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How hacked is this? !
Posted by: Buzz
Date: December 28, 2021 06:35PM
Bought a cooler as a wedding gift for our neighbors thru Amazon in September, and had it shipped directly to them. That's the only place that specific info was entered. The seller for the cooler was listed as Amazon LLC (as opposed to a third party). A week ago I ordered some low sodium V8 juice (and some spray paint) from Wally's. Had been feeling cruddy for a few days, and went to urgent care (everything's OK, thanks), and when I checked my email later that evening, the Walmart confirm email had our neighbors' info not only for the shipping, but had the default Amex card from Amazon as the default payment method for Wally's.... instead of the Visa that had been, and was supposed to be, the Wally's default for our account.

I cancelled the order (but it showed up anyway), and changed the shipping and billing info back to what it's supposed to be. Then I went and checked on the low sodium V8, by itself, and even though it was in stock at the closest stores, somehow it popped up as not available for home delivery. WTF? So somehow by entering the spray paint first in the initial order, it didn't bark on screen, the system just substituted regular V8 for the low sodium on its own.

Too many goof ups on one order! How did the AMZ gift info get into our Wally's account as its default info??? I sorta understand the V8 snafu, thinking that some stuff comes from a Wally's store, and other stuff from a distro hub, but it woulda been nice if Wally's site had barked in real time on the V8, like it did when it was the only item in the followup test process. Does Wally's getting the AMZ info mean AMZ was hacked? and/or was Wally's hacked to get that info?
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Re: How hacked is this? !
Posted by: Sarcany
Date: December 28, 2021 06:49PM
Walmart does not have Amazon's billing info.

Something else happened.

Malware or one of those deal/coupon browser add-ons might send you to a third-party site when you go to check out at Wally's and maybe you didn't notice because they disguised it to look like Wally's. It's plausible that the 3rd party was linked to Amazon's payment system and you didn't notice that either because you used auto-fill. This may or may not indicate that some third party you don't trust now has your CC info.

Run a Malwarebytes scan and take a good look at your browser extensions/add-ons.

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Re: How hacked is this? !
Posted by: Buzz
Date: December 28, 2021 08:24PM
Thanks, Doc. Malwarebytes was clean, and I never click on that third party bad-linky stuff.... though I can't vouch for what spousal unit does on her screen time. Only use trusted browser extensions, but no way to confirm every interaction is 100% secure, other than to not use 'em at all.

Wally's standard shopping screen, when logged in, had my name right as the account holder, and only shows the street address; not the unit number. Neighbor (that order was shipped to) has different unit number at the same street address. Before I clicked the "place order" button, it still had the low sodium V8 in the cart, and I hadn't drilled deep enough to find out the billing and shipping info had been defaulted to what had been gleeped from Amazon..... so I just let it fly, thinking the right stuff was coming here, and was charged to the proper Visa card. It wasn't until I checked the email later in the evening that the goof up(s) became apparent.

Now I'm trying to figure out best practices to cure.
Thanks again.
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Re: How hacked is this? !
Posted by: Diana
Date: December 28, 2021 11:20PM
As far as the billing information issue, I can’t help.

I don’t know if this will help, but I’ve found several things about Wally’s site. This was discovered during various forays due to my mom having problems. She has had the car taken away as she’s scary behind the wheel. Of course, nothing will happen and if it did no one would be hurt and of course no one would sue her or anyone that enabled her. But, back to Wally’s.

There are two sides to Wally’s: the grocery side and everything else. The two sides don’t talk to one another, and I’ve found that I could swear I’m on one side, such as grocery, only to find I’m not. I’ve also ordered things, KNOWING that I had specified delivery, only to find that somehow it now says pickup. I suspect that the decisions are hidden at the beginning of the selection/ordering process, as once it was done I couldn’t find a way to change it. There have been items that I know are available at the local Wally’s but are not available online. Needless to say I am not impressed with them.
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Re: How hacked is this? !
Posted by: GGD
Date: December 29, 2021 02:34AM
Any chance that this is all due to your web browser doing auto-fill on the Walmart order form using data saved from that Amazon gift order.
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Re: How hacked is this? !
Posted by: Buzz
Date: December 29, 2021 02:30PM
Diana- I'm thinking you're on to something.... I've never paid close enough attention to discern the grocery vs. others distinction. The closest I've realized, is that some stuff shows up as available for same day delivery, and other stuff doesn't. As noted above, in that vein, it's seemed that some stuff comes from a (reasonably) nearby store, and other stuff comes from a distro hub.... I whiffed on the dueling sites under the same umbrella, but that sure 'splains the leaded instead of unleaded V8 juice. Thanks!

GGD- I'm still baffled (maximum) over that one. Never saved the one shot Amazon gift info to auto fill, and have bought tons of stuff on Amazon since. Not as much from Wally's...., but per Diana, I don't recall which site(s) were used. Weird thing on this order, as noted prior, was all visual clues aligned to confuse.... Account name; OK. Address; OK, seemingly, because unit number wasn't shown, nor was 'Ship To' addressee, nor was default/stored method of payment. Since I was unaware of Diana's realization of multiple sites, that must've internally conflicted, by clicking 'place order', I thought all was well, and that the order was being charged to the Visa card that was supposed to the only card on file at Wally's.... no clue that the Visa had been purged and was replaced by the (wrong) Amex card until I checked the confirm email a few hours later.

Now, how to cure, and keep something like this from happening again?
Muchas gracias.
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