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Wordle Karma? Back-to-Back Days in the Blogice Wheelhouse....
Posted by: Buzz
Date: September 22, 2022 02:32PM
Last couple of days were "natural" Blogics.... spinning smiley sticking its tongue out

**SPOILER**   **CAUTION** Contains insights into the bizarre inner workings of an OCD mind...
OK, so yesterday I started w/ "RESAT", and hit 3 greens right off the bat!
"RE", & "A". That left me w/ a possibles universe of 8...
REBAR” = (if "GLYPH")
RECAP” = (if "GLYPH")
REGAL” = (if "GLYPH")
REHAB” = (if "GLYPH")
RELAX” = (if "GLYPH")*
RELAY” = (if "GLYPH")
RENAL” = (if "GLYPH")*
REPAY” = (if "GLYPH")

So, apply quickie Blogic paradigm, and out pops "GLYPH", which as you can see, locks 'em all *except for "RELAX" w/ "RENAL".
Gold "P" showed up, so solve was "RECAP".
Not sure what I woulda done had the gold "L" hit for "RELAX" w/ "RENAL", but "RENAL" is on my starter words list.

/ / / / / / / / / / / / /

Today, I started w/ "TARES", which hit 2 gold, "T" & "S", and a green "A".
That left a possibles universe of 9 this time...
HASTY” = (if "SPINY")
NASTY” = (if "SPINY")
PASTA” = (if "SPINY")
PASTY” = (if "SPINY")*
PATSY” = (if "SPINY")*
SAINT” = (if "SPINY")
SALTY” = (if "SPINY")
SATIN” = (if "SPINY")
WAIST” = (if "SPINY")

So, again, quickie application of Blogic paradigm, and out pops "SPINY", which, as before, locks 'em all *except for "PASTY" w/ "PATSY".
Green "S" & "IN", so "SAINT" it is for today.
Not sure what I woulda done had the gold "P" and green "Y" hit for "PASTY" w/ "PATSY"
cool smiley

Just thought there musta been some sort of Blogic karma in the air for back to back days to have such similar Blogic solve profiles.
What will tomorrow bring?
cool smiley
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