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A small Apple snafu on my Apple Card
Posted by: RAMd®d
Date: November 02, 2020 03:50PM
I ordered an S6 Watch on 27 OCT and wanted it on the interest free installment plan.

It wasn't obvious to me or I was obtuse to it, but I could see how to accomplish it so I called Apple.

That was apparently a mistake, as I may have got the wrong intel.

My bill for OCT seems a little high so I downloaded the pdf and found the Watch had be charged full price.

I was going to pay it all off, but decided to see if I could get this fixed.

I called G-S, right from the Apple Card Wallet app, very convenient.

After a very short wait, a G-S "Apple Card Specialist" picked up, and after a couple of minutes, the problem appears sorted.

The timer on the 'Phone showed a tick over 5min.

That's probably one of the most pleasant transactions with a credit card company I've ever had.

Maybe nobody but G-S would deal with Apple, maybe Apple figured G-S would try harder, being #7 and under a cloud.

I'm really happy with this Card.

Other than my debit card, the only other of my credit cards that see any use in my Chase/AMZ card.

If the others give my a problem for none use, they'll likely get sacked.

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Re: A small Apple snafu on my Apple Card
Posted by: tenders
Date: November 02, 2020 04:40PM
I'm pretty much down to the Apple Card, for all contactless transactions and any that have a big incentive, and the Amazon Card for anything on Amazon or that requires a physical card.

(I know Apple Card will send me a physical card, but I don't need it.)
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