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Outlook to Mail?
Posted by: slbett
Date: February 20, 2008 05:48PM
My wife and I do volunteer work and the computer there with XP and Outlook (2003) had it's hard drive crash. I was told they have been backing things up to an Lacie external hard drive. Until they replace the computer, I need to try and get the email addresses onto my MacBook. Since I can't export and import, is the a file or location for these email addresses I can use to get into Apple's mail program? They have a large mailing to get out and won't have a new machine to replace the 4 year old one. I do have XP Pro with Parallels.

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Re: Outlook to Mail?
Posted by: ztirffritz
Date: February 20, 2008 07:12PM
You can export, Microsoft will think you're a Pirate...

You could boot from, Microsoft will still think you're a Pirate...

What exactly did they back up to the external drive? If they were exporting a 'PST' file of the mail account, you might be able to import that into Outlook on your XP install in Parallels. If they did it correctly, it will look just like it was on the original computer. There may be a way to get the data into 'Mail' but usually Microsoft does a GREAT job at importing, and a terrible job at exporting. If they were backing up the entire drive on the external drive, then there should be an 'OST' file in the user preferences. I believe that it is buried a bit, but it should be there. Look in:
c:\Documents and Settings\'username'\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook

There is usually an file called 'outlook.ost' that you MIGHT be able to import into Outlook on another machine.

MacResource User Map: []#

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Re: Outlook to Mail?
Posted by: slbett
Date: February 20, 2008 07:38PM
I'm not sure how they did the backup. We will be there on Saturday. I know I can't take and image and restore it to my MacBook. I just needed to know if they just backed up the data, if it also has the address book/contact list from Outlook. Other than setup email accounts in Outlook and Outlook Express, I haven't used them much for email. At lest this will help knowing what to look for. Sometimes it's hard to be volunteer tech support. Thanks ztirffritz
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Re: Outlook to Mail?
Posted by: kj4btkljv
Date: February 20, 2008 10:28PM
The way that I had to do it when using Outlook Express on my old Macs, and I know it's not the same version, but it might work similarly, is to export the address information into a text file. Address Book on the Mac should be able to read this and import it.

Or, maybe mail will be able to import directly from the Outlook file. I'm not too sure...

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Re: Outlook to Mail?
Posted by: slbett
Date: February 20, 2008 11:13PM
My problem is that I don't have a working PC with windows and Outlook. I CAN"T export since the hard drive went belly up. All that I have is a backup of the hard drive. It might be an image or it might be just a data backup on the external drive. I won't know until Saturday. I was hoping to find the file with the email addresses or contacts so I could copy that file to my copy of Outlook that is in Parallels and where to put it. I hope ztirffritz is right or does anyone else know if this can be done.

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