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Notifications silenced
Posted by: davemchine
Date: November 18, 2022 10:38AM
Lately I have not been getting any notifications when someone texts me. Since I usually have my Apple Watch, iPhone and iPad in close proximity I was pretty sure I wasn't just missing the notifications. Today my wife asked me "why do you have your notifications silenced?" to which I answered, "I don't know." Off to google I went and found the problem. It was the 13th on a list of 14th possible reasons. My iPad volume was turned down all the way and I'm synchronizing my status across devices.

Now I don't have any idea how to make this more intuitive but 13th of 14th reasons why it could be happening? Holy moly this is too complex.


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Re: Notifications silenced
Posted by: RAMd®d
Date: November 19, 2022 12:25AM
It was the 13th on a list of 14th possible reasons.

What iOS are you using?

From your link:

1) Turn your iPhone on and then swipe up from the bottom of the screen to open the Control Center.

2) You’ll see two sliders: one for volume and one for vibrate. Check the slider for “Ringtone” and make sure it’s not muted.

I never paid much attention to Control Center in 15.1, the iOS mentioned in the article, though I did use bits a lot.

Now at 16.1.1, the bold bits don't apply, that I can see.

And how did you sync the status of your devices?

Not that I'm going to, but turning off the ringer on my 'Phone doesn't affect my iPads.

Holy moly this is too complex.


It's the cost of having an uber feature rich smartphone, and there are a lot of my 12 mini's capabilities I don't use.

Upside, it tempers my need to move to the latest and greatest.

And I'm extremely loathe to get a phone bigger than the mini, which isn't so mini in this iteration.

Apple has a User Guide for the 'Phones, but it's never mentioned anywhere I've looked, only found it when doing a Support search.

There was a time when it could be downloaded as a .pdf, but I don't think that's true anymore.

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Nothing like I've ever seen here, smaller than even the 'candy bar' Nokias, etc.

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