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Liquid cooled. What do you think?
Posted by: RE:up
Date: February 21, 2016 12:51AM
I have a need for a G5 tower, and found one on Craig's list, 2.5GHZ, 8 gigs ram. Looking at Mactracker it seems that this was a liquid cooled model.
I have my own drive with 10.5.8 and my software on it that I would install in this machine.
I have misgivings on the cooling. Should I keep looking, or is this one worth $100?

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Re: Liquid cooled. What do you think?
Posted by: Speedy
Date: February 21, 2016 12:53AM
Offer $25.

Saint Cloud, Minnesota, where the weather is wonderful even when it isn't.
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Re: Liquid cooled. What do you think?
Posted by: sekker
Date: February 21, 2016 03:51AM
And here I thought this was about the B from H&B...
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Re: Liquid cooled. What do you think?
Posted by: Mr645
Date: February 21, 2016 05:33AM
Lots of people have had issues with the liquid cooling, many more have hod no issues. I have a 2.5 G5 that still runs fine. I would be using it today if I could ru nat least Adobe CS5 software. Years ago it was replaced by a Quad 2.66 Mac Pro and the Mac Pro was not much faster. I keep the 2.5 Power Mac G5 because I have w dual 1.8 G5 towers still running as RAID servers. Highpoint PCI-X RAID card and 4 4 TB drives. If one of those machine ever fails I can use the 2.5 G5. The 1.8's have been running since 2005 virtually 24/7 and since the RAID controllers are PCI-X I can;t upgrade to a newer machine without buying new RAID cards.

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Re: Liquid cooled. What do you think?
Posted by: lost in space
Date: February 21, 2016 08:15AM
OT: I interviewed at Sun Microsystems in the 90s. They took me into a lab to show me the project I would be working on, which was liquid-cooled 68040 system. Based on what I saw of it, I turned down their offer.

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Re: Liquid cooled. What do you think?
Posted by: ka jowct
Date: February 21, 2016 08:26AM
Anyone in NYC or nearby interested in my G5? Dual 2.3 GHz and a nice graphics card, plus a Jive bracket for additional drives. You would have to come and get it, though. I don't have the box for it and don't want the hassle of trying to pack it and ship it.

I bought it on eBay a few years back (2010, maybe) after my MDD conked out. It was being sold by a small biz down near the Battery that was doing video processing and editing, and it was in immaculate condition. I hope they survived. They were selling because business was bad, not because they were upgrading. Got it cheap because they wanted local pickup only.
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Re: Liquid cooled. What do you think?
Posted by: Onamuji
Date: February 21, 2016 11:05AM
'Wouldn't trust it.

I've opened a bunch of seemingly-intact liquid cooled G5s only to find that the RAM was covered with oily gunk and the logic board had sprouted moss-like growths in the corners.

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Re: Liquid cooled. What do you think?
Posted by: freeradical
Date: February 21, 2016 01:03PM
I've worked with liquid cooled klystrons.

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The seller should throw in a gallon of Prestone®.
Posted by: RAMd®d
Date: February 21, 2016 03:56PM
I said that these would leak, and more than a couple did.

It was an interesting idea, but I was leery from the start.

Certainly more sustained water-tight integrity than not, but that was never particularly comforting.

Seriously, I'd hate to part out a working Mac, but the only reason I'd go for one of those is for the case, if it was a good deal. Like free, or *maybe* $25.

But even $25 is too much for this to be a computer you need to rely on.

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Re: The seller should throw in a gallon of Prestone®.
Posted by: Lew Zealand
Date: February 22, 2016 12:50PM
Late to the game here but here's what I've seen and read about on the liquid cooled G5s:

The 2.5 and 2.7 Dualies used a different liquid cooling system than the final gen quad 2.5 and it was those earlier liquid cooled systems which leaked. Almost every (and maybe every, I'm just CYA here) liquid cooled dualie I saw after they'd been out for about 4 years leaked. I opened every one up to have a look to confirm. I have looked in 4 quad core G5s and the liquid cooling system looks completely different and none leaked. I owned one for about 1.5 years and gave it to a co-worker (because I didn't trust the liquid cooling at the time and I warned him) who just replaced it a year ago and it was still working. That's 9 years of use if I'm counting properly.

Still now they're about 10 years old so how much to you trust any 10 year old computer, but it looks like the liquid cooling on the quad core machines was quite good.
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Re: Liquid cooled. What do you think?
Posted by: tortoise
Date: February 22, 2016 03:24PM
I had a client whose G5 liquid cooled machine started smoking and belching flames out the grill, luckily he was at his desk and merely pulled the A/C power and hit it with a fire extinguisher. He said it could have easily started a major structure fire if he had not been there to quickly put it out.

He took it to Apple store in Denver where they basically stonewalled him and denied any responsibility or known product defects. He then shipped it to me in California (he had been a client when he lived here) and paid me to carefully take it apart and determine the origin of the problem. Turned out the liquid coolant had been leaking for some time directly on the power supply located directly below the CPU and related cooling radiators. (the amount of rust and corrosion were testimony to this not have just started but had been brewing for some time) I took detailed pictures and he submitted them to his insurance company and got some of his money back under his homeowners policy.

In a nutshell I would never consider one of those liquid cooled beasts in my own home, they were poor design and Apple quickly realized their mistake and moved on. I consider them a fire just waiting to happen after what I viewed with my clients machine.
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