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Cat pee deterent?
Posted by: Acer
Date: October 09, 2022 10:57AM
We have a sweet indoor cat who's taken to peeing in the wrong spot. It started innocently, We had a door mat on carpet, and we have frequent guests who put their shoes on said mat. She's always been a sniffer, and we think a guest tracked in something that got her worked up. Unfortunately, before we realized what was going on, she had gone there multiple times over a week, and it got under the mat into the carpet. Now we've removed the mat, cleaned it, sprayed enzyme cleaner and placed furniture on top, but she'll pee around the edges area when we're not looking. We think she has decided this is her pee spot, and any remaining whiff is triggering her.

What wisdom does the forum offer?

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Re: Cat pee deterent?
Posted by: mattkime
Date: October 09, 2022 11:19AM
Vigorously clean the spot. Put a litter box in the problem spot. Leave it there at least a couple of weeks then slowly move it to a desired location.

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Re: Cat pee deterent?
Posted by: Fritz
Date: October 09, 2022 12:59PM
what mattkime said.


proofraed by OwEn the c@t.

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Re: Cat pee deterent?
Posted by: Diana
Date: October 09, 2022 01:01PM
Clean it up to destroy the odor, redirect with the litterbox to destroy the bad habit and reinforce the good. It will take time and patience.

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Re: Cat pee deterent?
Posted by: Rolando
Date: October 09, 2022 02:10PM
Low voltage live wire on the spot?

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Re: Cat pee deterent?
Posted by: Gareth
Date: October 09, 2022 04:44PM
Are they any other possible reasons for this behavior? I.e. If the regular litter box is not clean enough, she may have chosen a new spot. If she is older and you have a "difficult entry" litter box (i.e. top entry, or small hole), she may not like going in it.
Or is the litter box far away and she prefers to hang out near this new area?

The above are all reasons for my older cat's behavior in his last year, and I had to give in and put a regular litter box in the location he had picked (as opposed to the top entry litter box the cats were previously using). Of course, when a regular litter box appears, it becomes all the cats' favorite spot, instead of using the copious other top entry boxes.
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Re: Cat pee deterent?
Posted by: testcase
Date: October 09, 2022 06:02PM
That can be an indication that your cat may have a urinary tract infection.
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