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Sticky: All COVID-19 Discussion GOES HERE   (Pages: 1 ... 4 5 6)

287 mrp-admin 09/24/2022 09:29PM
Last Post by Speedy

Sticky: MRF "Friendly" Political Ranting TOS

1 mrp-admin 01/16/2017 11:06AM
Last Post by mrp-admin

Minority rights in Ukraine

7 gadje 09/24/2022 10:37PM
Last Post by cbelt3

my thoughts: Russia? Iran protests? Syria laughs at you

3 Steve G. 09/24/2022 06:02PM
Last Post by Filliam H. Muffman

I think Putin will 'test' nuke inside Russia as warning.

15 Steve G. 09/24/2022 07:55PM
Last Post by Ombligo

'nother one! "Iowa man who was one of the first Jan. 6 rioters to enter Capitol found guilty on 7 charges "

3 Steve G. 09/24/2022 07:41AM
Last Post by Speedy

If you are old enuf to remember

11 samintx 09/24/2022 01:59PM
Last Post by JoeH

Matt Gaetz will not be prosecuted

8 hal 09/24/2022 12:44AM
Last Post by anonymouse1

Devotion to Trump

17 Ted King 09/24/2022 01:25PM
Last Post by TheCaber

Herschel Walker caught fibbing some more

11 pdq 09/24/2022 06:59PM
Last Post by RAMd®d

“Afghan combat vet”? No. “Nuclear power exec”? No. But he’s still the MAGA candidate in Ohio

11 pdq 09/23/2022 08:28PM
Last Post by RAMd®d

That word was addressed very entertainingly in this "School Daze" clip

19 vision63 09/24/2022 10:53AM
Last Post by vision63

Lavrov sez (at the UN)

6 Steve G. 09/23/2022 08:37PM
Last Post by RAMd®d

Next! 'Hitler ‘stache-sporting Nazi-sympathizer gets prison time in Jan. 6 case '

12 Steve G. 09/23/2022 08:42PM
Last Post by RAMd®d

You know what would be funny?

5 gadje 09/23/2022 08:49PM
Last Post by Don C

Special master demands that Trumps lawyers state for the record whether or not they are claiming that the FBI planted evidence

14 hal 09/22/2022 09:09PM
Last Post by Tiangou

Republicans block bill requiring dark money groups to reveal donors

5 Steve G. 09/23/2022 02:04PM
Last Post by $tevie

Is Putin positioning himself for a coup or revolution?

7 samintx 09/23/2022 12:07PM
Last Post by Speedy

Hey Donald, cheap flights to Russia

6 gadje 09/22/2022 08:09PM
Last Post by RgrF

January 6 committee will hold final hearing September 28

1 steve... 09/21/2022 07:29PM
Last Post by steve...

Last BREAKING NEWS Tonight, I promise.

23 gadje 09/22/2022 05:15PM
Last Post by N-OS X-tasy!

MORE BREAKING NEWS: Appeals Court Restores Justice Dept.’s Access to Sensitive Files Seized From Trump

27 gadje 09/22/2022 08:53PM
Last Post by Tiangou

45’s skin problem?

9 samintx 09/22/2022 05:15PM
Last Post by PeterB

BREAKING NEWS: Donald Trump, 3 of his children sued for business fraud by New York AG   (Pages: 1 2)

58 gadje 09/23/2022 08:20PM
Last Post by Mike Sellers

Chardon, Ohio - self styled Morality Police censured

6 cbelt3 09/21/2022 11:03PM
Last Post by Speedy

...and another one bites the dust...

10 RgrF 09/21/2022 02:38PM
Last Post by Steve G.

Putin doubling down

9 gadje 09/21/2022 02:43PM
Last Post by GGD

At 92 Dan Rather's not yet done; he has something to say...

14 RgrF 09/23/2022 04:11PM
Last Post by TheCaber

Don't know him, but an interesting challenger to John Kennedy, here in Louisiana

6 PeterB 09/21/2022 02:39PM
Last Post by RgrF

A paper towel moment

4 samintx 09/21/2022 12:06AM
Last Post by RgrF

Really, Really good interview with Baker and Glasser on their new trump Book

2 Steve G. 09/21/2022 01:32PM
Last Post by hal

"Trump Bet On Special Master May Be Paying Off ... For The Prosecutors"

9 $tevie 09/21/2022 11:14AM
Last Post by deckeda

Answer me this

39 PeterB 09/21/2022 04:34PM
Last Post by Tiangou

Reuters Quandry:20% of Top Photos Of The Day

8 Steve G. 09/20/2022 07:01PM
Last Post by Speedy

44 Minnesotans charged with stealing $250m in pandemic funds meant to feed hungry children

14 Lemon Drop 09/21/2022 07:01PM
Last Post by kj

Trumpie “election official” in Georgia caught in another lie

5 pdq 09/20/2022 07:08PM
Last Post by Speedy

Kidnapper Desantis

7 Rolando 09/21/2022 08:56AM
Last Post by pdq

Could this happen? Would 45 dare?

14 samintx 09/21/2022 05:34PM
Last Post by DeusxMac

Ah, 45 blames deSantos stealing his thunder

16 samintx 09/20/2022 07:18PM
Last Post by Speedy

Poll: President’s approval rating sinking

6 pdq 09/20/2022 03:51PM
Last Post by vision63

Nazis salute at the Ohio 45 Rally while 45 reads off a series of crazy Q bullcr@p...

22 Tiangou 09/21/2022 11:43AM
Last Post by Ted King


6 pRICE cUBE 09/19/2022 06:34PM
Last Post by TheCaber

Biden to finish what Trump started

6 RgrF 09/19/2022 04:34PM
Last Post by Speedy

JE_IS_ SPA_E _ASERS! : Pat Sajak Photoed with Majorie Taylor Greene

15 Steve G. 09/20/2022 04:32PM
Last Post by $tevie

State Abortion Bans Face Religious-Liberty Lawsuits From the Left

5 hal 09/19/2022 08:01AM
Last Post by Ombligo

Prepare for Civil War

21 gadje 09/19/2022 09:58AM
Last Post by Filliam H. Muffman

Mayhem if indicted ? Is that your belief?

15 samintx 09/18/2022 05:40PM
Last Post by Fritz

NYPost Editorial Board- Knock off the threats of violence Trump

9 Steve G. 09/18/2022 03:04PM
Last Post by cbelt3

Your Guess on Future Natural Gas Prices

7 graylocks 09/18/2022 12:57PM
Last Post by Bill in NC

[ ] homework - aka borrowed secret docs

2 Fritz 09/17/2022 02:25PM
Last Post by AllGold

Newsom and DeSantis debate - a Dan Rather proposal

4 RgrF 09/17/2022 02:44PM
Last Post by hal


13 btfc 09/20/2022 04:42PM
Last Post by $tevie

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