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MR Forum Video Conference Series: Does this webcam make me look...wide?
Posted by: pRICE cUBE
Date: May 12, 2020 05:00PM
Welcome to the MR Forum Video Conference Series, where pRICE cUBE attempts to give helpful hints on improving how others view you. Feel free to add information.

The following is based on my training and experience years of pointing lenses at people for money. These are all suggestions so do what is best for your situation. You may ask for a refund at any time.

In today's topic we discuss why your webcam make you look wider than you perceive yourself to be.

That webcam is probably making you look a bit wider the you perceive yourself. There are a few reasons for this that are correctable.

-Wide Angle Effect: Webcam lenses are typically set to be wide angle field of view. Most portraits of the head and shoulders uses a "normal (not wide or telephoto view)" to telephoto type lenses. Wide angle lenses and to make people look wider, particular as subject matter is toward the sides of the image. Objects closer to the wide angle lens tend to look larger in comparison. If you put your face right up to a wide angle lens, your nose may appear disproportionally larger than the rest of your body.

A fix for this may be adding a lens in from of your webcam that magnifies the angle of view. There are kits for smartphones that fit many tablets. For $19 shipped you can buy this add on lens set which has a few lenses including a 2X lens. [] . You should be able to use the 2X lens to change the lens to a "normal" or even slightly telephoto lens by magnifying the file of view to show a narrower angle. The other lenses in the kid can modify close up shooting for small objects or wider lenses. Those may be fun but now part of improving video conference image.

-Angle Of View:

Another compounding reason why your webcam makes you look wider is the angle of which your camera is located. Likely your smartphones, tablets, and laptops are lower than your face and pointing upward toward the underside of your chin. Lower angles exaggerate your neck size in possibly unflattering ways. The image below shows the underneath angle, then straight on, concluding with slightly pointed downward at the subject. The angle can change what part of the face and neck are emphasized. You will do yourself and others a favor by not showing what is up your nostrils by eliminating the lower angle.

You can fix this by placing your phone, tablet, laptop at a higher angle. A laptop an be placed on a box or books since your fellow conference attended can't se the book.
Tablets and phones can also be propped higher or use these articulating arm holders []

Ways to improve web conference image and sound quality. []

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Re: MR Forum Video Conference Series: Does this webcam make me look...wide?
Posted by: Rolando
Date: May 12, 2020 10:57PM
I mount my iPhone on top of my monitors (slightly above eyelevel) using a bendy tripod. I wish Zoom could do a 2x zoom even square aspect ratio!

San Antonio, TX (in the old city)

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Re: MR Forum Video Conference Series: Does this webcam make me look...wide?
Posted by: datbeme
Date: May 12, 2020 11:15PM
I really like this Rain Design stand that I've had for several years. I mainly use it for docking my MBP (often closed) while using an external monitor, but I encouraged my wife to use it for video calls, and I think it may belong to her now.


I was looking into buying her one of her own when I came across this:


Doesn't look quite as polished as the Rain Design stand, and it's a bit pricey, but the flexibility in angles/heights is intriguing.
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