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curative?!....woman cured of HIV with groundbreaking transplant.....
Posted by: NewtonMP2100
Date: February 15, 2022 02:20PM
.....using umbilical cord blood....gentler than using 'stem cells'......only the 3rd person to be 'cured' of HIV.....

A woman has been cured of HIV using a groundbreaking transplant, scientists say

A woman has reportedly been "cured" of HIV, using a novel technique involving newborn blood.

The technique is seemingly gentler than stem-cell transplantation, the only known way that people have been cured before of the virus that causes AIDS.

Only 2 other people, both men, have been medically cured of HIV. Scientists have previously reported 2 other women to be naturally virus-free.

....An HIV-positive woman appears to have been cured of the virus, using an unusual, and seemingly far more gentle transplantation technique than ever before, which involves umbilical cord blood sourced from a newborn.

Details of her case, announced at the Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections Tuesday, were first reported in The New York Times. According to the Times, the use of cord blood, which is more adaptable than adult blood, makes it less important for the donor and recipient to be very closely matched.

The new case, reportedly in a woman of "mixed race," according to the Times, also suggests hope that more patients of diverse backgrounds may be able to be cured of HIV in the future.

Previously, the only people who've been confirmed as cured of HIV have been two stem-cell transplant recipients, known as the "Berlin Patient" (Timothy Ray Brown), and the "London Patient" (Adam Castillejo).

But, over the past two years, at least two additional cases of what are thought to be natural HIV cures have surfaced.

The first woman, 66-year-old Californian Laureen Willenberg, is thought to be an "elite controller" of the virus. Another woman, diagnosed with HIV in 2013 in Argentina, similarly, has no trace of the virus in her body that scientists can find. Her daughter, born in 2020, is HIV-free, a feat that is usually only accomplished through antiretroviral therapy (ART) drug treatments during pregnancy.

The umbilical cord blood recipient, a patient at Weill Cornell Medicine, reportedly recieved her blood transplant in August 2017, from a donor with a genetic mutation that blocks HIV. At that time, she also recieved some blood stem cells from a first-degree relative.

"The transplant from the relative is like a bridge that got her through to the point of the cord blood being able to take over," Dr. Marshall Glesby, an infectious disease expert at Weill Cornell, who's part of her research team, told the Times.

the cure..........?!


I reject your reality and substitute my own!
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Re: curative?!....woman cured of HIV with groundbreaking transplant.....
Posted by: lost in space
Date: February 15, 2022 04:03PM
Wow. Good news indeed.

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Re: curative?!....woman cured of HIV with groundbreaking transplant.....
Posted by: ztirffritz
Date: February 15, 2022 04:54PM
I've read about a few people cured via bone marrow transplants.

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Re: curative?!....woman cured of HIV with groundbreaking transplant.....
Posted by: freeradical
Date: February 15, 2022 04:57PM
Haven't two or three people also been cured of rabies?
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Re: curative?!....woman cured of HIV with groundbreaking transplant.....
Posted by: Diana
Date: February 15, 2022 11:31PM
When I worked with a group investigating stem cells, there were few reliable (human) sources. As cultured cells tend to genetically drift over time, and were expensive/labor intensive to maintain, fresh stem cells were used.

They used the mouse model, using bone marrow. But mice aren’t human, and while the mouse model is useful, it doesn’t always tell the whole story. The next step was applying what they learned and seeing if it was applicable to human.

So bone marrow was again used as a source: excised hip bone from human hip replacement surgeries (with prior permission of course). This provided adult stem cells, with all the attendant issues of cellular recognition and rejection. Another source, much more difficult to obtain, was cord blood. The difficulty arose because some mothers will want to freeze the cord blood in the belief that it may help their child later in their life. Others wouldn’t donate, either because they were just unaware it was a desired human tissue, or because the term “stem cells” was used. Human experimentation! Go figure. The group then investigated the two types of stem cells they had access to.

These neonatal stem cells are immature and undifferentiated, about as close to fetal stem cells that you can get without the moral issues with fetal tissues. The cord blood along with the umbilical cord and placenta is normally disposed of, so why not use it? Adult stem cells have differentiated enough that they can be identified as foreign by the patient and thus risk rejection and the attendant crisis; neonatal ones not so much. Thus, the use of neonatal stem cells don’t necessarily require complete and utter destruction of the patient’s immune system for them to take, and thus would be much gentler on the patient. I’m not saying that it’s a walk in the park! Anytime you put something foreign in the body you risk an immune response.

Also, it used to be thought that adult stem cells cannot be “undifferentiated,” as in going back to a prior stage. As the fetus grows, various hormones are produces at specific (and sometimes not so specific) times and sequences. The cells respond and change to a more mature form (differentiate). Kind of like an adult cannot change themselves back into a baby. Physically, not mentally, ya idjit! but later research showed that it is possible to some degree. If you need the journal source, let me know and I’ll look it up in the morning. Also, there are more locations for adult stem cells in the human body than just bone marrow: the lining of the gut, the brain, the lymph system among them.
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Re: curative?!....woman cured of HIV with groundbreaking transplant.....
Posted by: dk62
Date: February 16, 2022 11:23AM
Stem cell transplants of any kind are fairly severe and potentially lethal treatments. As long as there are other treatments that keep symptoms in check, I would assume that few people will choose transplants (situation similar to CML).
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