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I got my Woozoo workin'!
Posted by: RAMd®d
Date: June 14, 2021 08:05PM
My local Costco was OOS of the $24.00 Woozoo PCF-SC15T Full Oscillation Globe Fan w/ Remote mentioned recently by Buzz so I ordered it from Costco at $39.

MSRP is $115 and Bezo wants $57, so $39 still seemed like a bargain.

I didn't see Sam3's post or I'd taken a liesurely drive to a couple slightly more distant Costcos to check stock, although gas eats up about half that $15 savings.

I picked it up from the PO a couple of days ago and set it up last night.

Woohoo, Woozoo.

What a neat little fan.

It's silent at the lowest two speeds, and vewy vewy quiet at the next two, and still significantly quieter than one's typical ubiquitous three-speed oscillating fans with the 10lb motor, on High.

Beside looking way cool like something out of Wall•E, both of which I really like, it's got two features I missed when ordering.

First is a Natural Breeze feature that varies the strength of the airflow, a neat little touch when a steady stream of air isn't really needed and might even be annoying.

The second is vertical as well as horizontal oscillation.

But wait there's morevertical and horizontal oscillation simutainiously!


Watching it sweep the room really cracks me up!

There is one slight con - it doesn't tilt below 0º horizontal.

I'd get another for the bedroom to replace a larger fan (15"?) but the only place for one is about 1.5' above me and that means no breeze at less than 3rd speed when means no sleep.

Otherwise, I found this to be a great bargain at $39.

That $15 would have bought a lot of pre-cooked bacon or some other necessity that makes life worth living.

And yet, that doesn't bother me.

I'm truly tempted to get another to squirrel away in case something happens to this one.

Thank you, Buzz!

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Re: I got my Woozoo workin'!
Posted by: Sam3
Date: June 15, 2021 04:51AM
My wife loved hers so much that she wanted me to scour the local Costcos for more. My one Costco sold a whole pallet in a day! (I Saw them Sunday, wife wanted another or two, by Monday they were gone.) The stores said that there was a shipment waiting, but it was back-ordered at the distribution point. Well, low and behold, on the last day of the sale, Sunday, there was a half of a pallet left when I got to Costco in the afternoon.

I picked up three.

One for the bathroom, one for the daughter unit, and one spare.

These things are amazing, and just as RAMd®d mentioned, straight out of Wall-E or Big Hero 6. Watching the ball go left to right, up and down in a seemingly random pattern is pretty neat.

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Re: I got my Woozoo workin'!
Posted by: Buzz
Date: June 15, 2021 02:15PM
Once word got out, they were selling like hotcakes.
When I first saw 'em awhile back at BB&B, they were priced kinda high, and no coupons were allowed. Was happy as heck to see 'em at Costco.
Glad y'all scored!

FYI, the (noisier, bigger, windier) Ozeri Brezza III does the dual oscillation thing, and does go down below 0° horizontal. It's about $10 cheaper at Bezos when in stock, and non-BT model is usually cheaper when you can find it. That said, at Costco's deal, the Woozoo is a better deal. If you need more airflow, and don't mind a little more noise, the Ozeri is a solid choice.... until a similar deal is available for the bigger Woozoo.
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