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Joe Niekro died
Posted by: Grumpyguy
Date: October 28, 2006 11:17PM
apparently had an aneurysm. Holds the Houston record for most wins. Would be nice to see some more knucklers come up to the big leagues....

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Re: Joe Niekro died
Posted by: Kraniac
Date: October 29, 2006 12:52AM
Hmm, bummer.

I love the k ballers. Charlie Haeger is a young knuckleballer for the Sox.

The knuckleball is a tough pitch around the majors because it can allow baserunners to advance at alarming rates. average speed runners can easily steal on this pitch because it comes in slow and the catcher has to be paying close attention to the ball to stop it, not an easy task.

When Charlie Haeger has his control it is said that he has one of the best knucklers some of the old salts have seen.

I threw the knuckler when i pitched as a youngster and through high school. A guy on my team in little league showed it to me and I used a couple of variations of it through high school. I have taught the pitch to my two sons and they both throw it better than i ever could. My older son is a junior this year. He plays short and pitches and he has three variations on it and his pitches have astounding movement.. when all is right, unhittable. I have to wear a mask and a cup to take pitches from him now because they are extremely difficult to track, predict and stop. He used to throw a little wobbler and now the ball is dropping, taking off, fluttering left to a double curve ball. When he's on and has good movement and control he makes the best hitters in his conference look very confused. Sorry, had to brag a little there...I love the knuckler.

Nothing like a quality knuckleball coupled with a solid fastball. you get these guys trying to hang loose and stay with the wobbler and then while they're loose you hit em with a nice fasty...they aren't screwed down for the can really mess with their heads.

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Re: Joe Niekro died
Posted by: vision63
Date: October 29, 2006 01:22AM
As Kraniac mentions, knuckleballing is pure art. I used to enjoy Charlie Hough of the Dodgers. But when he was off, it was score city for the opposition.
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Re: Joe Niekro died
Posted by: rob banzai
Date: October 29, 2006 09:38AM
Bummer. Watching Joe and Phil pitch was always fun, or Tom Candiotti when he'd break one off. See the batter practically corkscrew himself into the ground while the catcher goes diving for the ball. A great knuckleball is almost like a practical joke for the batter, and a bad knuckleball is a homerun. smiling smiley
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