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SMS push from iPhone 6
Posted by: Joey Cupcakes
Date: June 04, 2015 04:00PM
I'm very happy with my current desktop/laptop setup under Mavericks, but if I want to take advantage of several features of my new iPhone, I need to upgrade to Yosemite. I'd rather not, am I just being dogmatic? (Petty I know, but I really dislike the system text font, which apparently you cannot change; plus there may be other ill effects from my audio/video apps and their many plug-ins, some of which are a bit long in the tooth).

I'm particularly interested in SMS Relay, where the iPhone will push SMS Text Messages to the Messages app which can then answer and relay back to the phone. Previously, I had an Android and accomplished this with Mighty Text or MySMS, both of which work quite well and have dedicated apps for OSX and the iPad- but their iPhone app won't work on the 6 because it won't allow them to access iOS' text messaging.

The VERY weird thing is, I tested MySMS on my friends iPhone 2 weeks ago- and I swear I got it to work somehow (it took over SMS from the Messaging app).

Anyway, yeah, I can set up a test partition and test everything under Yosemite, but wanted to see if any of you guys had insight into what might bite me 6 months down the road...


if there was a hack for allowing MySMS to work with the iPhone.
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Re: SMS push from iPhone 6
Posted by: hal
Date: June 04, 2015 05:26PM
there's no way around it Joey - you have to do the LONG HARD task of researching your audio & video apps and their pluggins and how they work (or don't) under 10.10. That's step one.

And don't forget print/scan drivers and drivers for anything else you might be using.

I've been running 10.10 on my non-work machines almost since the beginning and really like a lot about it. 10.9 is looking older and older to me now... I'm almost ready, but am in no hurry and would like to at least learn when the next OS is due before I decide to upgrade the work machine. But I have NOT used 10.10 to access my gmail with Mail - too many scary stories about it blowing up.

MANY things might bite you in the butt later down the road. People have had problems with Mail and/or contacts go crazy long after upgrading.
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Re: SMS push from iPhone 6
Posted by: ka jowct
Date: June 04, 2015 08:38PM
Is there any reason why you can't have both Mavericks and Yosemite? Definitely try a test partition first. BTW you CAN change the system font. Google about for ways to use Fira Sans or Lucida Grande with Yosemite. I have done both on my Yosemite guinea pig systems.

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Re: SMS push from iPhone 6
Posted by: Joey Cupcakes
Date: June 04, 2015 08:52PM
Not really interested in switching between systems just so I can do texting on my mac pro. But I do think I will have to experiment with Yosemit and see how it works for me.
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