohibit Biden’s federal mask mandate

10 space-time 01/23/2021 03:58PM
Last Post by hal

Good news on conviction

16 samintx 01/23/2021 08:56AM
Last Post by deckeda

TIME marks start of Biden’s presidency with cover of Oval Office trashed by Trump

7 p8712 01/23/2021 12:20PM
Last Post by Rolando

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