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Folo to Apple photo order problem (long, sorry)
Posted by: Gutenberg
Date: January 24, 2006 10:40AM
I sent an order through iPhoto for prints. Apple enlarged and cropped them and they are unusable.


I got an answer to my complaint today, which essentially says "too bad, so sad":

Dear Gutenberg,

Thank you for contacting iPhoto Customer Support.

Apple recommends using iPhoto to adjust your images to the proper aspect ratio before submitting them. Images that are not constrained to the aspect ratio of the print size you are ordering are automatically cropped during processing. This is why your prints did not turn out as you had expected.

To constrain an image to the proper aspect ratio, select the photo you want to adjust and click the Edit button. Position the arrow pointer at one corner of the area you want to select, then drag to enclose the desired area.

To constrain your selection to a specific size ratio, choose a ratio from the Constrain pop-up menu before dragging to enclose the desired area. If you plan to use the photo in a book, choose 4 x 3. If you're ordering larger prints, choose the appropriate size (5 x 7 or 8 x 10) to constrain the image. Finally, click the Crop button.

Consult the following articles for more information:

iPhoto: About aspect ratio and print orders

iPhoto 5 Help: Cropping Photos

Please note that if you are ordering different size prints of the same image, you should make separate copies of that image, each one cropped to the aspect ratio of each print size to be ordered.


The iPhoto Team

Find answers to many questions in the iPhoto Help menu and at the iPhoto Support website:

Network-related issues that occur when ordering prints or books in iPhoto may be caused by a variety of reasons. We recommend you use the most current version of iPhoto. You may download iPhoto updates here:


So I sent them this, making my request for reprints a little stronger:

Nowhere on the order sheet does it say that the photos will be cropped by Apple. I had three 11 by 14 images and chose 16 by 20 so they would print comfortably on the page at 100 percent. I did not authorize the photos to be enlarged and cropped.

The photos I received are enlarged to 145 percent, which I did not order or authorize, and they are unacceptable because the bottom is cropped off. They are newspaper pages and they must have the bottom of the page printed in order to be acceptable.

Please reprint the pages at 100 percent at your expense. The order you sent me is unacceptable and I had no warning that the photos would be altered.

Otherwise you could return my money, including the shipping.


Any suggestions from here?

Thanks, Gutie
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Re: Folo to Apple photo order problem (long, sorry)
Posted by: jimbrady
Date: January 24, 2006 11:13AM
> Any suggestions from here?

Start looking for a new service or get ready to swallow your pride. I hope I'm wrong.

I'm guessing your approach (asking for 16x20 but sending 11x17) expects too much in the way of human common sense from a totally automated manufacturing process. That's not meant to excuse what happened--you were screwed. I'm afraid I don't expect the same kind of 'customer's always right' accommodation from Apple as I do from Amazon.

In order to work-around their flawed system, you'd need to enlarge the canvas size of the 11x17 to 16x20, leaving the image centered. You prob'ly knew that already.
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Re: Folo to Apple photo order problem (long, sorry)
Posted by: ka jowct
Date: January 24, 2006 11:57AM
I had the same problem once with actual photos (from negs or slides. It never occurred t me that the people enlarging the images would crop to fit a different aspect ratio: I thought I was specifying the paper size. After that I was more careful and always specified NO CROPPING!

If the iPhoto service didn't warn you that they were going to hack off part of your image, they should reprint.

The idea that paper size (more specifically, filling every bit of it) trumps image integrity is bizarre.
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Re: Folo to Apple photo order problem (long, sorry)
Posted by: Jack D.
Date: January 24, 2006 03:20PM
Doesn't matter what you tell them. Nobody in Retail Land cares about what the customer needs any more. We have been assimilated...

- Jack D.

New tasteless sig coming soon!
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Re: Folo to Apple photo order problem (long, sorry)
Posted by: $tevie
Date: January 24, 2006 03:22PM
I guess if you want to devote a lot of time to this, you can start with a phone call to a number that you know isn't the right one, and start fighting your way over to somebody who can help you. I tend to get ticked off enough to go ahead and spend that kind of time on something. It depends if it is worth it to you or not.

I've had two occasions where I spent well over an hour on the phone being tossed from one Apple rep to another, and both times I was very satisfied with the final resolution. But on the other hand, both times concerned Apple products that DID have a phone number to start out from.
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