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Argh! Shuffle wiped out!
Posted by: Spiff
Date: January 23, 2007 10:18PM
So I had not connected my 1st gen shuffle to my computer for a while. Well, the batteries ran out at the gym today. So I got home, connected it to my computer and let it recharge. After a while, I looked at what was on the shuffle.

Nothing! Natta! ZIp! Zeee-row. Agh. The playlist I had set up for workouts was good, and now I'm going to have to reconstruct.

However, I decided to get smart and connect it to my USB 2.0 G4 ALPB via powered USB hub instead of the 1.0 USB G3. MX1000 logitech mouse, nostromo gamepad n52 also hooked into the hub.

Frustration 1. Seems to load just as slow as the 1.1 USB. Wonder if it would make a difference if it were hooked directly into the USB port on the side?

Frustration 2: Shared libraries cannot be used to load up an iPod Shuffle. Ack! The G3 is a huge repository of my music. The laptop pales in comparison. Is this so with other Shuffles as well, or just the shuffle? I suppose that it really should not make a difference, then, which computer as I use, as they both seem slow to upload.

Oh well. Long night of loading on music again. *sigh*
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Re: Argh! Shuffle wiped out!
Posted by: h'
Date: January 23, 2007 11:01PM
Can you give a little better picture of what equipment you have?
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Re: Argh! Shuffle wiped out!
Posted by: SteveJobs
Date: January 24, 2007 05:55AM
I was surprised at how slow my Shuffle loads once I finally got a USB2 Mac.


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Re: Argh! Shuffle wiped out!
Posted by: Spiff
Date: January 24, 2007 08:48AM
I've been working with 1st gen iPod shuffle, connecting it to a B&W G3 350 Mhz using OS 10.3.9. Close to 1G of RAM. iTunes has been updated except for the latest 7.0.2. Have not made that leap, yet. iPod Shuffle updated.

I've not had problems before with connecting to the B&W. Never had the problem of wiping out the memory. Usually, if the computer does not recognize the shuffle, it will ask you if you want to wipe the shuffle and start over. There were no warning boxes when I came back to the shuffle after plugging it in 2-3 hours ago.

I wonder if the loss of battery power could possibly have caused the memory to go kerplooie?

Does anyone know if shared libraries can add songs to iPods other than shuffles? Such that, if I'm connected to my laptop, I can take songs from the B&W via shared library and put them on the iPod connected to my AlPB G4 1.5Gzh 1.5gb RAM OS 10.4.8? Using a Belkin powered USB hub with the above mentioned peripherals attached?
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Re: Argh! Shuffle wiped out!
Posted by: Harbourmaster
Date: January 24, 2007 01:42PM
AFAIK you can not load music onto any iPod from a shared library. (of course I could be wrong on this)

The Shuffle is slow to load no matter how fast the computer or USB 2 vs 1 that's just the way it is. I suspect that the flash memory that Apple is using in these is not very speedy!

Your Nostromo is probably knocking your speeds down to 1.1 on that hub.

The flash memory in the shuffle should retain whatever is on it even with no power present, is it possible that you accidentally reset it while plugging it in to charge?

Aloha, Ken

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