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AirTunes Users: Ever Get "Fade-Out"?
Posted by: SteveO
Date: December 07, 2006 08:57AM
My Airtunes over my home stereo speakers often sounds like the music is fading in and out, kind of like an old cassette tape that got baked in one's car. At first I thought it was just a particular song with a bad encode or download, but time has shown me it doesn't discriminate.

I'm not talking about dropouts (they also happen but not as often as this), -- the volume of the music changes from what I've got it set on to something lower, then back up, then lower...kind of like a fading signal. The microwave is not running, nor am I on a 2.4ghz phone.

Anyone found a solution to this or know why it happens? My house is somewhat small so it's likely not a range thing as I have 2 Airports (frost BS and AT) and use my PowerBook 1.67 all in a space that covers about 50' and all on one level.

I'm on 10.4.6 if that matters. TIA!
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Re: AirTunes Users: Ever Get "Fade-Out"?
Posted by: grad
Date: December 07, 2006 09:09AM
Never has happened, nor have there ever been any dropouts.

Does it happen from song to song, or just in the middle of a song?


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Re: AirTunes Users: Ever Get "Fade-Out"?
Posted by: Article Accelerator
Date: December 07, 2006 09:32AM
In over a year of Airtunes usage comprising hundreds of hours, I've heard exactly one sub-second drop-out. It was definitely CPU-load related.

Airtunes+Airport Express has been flawless for me. Check your configuration and hook-up.

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Re: AirTunes Users: Ever Get "Fade-Out"?
Posted by: SteveO
Date: December 09, 2006 03:51PM
Thanks a lot, grad and Article Accelerator...yeah, it happens *during* songs.

After some more thought, I believe the culprit is my last-gen 15" PowerBook 1.67. This model is quite infamous for AirPort dropouts, especially when the processor is taxed with several open programs. This causes me to have to just quit whatever open windows I have going -- on a daily basis -- and restart the machine if I want to use AirPort services. Besides being just plain annoying, it's very disruptive to work.

In my case, that means it happens when I run Word, Quark, a couple of browsers, iTunes, and Entourage. Nothing real graphics intensive as all my work is text-based.

What happens is after a few hours, I'll hear a series of loud whines...then the processor cycles and my cursor will literally jump all over the screen which makes the PB useless...until I turn off AirPort or until I restart the machine. Those are the only known fixes short of sending it into Apple, being without my workhorse for a week, and being told they can't duplicate the problem. But maybe I'm just being pessimistic.

Something on these is defective and causes this processor cycling/Airport loss thing. I have confirmed it on Apple's 15" last-gen PB forums. I am glad to hear the problem is not shared by you guys. Thanks again for the help.

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