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Is this what Macintosh has come to????
Posted by: elmo3
Date: May 21, 2006 07:55AM
See this:


Ohmigod. This is SCREAMS "Windows". Chicken blood, burning incense, standing on one foot--is this what Macintosh has come to? "Hey, look everyone, we're just as bad and complicated as Windows!"

I just bought two Mini G4s. I plugged them in and immediately started the system updates. There were a BUNCH of them and they took awhile to download and install. And while that was going on, I started copying other things across the network, installing things, making disc images of CDs (these Minis are for my kids), setting up account info and other system prefs, etc. I believe I even did some fast user switching among all this.

I got a blue ton of stuff done in a relatively short period of time, all because the system (Mini, even!) can handle it.

But if I took this guy's advice, I'd be sitting there (on one butt cheek with my left arm in the air, no doubt) a nervous wreck with chicken blood on the walls and the house smelling of incense, waiting serially for one thing at a time to happen and then immediately repairing permissions and restarting between each and every single update (and crossing my fingers, probably).

Are people REALLY that stupid as to buy into this? Come on, folks--Macintosh is a LOT stronger than these Chicken Littles would have you think.


In the words of DharmaDog: "it may or may not be utter horse@#$%&, but it shouldn't be dismissed simply because it doesn't agree with your opinion."

Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups.

Trying is the first step to failure. -- Homer Simpson
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Re: Is this what Macintosh has come to????
Posted by: Jimmypoo
Date: May 21, 2006 08:14AM
I guess this person would rather have their system updates mailed.

What is there in that bunch --- 3 small security patches out of all of it?
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Re: Is this what Macintosh has come to????
Posted by: DharmaDog
Date: May 21, 2006 08:54AM
Not going to waste my time reading what seems to be a hysterical article, but I'm assuming the writer has not experienced the joy that is an original (pre SP1) XP installation.
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Re: Is this what Macintosh has come to????
Posted by: Panopticon
Date: May 21, 2006 08:54AM
I think we should all email and compliment them on their spoof website.

It is a joke, isn't it??

eye popping smiley

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Re: Is this what Macintosh has come to????
Posted by: ztirffritz
Date: May 21, 2006 08:57AM
I'm always shocked when I talk to people that are still using dial-up. It totally changes your perspective. At 60 mb update becomes an insurmountable obstacle. It takes about 4-6 minutes with broadband to download.

Reading off the list, I think that the only steps that I've ever performed are 8,9,and 10, and even then 10 is rare and 9 is optional. Having said that, the list isn't exactly a bad one, but it is kind of like the instructions you receive in Driver's Ed.

1) Before getting into the car check the air pressure in all 4 tires and the spare.
2) Check the headlights, tail-lights, signals
3) adjust mirrors, seat
4) inspect seatbelt
5) insert key into ignition
6) start car
7) inspect all of the indicators on the dashboard
8) fully depress brake pedal
9) place car in gear, release brake/e-brake
10) gently proceed

No one would argue these are bad ideas but NO ONE does all of them every time.

MacResource User Map: []#
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Re: Is this what Macintosh has come to????
Posted by: jimbrady
Date: May 21, 2006 09:20AM
Anal retentive = Chicken Little?

1--Familiarizing myself with the updates should be a lot easier than it is. Each item in software update should give me actual useful info (it never does), or at least link to an Applecare doc that describes the item.

2--Deciding if you need the update is a brilliant move that's completely lost on 90% of the "MAC OS X 10.x.x UPDATER HOSED MY SYSTEM AND NOW I'M FSCKED" crowd.

3--Connecting to a reliable power source. Duh.

4,9--Repairing permissions before and after OS updates is a good practice. Obviously most people do fine without this step (or Apple would tell people to do it), but those who have done very much other than fine are well documented. If you repair permissions regularly, this step takes about ten seconds.

5--Backing up your startup disk is what people are supposed to do all the time anyway. Those who don't, are well advised to do it at least on this occasion.

6--I don't use or trust 3rd party extensions, so I can't comment

7--That leaves us with "dedicating the mac to the update." If you absolutely can't find some time in the day where you have something to do that's not Mac-related, then, by all means, multi-task.

8--Oh... I almost forgot to actually perform the update.

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Re: Is this what Macintosh has come to????
Posted by: bangman
Date: May 21, 2006 10:30AM
Hey ztirffritz, greetings from the land of dialup and from Ubuntu no less! I do all of the updates when I'm asleep. Works fine, not a problem. They're all downloaded and installed by the time I wakeup.

Not everyone has the ability to get broadband or can afford it. I'm very good at locating free dialup for people. I hookup single moms with kids who can use an old iMac but can't afford a computer or an ISP. If you look hard enough you can find ISPs who have to provide free connections to some communities.

You should see how stoked the kids are when I give them a computer and get them online. You'd of thought that I'd bought them a car or house!

3GHz - The clock is STILL ticking Steve.
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Re: Is this what Macintosh has come to????
Posted by: $tevie
Date: May 21, 2006 11:33AM
He's trying to sell a book. He probably figures that saying "OS X is so simple to use that you don't need any advice from me" is not a real good sales technique.

I think this suggestion
Deadline looming? You might want to pass until you have time to troubleshoot any problems that might occur as a result of the update. is a good one. I've seen people on mac forums posting because some huge months-long project is due the next day and they are having problems because they decided to install all the recent system updates on their Mac. I should think it would be obvious that you don't play around with your computer under such circumstances, but apparently it isn't.
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