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MR Forum Video Conference Series: pRICE cUBE, you insensitive clod, critique this group's image quality
Posted by: pRICE cUBE
Date: May 18, 2020 05:01PM
Welcome to the MR Forum Video Conference Series, where pRICE cUBE attempts to give helpful hints on improving how others view you.

The following is based on my training and experience years of pointing lenses at people for money.

Feel free to add information.

These are all suggestions so do what is best for your situation.

You may ask for a refund at any time.

The following is my opinion on a random screen shot found on a simple web search. It is my opinion purely from a visual point of view. I do not know the group or their work environment and expectations. This could be a completely chill working environment where nobody cares about how they appear and I am just being an insensitive clod. I hope my commentary I can help people understand my thinking as a photographer They can take this information and suggestions as a way to improve the image quality of their video conference calls.

Row 1
L: Green paint background may be fooling the camera white balance which compensates by adding more magenta (pink). A more level camera height could help. Painting is the background may be distracting.
LM:The items on the bottom sides of the frame and white picture border are distracting. Overall lighting is even.
RM: Very busy background which can be distracting to others. Window light peeking through on the right side. Slight camera reposting could help this.
R: Red item in the background could be distracting. The item she is seated on is fairly neutral but scooting the camera closer could help. Camera is at a good even level. The room could use a bit more light.

Row 2
L: The background is very busy with items. The bright spot in the background is distracting. Camera is placed at a low level and overall room brightness is dark. Camera should also be closer to the subject.
LM: The background is very busy with items and there is also too much dead space. Camera should be closer to the subject. Subject lighting need to be brighter.
RM: Camera is adequately close but view is from a lower level. The window light on the right is distracting. It also causes uneven lighting on her face. The camera cannot show detail in the bright area and cannot get enough detail in the shadow area. The background's wall is clean and uncluttered.
R: Too many items in the background and the window is distracting. The lamp in the background could definitely be used as subject lighting is too dim.

Row 3
L: Too much background clutter, extremely distracting. Subject is being lit by the cool blue light of the monitor. This gives the skin tone a very cold look. A light more powerful than the subject's screen could help the overall appearance. Subject needs to be closer to the camera.
LM: The open door reveals background distractions. Close the door or reposition the camera. Subject's face is being lit by the monitor. The camera's white balance is compensating for the lighting on the face by making the background light appear more yellow. This makes the room appear dingy.
RM: Background items are distracting. Camera level is a bit low and subject needs to be closer. Subject's face is too dimly lit. The hair is being lit from overhead but not enough light is on the face. There is no color or details in the eyes.
R:Background items are distracting. Camera level is low and subject needs to be closer to the camera. The room appears to be lit by window light in the background and incandescent on the subject. The camera is white balancing for the background light and making the subject's incandescent light appear too yellow.

Row 4
L: Angle on subject is too low and background windows are distracting. The camera is attempting to expose for the window light and it leaves the subject's face too dark.
LM:The camera is exposing for the background window light. The subject is too dark. The camera angle is low. The elf is the background may be too distracting.
RM: The angle of the camera is low. You can see the most of this person's nostrils out of the whole group.The eye need to be on the imaginary top 1/3 line of the frame. Lighting appears to be a side window which gives an uneven lighting look. A reflector on the side or a lamp would help.
R: Lighting is too dark on the faces. The camera is trying to set exposure for the hair which leaves the faces in shadows. This causes the face color and skin tone mottled.

Row 5
L: Monitor is the dominant light in the subject. Clearest background but the camera's white balance is trying to offer blue light source on the objects. this causes the yellowish incandescent light in the background to appear more yellow.
LM: too much background with very little emphasis on the subject. Items in background are numerous and distracting. The window lighting in the background fools the camera's exposure and makes the subject exposure too dark.
RM: Subject's baseball style cam block other light from lighting the face. The background light is striking the camera lens at an angle that causes flare. The camera is exposing for this background light which leaves the subject face too dark. Face could use supplemental lighting not from the monitor. Camera angle is low and lines and geometric shapes of the background features are distracting.
R: Camera angle is low and subject could be closer to the camera. Overall lighting is the most even of the group.

Ways to improve web conference image and sound quality. []

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