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Am I Out of Line with this Best (Wurst) Buy experience?
Posted by: mallory
Date: January 06, 2006 05:26PM
OK. . .posted this at the "other place," but I'm looking for feedback, so here it is again (for some of you two forum readers):

Trying to keep this short, and would appreciate feedback (as in reality check). Bought a 32" Samsung LCD TV 12-19 from Best Buy; ordered online, could have picked it up, but scheduled delivery for 12-19 since they were offering free delivery. Day after I bought, BB puts it on sale, so I call customer service to see if they'll honor the new price. My question has to be sent to "research" and they promise email response in 2-3 days.

I get two emails 2 days later: one says you're out of luck, the other says they'll credit my account for the difference ($89). Go figure that one. With the sale price, they were also offering a $100 gift card, but they wouldn't go for that. I'm relatively pleased to have the $89 credit. Then, 12-15 Circuit City puts the same TV on sale (with an online coupon, but good for store pick or delivery as well) at $162 less than I paid at BB. I copy my BB receipt, the CC info showing final cost, AND BB price match policies. My plan is to go to BB within the 30 day price match period and ask for an adjustment.

Here's their policy, both online in posted on the wall in the store: "If you about to make a purchase and discover a lower price than ours, let us know and we'll match that price on the spot." OK so far, but here's where I'm having a problem with their interpretation and mine:

"Already bought it? We'll refund you the price difference, plus an additional 10% of the difference - up to 30 days after your purchase. . .Either way, simply bring in proof of a local retail competitor's price on the same available brand and model. . .then we'll do the rest."

So, here's the issue: I read the policy as anytime within 30 days of purchase, they'll price match (with documentation). They say the policy applies ONLY if you request the adjustment the same day that the item is on sale somewhere else.

Now, in my most honest of introspective moments, I can maybe acknowledge the "gray" in the policy in favor of BB. MAYBE what REALLY hacked me off is the manager (who I'd politely asked to see) who could have auditioned for the Cap One credit cards ads where the only answer to any question is "NO." This person had absolutely no interest in hearing my question about interpretation, nor in clarifying their policy (unless clarifying is covered under "That's the policy"), nor in saying gee, maybe that should be clearer, nor even "sorry about that." I point out that, in my experience, other retailers with a 30 day price match don't require you to show up on THE DAY the sale price is in effect, but WITHIN 30 days. Her response: "Oh, really."

Perhaps I interrupted her lunch, or she was just having a bad day, but there was not a glimmer of a helpful attitude or smile - just icy cold, negative and condescending. That, more than whether I got a price adjustment, leaves me feeling like I'll never set foot in that store again, nor will I order from them. Does she care? Of course not. She has no investment in whether I'm satisfied or not.

So, am I out of line with how their policy reads? Is it worth writing a letter to someone higher up? Or should I just blow it off to corporate "who cares about customer service" anyway?

TIA. . .m.
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Re: Am I Out of Line with this Best (Wurst) Buy experience?
Posted by: pinion
Date: January 06, 2006 05:38PM
Send elmo3 a PM and he will tell you all about best buy ;)

Actually I would keep complaining till I got my money or I would just return the TV. Then write a letter to someone really high up in the company with the whole situation and let them know you returned the TV and you will not be returning to their store.

No you are not out of line on the policy. Write a letter. Write several till you get the answer you want. What will they do? Blacklist you? lol

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Re: Am I Out of Line with this Best (Wurst) Buy experience?
Posted by: honu
Date: January 06, 2006 05:57PM
I may be completely wrong in my interpretation of their policy, but I've always understood that they will price match within the 30 day period to a currently advertised price. You can't walk back in 2 weeks later to price match to an expired sale ad, even if that ad was within the 30 days.

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Re: Am I Out of Line with this Best (Wurst) Buy experience?
Posted by: The Grim Ninja
Date: January 06, 2006 06:00PM
You should have been entitled to the gift card, also.

Give it a set number of tried before you return the item. I wouldn't hesitate to dispute any restocking fee, either. They're not upholding their policy, why should you have to upon return?

Also, consider going to the store on a different shift, try another manager.

I have a lot of loyalty to lenient stores. Staples is my favorite.
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Re: Am I Out of Line with this Best (Wurst) Buy experience?
Posted by: rexrzer
Date: January 06, 2006 06:02PM
Return the TV when it arrives if you're that dissatisfied, and as above, pursue Best Buy policy with corporate, whomever and wherever they are.

Maybe you'll get lucky with somebody in a position to do something about what happened, but don't count on it with that merchant. Best Buy has a reputation of not really caring that much about customer satisfaction, no matter what their policies are stated to be. The only thing that I ever buy there, for example, are CDs or DVDs on sale. I've never purchased anything major there because of all the bad press.


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Re: Am I Out of Line with this Best (Wurst) Buy experience?
Posted by: The UnDoug
Date: January 06, 2006 07:54PM
Just to clarify, mallory, are you saying that when you approached Best Buy about matching CC's sale price, the CC sale was over? If so, then I'd think you should *not* get the price matched to CC's.

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Re: Am I Out of Line with this Best (Wurst) Buy experience?
Posted by: Mike Johnson
Date: January 06, 2006 08:06PM
I agree with the UnDoug. If you could return the teevee and go buy it elsewhere at the lower price, why not do that? But if Circuit City's lower price is expired, a) what can you do and b) why should they try to keep you from returning the set and buying one elsewhere?

Remember, too, that b&m Best Buys are merely kissing cousins to For example, the price in the store may be higher than online, but they won't price match. You can buy it online and then pick it up at the store, sure. But they won't match .com's prices.

In the end, you thought it was worth the original price. Any discounts you got after purchase are gravy. If you were truly bothered by their customer service, go ahead and return it and tell them why, and let them lose some money on the deal. You'll lose money too, but taking a stand has its cost.
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Re: Am I Out of Line with this Best (Wurst) Buy experience?
Posted by: Bimwad
Date: January 06, 2006 08:26PM
If CC's sale occurs within 30 days of your BB purchase, you would in theory be entitled to a price match if you go back to BB during CC's sale and ask for a credit, but only during the period when the CC is in effect.

Any store that price matches prior expired competitors' sales needs to hire new employees or risk chaos or going out of business. Despite your experience, that's just not the way it's done. Price matches occur only during valid competitor sales, or a subsequent lower sale price from the original store, both subject to a specific period after the purchase.

That said, both BB and CC often try to wiggle out of price match attempts, especially when coupons and rebates are involved. Their policies give them enough leeway to maneuver, esp. when it's not a straight sale, but involves a coupon/rebate or some other special offer (what doesn't these days?).

Depending on the mood and intelligence of the particular manager in question, they'll only match the pre-coupon/rebate price, if at all. Sometimes, people get lucky and get the full match, but YMMV.

You could try to press the issue with the General Manager (not the plain "manager"), or BB corporate.

Or, after the shipment arrives, just take the unopened box straight back to BB and go buy the TV at CC if the sale is still ongoing.
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Re: Am I Out of Line with this Best (Wurst) Buy experience?
Posted by: DavidS
Date: January 06, 2006 08:26PM
I've actually had the B&M pricematch the a couple of times, most recently for a Kodak printer dock.

If it was on sale at CC recently, it will probably be on sale again at some point. If you really don't need the TV right now, I'd return it on the last possible day and then wait for it to go on sale at CC again then buy it there. However, you don't know when it's going on sale again, so you might be out a TV for a while.
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Re: Am I Out of Line with this Best (Wurst) Buy experience?
Posted by: Kiva
Date: January 06, 2006 10:01PM
return the TV and don't ever shop there again...the place is horrible...

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Re: Am I Out of Line with this Best (Wurst) Buy experience?
Posted by: Bubba3K
Date: January 06, 2006 11:16PM
So, do you like the tv? Is it worth this amount of hassle? Best Buy sucks. Return the TV if you don't like it and get something else, somewhere else. If it's a good tv, relax, enjoy it, and lesson learned. Best Buy _will_ take advantage of you if you let 'em.

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