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Went to "Wrigleyville" yesterday
Posted by: Rolando
Date: April 03, 2022 10:59AM
Took the wife out to eat. Just to get out of the house.

The food was a good (and messy) as I expected.

I had the Chili Cheese Dog,
Wife had the Polish Dog with Grilled onions.

Surprise to me they had RC Cola and Squirt on fountain.

Jimmy took our orders. Sounded like a Chicago accent, suitably surly.

I recommend it.

BTW they had "Go Greek once a week" sign for their Pitas.
My wife rolled her eyes at when I pointed it out to her.

San Antonio, TX (in the old city)

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Re: Went to "Wrigleyville" yesterday
Posted by: Kraniac
Date: April 03, 2022 12:50PM
hmm. that freaks me out.
Our Wrigleyville doesn't really exist any more..
It's now an official, glossy, shitshow.

It used to be a functioning, accessible was
THE coolest thing...ballpark, people living across the street..paying rent, owning, whatever..working class folks.

Now it's glossed, developed, filled with inauthentic bars catering to a bunch of morons. I don't go anywhere near it..i avoid it because i hate seeing it. i used to love taking the cruise through it...up Clark..over and through on Addison.
Folks see a place, love it for what it actually is..go there...and then decide to basically destroy everything that made it what it was..that's how it works..the heart was cut out of that hood
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Re: Went to "Wrigleyville" yesterday
Posted by: OWC Jamie
Date: April 03, 2022 09:45PM
And here I thought you went to the real place. Only "old" spot left around the ballpark is about 1/2 block North. Friend of mine lives a block away from the park at Clark & Grace, park at his place, and I walk here before a game.

Google Maps of Wrigleyville

Or, drive 1.5 miles South of Wrigley to The Wiener's Circle.

Or go out near O'Hare to Gene & Judes, which is better than both of these ;)

Good Luck!
Jamie Dresser
Other World Computing

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Re: Went to "Wrigleyville" yesterday
Posted by: gabester
Date: April 04, 2022 01:23PM
Jamie ftw on some of the best dog places around Chicagoland.

I miss Hot Doug's.

Goodness that Wrigleyville Dogs sign brings back some memories!

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Re: Went to "Wrigleyville" yesterday
Posted by: Racer X
Date: April 05, 2022 12:39AM
Took my partner to Poundtown this weekend.

Would like to head south to Brownsville soon.

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