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Tooth Grinders?
Posted by: Rolando
Date: September 10, 2022 11:21AM
Wen to the dentist yesterday. He's still feeling the aftereffects fo C19, was moving slowly.

He told me I grind my teeth at night and should get a guard. My concern is does this effect breathing? My snoring reduced a lot after I lost 50 lbs, but its a concern?

Anybody have experience wearing a dental guard while sleeping?

San Antonio, TX (in the old city)

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Re: Tooth Grinders?
Posted by: Bill in NC
Date: September 10, 2022 11:34AM
After my dentist visit last week I now get to go to the endodontist to see if pain on chewing is an abscess at the tooth root (root canal!) versus night grinding.

Wish I were one of those freaks with an extra set of wisdom teeth so I could just pull it.
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Re: Tooth Grinders?
Posted by: Ammo
Date: September 10, 2022 12:36PM
I wore a guard at night for 2-3 years for the same reason as your dentist cited. At first, it was too tight and uncomfortable. Then he worked on with a rotary tool until I could use it without pain. It was very thin, and caused no airway obstruction at all. It was made of a very strong plastic or resin material that eventually became brittle and cracked. At that point it didn’t seem safe to wear so I tossed it. YMMV.

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Re: Tooth Grinders?
Posted by: kj
Date: September 10, 2022 12:53PM
I wear one intermittently. I would be really surprised if it made breathing any more difficult for anyone. The cool thing is that if you don't get one, eventually your teeth get really sharp.
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Re: Tooth Grinders?
Posted by: NewtonMP2100
Date: September 10, 2022 02:19PM
……Grindr for guys…..but there must be one for teeth to hookup….


I reject your reality and substitute my own!
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Re: Tooth Grinders?
Posted by: Steve G.
Date: September 10, 2022 02:48PM
and for you sports fans, grinders for plenty

Ty Cobb’s dentures auctioned for $18K+
Karen Shemonsky, bought them in 1999. At that time, she told The Post, “This is such a thrill to me to now own a piece of baseball history.”

Edited 1 time(s). Last edit at 09/10/2022 02:49PM by Steve G..
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Re: Tooth Grinders?
Posted by: rz
Date: September 10, 2022 02:56PM
I wear one every night. Doesn’t affect my breathing at all. Took a couple of days to get used to it. Now, I hardly notice it.
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Re: Tooth Grinders?
Posted by: TheTominator
Date: September 10, 2022 07:45PM
I wear a mouth guard every time I lay down to sleep.
No problems at all with breathing.

Mine was made by a dental lab. I did it by mail directly with the dental lab (J & S Dental Lab) at a cost about 1/3 of what my dentist would have charged. The Amazon listing for the lab's kit by mail is no longer active or I would have provided the link.

For a period of a few years prior to getting a proper one, I tried many over-the-counter ones from different drug stores or even mail order since they were so inexpensive compared to getting one made by a dental lab. The ones that fit somewhat well wore out quickly. The ones that fit badly were really uncomfortable. One even was so bad that I bit my cheek severely while sleeping. The moral of the story... don't cheap out and get a proper one made by a dental lab. Mine has lasted over 6 years now, but I'm more of a clencher than a grinder so it might not be subject to as much wear and tear.
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Re: Tooth Grinders?
Posted by: Speedy
Date: September 10, 2022 11:17PM
I had no trouble breathing with the one my dentist made for me but it only lasted three weeks before I ground through it. The next one lasted longer but it bit the dust, too. I now have had braces for16 months or so and their installation has ended my grinding (for now). I’ll see what happens after the orthodontist is done working his skill in a few months or more. (I got braces because my two front upper teeth were flexing and flaking off enamel and I didn’t want them breaking off. I hope the braces do the trick…)

Saint Cloud, Minnesota, where the weather is wonderful even when it isn't.
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Re: Tooth Grinders?
Posted by: mattkime
Date: September 11, 2022 01:00PM
I've used guards for a number of years, wish I would have been told I needed one sooner.

No, they don't interrupt my breathing. I've had a couple different kinds but my current one doesn't differ too much from something an athlete might wear playing a contact sport. It doesn't block their breathing either.

I tried a number of drug store versions and they varied from intolerable to just tolerable. My dentist fit ones have worked quite well. Yes, they're a bit expensive but thats what FSA money is for.

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