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Posted by: kap
Date: August 06, 2007 02:18AM
How many do you own? What are the brand names of those toolboxes? In addition to my own tools I also have inherited many from friends and relatives, who moved and did not want to lug heavy tools with them. I have tried to be more organized about it but still, I ended up with medium sized boxes!

SoCal for now.
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Re: Toolboxes
Posted by: illustratton
Date: August 06, 2007 08:44AM
1- 3 drawer

1-roll-a-round - 10 drawer


Wish I had a 46" roll-a-round (Maybe someday)
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Re: Toolboxes
Posted by: lafinfil
Date: August 06, 2007 08:47AM
I'm not sure exactly how many I own but I have a variety of sizes assigned for different uses

My mechanic tools reside in two Craftsman boxed - a "rally box" that has general mechanics tools-
socket sets 1/4" & 3/8" drive - standard and deep well -all the various ratchets and extensions
screwdrivers, various pliers, wrench sets etc ....

I have a second box that has the bigger stuff like 1/2" drive sockets and torque wrenches.
chain wrenches, hack saw, ball peen hammers and other stuff that gets used less often.

Then there is a dedicated plumbing box - a big 24" or so heavy plastic box with
a couple of lift out trays - all the various wrenches (pipe , basin, seat, etc ...)
and it also has all the pipe dope, teflon tape, and assorted fittings and plugs and caps

When I'm doing carpentry projects I have a big open tray type that carries hammers , pry bars,chisels,
and just about everything else and I can add stuff from other storage
(hanging in the shop etc ...) and toss it in the tray

My favorite is an Irwin soft style "electricians tote) []
I use it as a general use bag - I like it because it has all the pockets around the edges
so I can see where the tool I wan is. It has screwdrivers, various pliers, a small socket set
and I can throw a cordless drillmotor and bits in the big center compartment
It's easy to grab and take with me - I'm thinking about getteing on of the bigger styles now : -)

All the rest of the tools (power tools etc ) are in th shop and If I'm doing a big job
I use a series of milk crates and big heavy plastic tubs (clear) that I can load
with whatever else I will need.

I guess the key is to have duplicates of a lot of the basic stuff - buy full Craftsman
screwdriver & plier sets every few years - cheaper and I always have spares

Oh yeah - I have a tool drawer with all the basic stuff in the photo studio too
I have a craftsman roll around bottom box that I use for storing spare photo stuff
in the studio so I just have one of the drawers dedicated to actual tool!

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Re: Toolboxes
Posted by: illustratton
Date: August 06, 2007 10:48AM
Oppps - I forgot my "Network" box that I keep my 'letronics stuff in. Cat 5 cable, crimpers, etc.
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Re: Toolboxes
Posted by: Markintosh
Date: August 06, 2007 11:00AM
1 Craftsman Plastic Toolbox About 18"x10"x10" - Contains screwdrivers, crimp tool and misc electrical stuff

Chiquita Box (cardboard) - Misc hammers, wrench sets, squares and plumbing tools

Unnamed cardboard box - Misc boat tools

Socket set has it's own place on the shelf, as well as miscellaneous power tools

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Re: Toolboxes
Posted by: Rick-o
Date: August 06, 2007 12:14PM
Not to sound like a big shot or anything, but I have so many, I can't keep up with them all!

2 wooden roller chest type that I built at work while a journeyman carpenter at GM.

1 steel rolling cart type from work that was made by some welders in the steel shop. (hand me down, my pipefitter brother gave it to me).

1 HUGE steel rolling chest type, (locks recessed for security, holds all my power tools).

1 giant steel apprentice box.

2 open top wooden tote type that I made at work.

1 cheapo rolling mechanics type in the barn for all the repairs on vehicles & power equipment.

And, probably about a dozen smaller tote types, some that have accumulated, most with tools for specific tasks, plumbing, computer repair, etc.

Oh, and an old machinists toolbox that I got from a friend who bought a bunch of tools cheap from an estate sale. (It was loaded with a large number of drill bits, files, and other stuff I haven't had time to inventory. I also ended up with my friends other tools, as he had big plans for them but never used).

Don't get me started on all the tools I have collected over the years, I would need a good day to list them all.

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